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Success Reloaded: The Matrix

So the other day I?m watching the movie The Matrix, again. For some reason I can?t get enough of the great special effects.

Selling: an art of a skill?

Selling is as much an art as it is a skill. The basics of the selling process can be learned by anyone, but the practice of selling is something that the super star sales people have brought to an art level.

Warming Up To Cold Calls

Will you do just about anything, including sending out hundreds of letters, to avoid making cold calls to your potential customers/prospects? If so, you're not alone. Millions like you have started their own businesses, only to find that the thought of making calls to potential customers/prospects leaves them paralyzed with anxiety. Believe me I was one of them. For those of you who know us and have read "Who Makes It Happen", remember what I used to go through before I would get on the telephone to cold call.

Why There Will Always Be High Paying Sales Jobs

With the revolution crushing once solid business models on an almost daily basis, the question surely crosses one's mind "am I next?".

Creating Intense Emotions That Motivate People

Ever wish that your presentations could be as much fun as a cool TV commercial? Come late January every year network TV treats us to America's finest and most expensive commercials - Superbowl commercials. You may remember some of these even now, 2 weeks later. Which was your favorite? E*Trade? Fed-Ex? One of the dot.coms? My favorite was Mountain Dew.

Too Much Empathy Will Cost You Money

Ever have a prospect start out your sales call by asking you "so how much does this cost?" as the first question out of his mouth? How you handle this question, and subsequent ones like it, will greatly influence the outcome of your sales-call.

3 Tips For Getting Through The Voicemail Screen

How many times have you heard that you gotta get past the gatekeeper and get to the decision-maker to make the sale? Countless books and sales trainers have talked about this for years. Much of this advice was written for a world without voicemail.

How to Create Material That Will Get You Sales Now!


Dont Be Macho Selling Ice to Eskimos

This issue's topic was suggested by a sales rep for a small manufacturing company. I was asked to comment about the impact of excessive optimism on the part of salespeople and sales managers.

The Force That Drives Buying Decisions

What do people buy?

Impotent Questions - How Much Are They Costing You?

Last issue we talked about what motivates people to buy something. A person or a business is motivated to buy when they perceive that a change needs to occur to fix or avoid a problem, or to enable a greater vision for their future. They buy when they believe that a product or service will bridge this gap for them.

Use Pain To Get Commitments

Whenever I speak with new salesreps and entrepreneurs, I hear a similar frustration:

Leveraging Yourself Up To Executives When Selling

The fastest way to get a decision made is to speak directly with the decision-maker, right? OK, so you knew that. Often times, the decision-makers are not easy to get to. There are dozens of salespeople who would love to pitch to the CEO, President, VP, or Department Directors if given the chance. And the purpose of middle management is to filter communication to executives, and oversee the execution of plans and policies so that the executives don't have to.

Obtaining Self-Confidence

A reader recently asked me the following:

The Email Blow-Off

This week's article is my response to a question by Lisa Boudreau of ePresence.

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