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How to Handle Getting Caught Off Guard

I remember the time that I swore to myself that I?d never be caught off guard again. I was in my new job on Capital Hill and it was the first week on the job. My new mentor at the office was the daughter of the other US Senator from Nevada so she knew everyone who was anyone. I tagged along with her one day to a meeting and I found myself in a mess!

Goal Setting - My Disappointing Discovery

Goal setting has become almost an industry in itself with countless books and techniques available online and in published form promising to help you achieve your most cherished desires. I have read many articles and looked at many products in the course of keeping up-to-date in my profession.

Achieve Your Desires By Scoring Goals

Do you have a desire? Silly question I know because everybody has desires, just not the same ones. Of course there are many that most of us share like those old clichés of health, wealth, and happiness. But there are some that are exclusive to a certain group of people. For example; a musician may desire to play at the Albert Hall but have no interest in constructing his own website. But enough rambling, it?s time I got to the point.

Goal Setting and Goal Getting: Here Are Some Quotes that Can Change Your Life

Here are several quotes about setting and achieving goals. My comments follow.

Goal Setting and Goal Getting: The BD3 Approach

Most people have no problem setting goals. At the same time, most people have a great deal of trouble getting their goals.

Set Goals In Life

It is important to set goals in life. To accomplish those goals, you need a healthy supply of energy. Even the best car cannot run without fuel, so how can your body work without energy? The more energy you have, the further you can "ride" in this life. Unfortunately, the body's energy cannot be obtained through an electric outlet or at a gas pump. Instead, it can be obtained from many different sources.

Make Goals Specific

Saying that you want to be rich isn?t enough. However, when you say: "I want $12,000 two years from now", you have a specific target that you can break down into manageable goals.

Goal Setting and Interviewing

Before you go on an interview process or even start your own business, you must set goals! As a corporation owner for over twenty years, this is how I went about setting goals for myself. They are as follows:

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