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Everyones Favorite Topic - 3 Tips for How To

I believe that everyone understands that no matter what business you are in- Real Estate, Financial Services, Teaching, Auto Sales any other profession, we are all in the PEOPLE BUSINESS. It?s been said that fully 85% of your success in life is directly related to your ability to effectively work with people. So I wanted to pass on a little tip that will make all your dealings with clients or co-workers much more effective.

Selling with Purpose

Selling With Purpose

Selling Abilities - Part 1

Selling ?-abilities?: Reliability

Selling -abilities : Part 2

In the last article I talked about different strategies for selling the ?reliability? aspect of your software or hardware. I mentioned how most high tech salespeople love to talk about their ?-abilities?: Reliability, Upgradeability, Compatibility and Expandability. In this article I want to discuss how to sell upgradeability. When is the right time to sell upgradeability? When do you mention the possibility of future upgrades? How do you position future upgrades to software or hardware with a new or existing customer without selling yourself short? How often should your company release upgrades? These are all great questions when it comes to the art of selling upgrades. Selling Upgradeability So how do you sell upgradeability? Well, lets start with a basic question. What does the word upgradeability bring to mind when a salesperson mentions the word? If you?re like myself, I think the product has room for improvement and in the future if I choose, I can upgrade to whatever new capabilities the software or hardware may offer. Microsoft Windows epitomizes the model for selling upgradeability. There are four ways to sell upgradeability: Strategy 1: Ernest Dichter a famous advertisement executive made a statement that talked about how we as sales or marketers must use the techniques of motivational thinking to make people constructively discontent. Dichter knew people would only buy a product when they are discontent with what they currently have. The job of marketing and sales is to make ?people constructively discontent? with what they?re currently using. A good example of this is our migration from the audiotape to the compact disc. Marketers reminded us of that annoying ?hiss? sound with tapes and how time consuming it was to rewind or fast-forward to find our favorite song. They went on to promise the delivery of full ?fidelity? with the compact disc along with the ease and convenience of finding your favorite song. Consumers bought the argument and the age of the compact disc was heralded in. When selling upgrades, are you making your customer ?constructively discontent?? Strategy 2: When I hear upgrade in any sales pitch I immediately think of options. The task of the salesman is to give the customer a ?vision? of what could be possible if they chose your product and decide later on to upgrade. Upgradability indicates there are other features that can be purchased without having to absorb the cost for them all at once. A customer likes to know that if they are satisfied with the products performance that they could upgrade at any time to something more sophisticated or advanced. This piece meal approach is especially effective with customers who have limited budgets. Strategy 3: Upgradeability, especially second or third generation indicates to the customer that your company is continually improving on the product (i.e., responding to customer needs and investing in Research & Development). This is key; many customers want to be reassured that the product has not ?peaked in performance? and that you will be improving the product over time. Upgrades should be sold on average once a year. To many upgrades a year can be seen as ?product fixes? or another way of extracting further sales from a customer leading to ?buyer resentment?. Strategy 4: A major mistake made by many salespeople is not taking the time to show or prove to the customer how using your product will increase sales and effectiveness thereby leading to quick return on the buyer?s Return On Investment (ROI). Customers want to see hard numbers on how the solution you?re offering is going to positively affect the bottom line. Too often salespeople will say things like, ?This is going to improve you productivity.?, ?This will make your employees more effective in their jobs.? Or, ?This is going save your company a lot of money adding this upgrade.? All these statements are qualitative, not quantitative; the latter can be proven, the former is just an assertion. Customers want quantitative proof of how your upgrade is going to improve their profitability either by increasing sales or reducing their cost. Highly trained salespeople go into a customer meeting armed with quantitative proof of how upgrading to the next product level will achieve their profitability goals. Upgrades are a great way to add an additional revenue stream to your company?s bottom line. Again, think Microsoft. Every year or so, a new version of Windows comes out and many of us technophiles rush out and buy it. How can you create this type of excitement or anticipation with your company?s product upgrades? Victor Gonzalez, All Rights Reserved 2004

Ten Quick Etiquette Tips for Business Lunches

Knowing what to do when meeting a prospective client forlunch, or going to lunch with the boss or colleague can beconfusing at times. Here is a quick list of items toremember:

I Am A Habit

JOHN DI LEMME on "I Am A Habit"

Miracles are Your Responsibility!

John Di Lemme on "Miracles are your responsibility"

5+5 = Your Dream

JOHN DI LEMME ON "5 + 5 = Your Dream" I know your thinking...Okay John, 5+5 does not equal 5 so let me please explain. Let?s start with a question. How many times have you heard that you need to have a ?long term? goal and be focused for the entire length of that ?long term?? In this article, I am going to focus on a 5 year goal and explain how you will know if you are truly on track to achieve your 5 year goal in life. In the equation, the answer 5 is your five-year goal and the 5+5 is the underlying secret to attaining that goal.

Selling Commodities

"How do you create a perceived value to differentiate yourself from the competition, when you are both selling a commodity?"

Stuff We Make Up About Our Prospects

?Go through the ?no?s? to get to ?yes.?

Why People Use Long Sales Copy

Have you ever wondered why some people use long sales letter?

The Anatomy of a Sales Letter

When Dr. Frankenstein exclaimed "it's alive... it's alive," he thought he had brought wonderful new life to the world. What he really did was create a monster. He took a bit from here and another piece from there and sewed it altogether. Then he was distressed to see how things turned out. Many marketers create their own monsters in the form of sales letters. They throw everything into them and then are distressed at the response.

7 Ways to Stop Selling & Start Building Relationships

Sometimes we can all use a friendly reminder to keep us from backsliding into old ways of thinking about selling that lead us down the wrong path with potential clients.

7 Pitfalls of Using Email to Sell

* Are you sending e-mails to prospects instead of calling them?

Ten Top Tips for Terminating Telephone Terror

1. Make telephone callsFew things are more terrifying than the unknown. The fear you create for yourself is far worse than the reality of cold calling. Once you start making telephone calls and continue making telephone calls, it gets easier. You overcome fear by doing.

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Anheuser-Busch CEO: No evidence legalized cannabis is hurting alcohol sales  CNBC

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Apple Stock Gets Price-Target Cut Amid Soft iPhone Sales  Investor's Business Daily

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British Columbia dead last in per-person legal cannabis sales  Marijuana Business Daily

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Johnson & Johnson said it expects its sales growth to slow in 2019, citing pricing pressures and generic-drug competition for its pharmaceutical division.

Commissioners say no to beer sales at 2019 county fair concert  Meadville Tribune

Crawford County commissioners voted unanimously against allowing the sale of beer during a country concert at the Crawford County Fair.

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Manny Pacquiao proves stardom once again, hits 400,000 PPV sales in win over Adrien Broner  Yahoo Sports

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The highest-priced Chicago home sales of 2018  Crain's Chicago Business

The top of Chicago's real estate market notched an increase of more than 50 percent in the number of homes sold at $4 million or more.

Local Homicides Spur Rise in Gun Sales  KTVN

One local gun retailer is seeing a lot of new business in light of four recent homicides in the area.

Amazon has paused sales of its Echo Wall Clock due to connectivity issues  TechCrunch

Amazon launched an Echo Wall Clock before the end of last year but, less than a month later, things aren't running to schedule. The e-commerce giant has ...

Why Did Spotify Tell D.C. Customers That They’d Have to Pay Iowa Taxes?  Slate

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Consumers spent $43.4 billion last year, according to The NPD Group. That's an 18% increase over 2017.

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Home prices in Greater Boston keep climbing despite slip in sales

The median selling price for a single-family home in December 2018 was $590000. For condos it was $539000. |

Senate panel advances bill to exempt menstrual products from the sales tax

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Prepping For 2020, JPN Convenience Stores Curb Adult Magazine Sales  SwimSwam

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Portion of Great Lakes Potato Chip Super Bowl Sales to Benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters  9&10 News

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, it's a busy time in the chip business. The Great Lakes Potato Chip Company has decided to help a great cause ...

Tiffany's Holiday Sales Disappoint: What's In Store For 2019?  Forbes

Tiffany faces a tough road ahead in 2019, as its sales growth has declined throughout 2018.

Sales Vetting: Agree to Differ, or Differ to Agree? | TDN  Thoroughbred Daily News

Dr. No must have been a veterinarian. Such, at least, was the implied verdict of many horsemen and women responding to a tweet posted by Gray Lyster of ...

Three Cazenovia Lake homes in updated real estate sales search

The First Presbyterian Church in Cazenovia, in back Cazenovia Lake. Cazenovia area, September 2, 2014. Michael Greenlar | ...

Home sales dipped in the Twin Cities, but prices reached a record high in 2018  Star Tribune

The overall market failed to post the big gains real estate agents had expected as a lack of lower priced homes kept lid on sales. Throughout the Twin Cities ...

Turtle Beach Rises on Sales Demand for Gaming Headsets  Yahoo! Finance News

(Bloomberg) -- Turtle Beach Corp.'s fourth-quarter sales likely benefited from strong demand for its gaming headsets after NPD data suggested a favorable ...

Whos Coming, Whos Going: Enfield Property Sales, Jan. 16-22  Enfield, CT Patch

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Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown for PlayStation 4 debuted at 202,379 retail sales in Japan during its opening week, the latest Media Create sales figures reveal.

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Macy's shares tanked nearly 18 percent Thursday, marking their worst day ever, after the department store chain reported weak holiday sales and cut its 2018 ...

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Barrett-Jackson and the six other collector-car auctions in the Phoenix area made $251 million during Arizona Car Week.

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Canopy Growth's entry into the U.S. hemp market is overly hyped. The long-term outlook for U.S. hemp. What is really important with the deal for Canopy Growth.

Signet Jewelers shares tank on weak holiday sales, retailer warns of more store closures  CNBC

Signet Jewelers shares tanked more than 21 percent Thursday morning after the diamond retailer slashed its profit outlook and said holiday sales came up short ...

16 of the Best Winter Sales for 2019: Outdoors, Tech, Games  WIRED

Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and that means it's a long weekend for many of you. Be sure to take some time to celebrate, reflect, and learn from the life ...

Doom and gloom: Department stores' disappointing holiday sales results spell trouble for 2019  CNBC

Macy's, J.C. Penney, Nordstrom and Kohl's each have given Wall Street a glimpse at how they performed this holiday season. And it doesn't look good.

5 Tops You Need From Madewell's Sale This Weekend  Forbes

Start off your MLK weekend right, shopping Madewell's 40% off sale. Read on to discover some of the best bargains from the trending retailer.

After a Strong 2018 for Retail Sales, Caution Flags Pop Up  The Wall Street Journal

U.S. retail sales went gangbusters at the end of 2018, but that momentum could be hard to maintain as consumers deal with higher interest rates and ...

Governor Baker seeks big real estate sales tax hike to fund climate programs  The Boston Globe

Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican who once campaigned against raising taxes, unveiled a proposal Friday to hike the tax on Massachusetts real estate ...

Homes for sale in Foggy Bottom, West End jump 67 percent  WTOP

Sales of houses and condos in Washington, D.C. were largely lower in December but prices continued to rise and the number of homes listed for sale was up ...

Chicago-area growth in million-dollar home sales slowed in 2018, according to data from Re/Max Premier Properties  Crain's Chicago Business

Sales of Chicago-area homes at $1 million and up grew far more moderately last year than in the boom year that preceded it, according to a new report.

R3's Former Chief Sales Officer Joins Blockchain Startup AlphaPoint  CoinDesk

Scott Grayson, former chief sales officer at R3, has joined the blockchain services firm AlphaPoint as a senior vice president for institutional sales. Grayson will ...

Nordstrom shares tumble on disappointing holiday sales  CNBC

Nordstrom shares tumbled more than 7 percent Wednesday after the retailer said sales at its full-price stores were "below expectations" this holiday season and ...

Fall River's Northeast Alternatives begins recreational marijuana sales  WPRI 12 Eyewitness News

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Electronic Arts downgraded amid slowing FIFA sales, unproven game slate  CNBC

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Syracuse council approves city-county sales tax deal

Syracuse and Onondaga County officials outline a sales tax-sharing agreement Dec. 13, 2018. From left, Legislature Chairman David Knapp, Common Council ...

The best MLK Day sales 2019  TODAY

These are the best Martin Luther King Jr. Day sales of 2019. Find great deals on bedding, rugs, sweaters and more.

Sales at Central Park Tower are ‘decent’ says Extell founder  Curbed NY

Extell Development Company is pulling back the curtain on its New York crown jewel, the uber pricey and for-the-most-part secretive Central Park Tower. In step ...

Stocking Up at an Airline’s Garage Sale  The New York Times

It may be hard to imagine liking an airline enough to buy its old silverware and *service* carts, but at a monthly sale, lovers of Delta Air Lines snap up ...

New home sales tank 19 percent to end 2018  CNBC

The government shutdown hasn't completely stopped the flow of stunningly bad housing data. Sales of newly built homes fell 18 percent in December compared ...

Nissan LEAF Sales Grew 95% In 2018  Seeking Alpha

Nissan is launching a 226-mile range version of the LEAF electric car. It becomes available in dealerships the first half of 2019. In 2018, Nissan grew LEAF uni.

EU warns of crime risks from governments' sales of passports, visas  Reuters UK

The European Commission said on Wednesday that programmes of some EU states to sell passports and visas to wealthy foreigners could help organised ...

For sale, your location: Revelations about data sales spur renewed calls for regulation  NBC News

Recent revelations about companies that traffic in personal location data — and how easy that information can be acquired for a few hundred dollars — have led ...

Gin, coffee sales give Wetherspoon Christmas cheer  Reuters UK

British pub operator JD Wetherspoon Plc said it enjoyed strong sales over the Christmas period, helped by Britons' new-found fondness for gin and solid ...

'No longer waiting for relief': Medical marijuana sales begin in Ohio

WINTERSVILLE, Ohio – A veteran with PTSD. A retired government worker and cannabis activist with multiple sclerosis. An Ohio transplant who moved here two ...

Here's How Much Apple's Battery-Replacement Program Hurt Sales  The Motley Fool

The Mac maker probably lost as much as $7.2 billion in sales.

Poetry sales soar as political millennials search for clarity  The Guardian

Record £12m sales last year were driven by younger readers, with experts saying hunger for nuance amid conflict and disaster were fuelling the boom.

Tennessee bill looks to eliminate sales tax on feminine hygiene products  WZTV

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV)--Legislation filed in the Tennessee General Assembly would eliminate the sales tax on feminine hygiene products. SB0060 was filed ...

Single, Group, Mini-Plan Tickets On Sale Tomorrow  FC Cincinnati

CINCINNATI – Tickets to FC Cincinnati individual games will go on sale to the general public at 10 a.m. tomorrow, Thursday, Jan. 24. Single-game, group and ...

The 10 best sales for the holiday weekend

These are the 10 best Martin Luther King Jr. Day sales for 2019.

The Best Kitchen Deals You Can Score During Wayfair's MLK Day Weekend Sale  Delish

If you want to shop without leaving your comfy couch, you'll want to check out Wayfair's Ultimate Four-Day Clearance sales.

Coast Guard families told they can have garage sales to cope with government shutdown  The Washington Post

Coast Guardsmen are working without pay during the shutdown, and thousands of civilians working for the *service* are furloughed.

16 Long-Weekend Home Sales You Won't Want To Miss  Refinery29

Get ready to shop the major long-weekend sales on everything from luggage to rugs, furniture, planners, decor, and more.

UnitedHealth Sales Rise Across Segments  The Wall Street Journal

UnitedHealth Group said sales rose in the fourth quarter as the company continued to post diversified growth from health-care-plan membership, premiums and ...

Orlando homes sales nose-dive in December, finish down for year  Orlando Sentinel

Home sales plunged in the Orlando area in December as 2018 finished with fewer sales than the year before, and real estate agents warned that 2019 could be ...

Kimberly-Clark looks to revive sales growth with strategic plan  Financial Times

Kimberly-Clark's new chief executive has moved to assert his authority on the US company, laying down new financial targets and a “strategic plan” to help ...

Alibaba Confident in China Sales Despite ‘Troubling Headwinds’  The Wall Street Journal

This is a market that requires patience,” Alibaba President J. Michael Evans told the National Retail Federation's annual trade show in New York on Monday.

Albertsons reports sales uptick for third quarter  Supermarket News

Albertsons Cos. saw sales edge up in its fiscal 2018 third quarter and posted net income after a loss in the previous quarter. The Boise, Idaho-based ...

First Ohio medical marijuana sales expected next week – if all goes according to plan

Ohio's first medical marijuana sales are just days away, after several years of planning and delays.

Sherwin-Williams Sinks After Forecasting Lower-Than-Expected Sales

Shares of paint company Sherwin-Williams Co. (SHW) tumbled Tuesday after the company reported that its fourth-quarter and full-year revenue and earnings ...

Infographic: Influencers Are Getting Brands More Sales Than Celebrities Are  Adweek

Influencers have been a hot topic among marketers for years now, but using them has translated to more than just social engagement for brands, according to ...

Property tax relief alternative would increase sales tax  Lincoln Journal Star

Game on. On Day 6 of the Legislature's 90-day session, its tax reform battle lines began to take shape. A comprehensive tax reform package that would hike the ...

Apple Cuts Revenue Forecast Because of Slow iPhone Sales in China  The New York Times

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple reduced its revenue expectations for the first time in 16 years on Wednesday because of poor iPhone sales in China, an unexpected ...

Are Latinos only good enough for labor work? That's what this sales tax proposal tells me  AZCentral

Opinion: Offering scraps to community colleges - and only for the trades - sends an insulting message to the minority students enrolled there.

China's Car Sales Just Fell for First Time in Over 20 Years  Bloomberg

The growth engine for the world's car industry has been thrown into reverse, with China recording the first annual slump in auto sales in more than two decades ...

US Electric Vehicle Sales Increased by 81% in 2018  Greentech Media News

Tesla had a banner year. But it's not all good news for the U.S. EV market.

Police blotter: Illegal drug sales, risk of injury charges in Stamford  The Advocate

The following are recent arrests released by the Stamford Police Department on Jan. 21, 2019. Jan. 18, 2019. Recommended Video. Created with Sketch.

Your Guide to 2018 After-Christmas Sales: Find the Best Deals

Your Christmas shopping is almost done! It's time to think about your after-Christmas shopping....AMZN.

Heres how to buy pot when recreational sales start Sunday in Fall River  Fall River Herald News

FALL RIVER — Want to buy some pot? Right here in Fall River?There is an app for that.Northeast Alternatives announced it will open Sunday at noon to begin ...

Portland metro home sales slump in December  OregonLive

Home sales in the Portland metro dropped into a familiar seasonal slump in December — then kept slumping. Sales were slower than any December since 2013 ...

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