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Your Relationships Begin With You

As a single male in my mid-twenties, I find myself consciously and unconsciously thinking about and searching for that special someone. My goal has always been to be friends with my future wife for at least a year, date for a year, engaged for a year, which includes being married by the time I?m thirty.

Essense of Infidelity

On one very popular web site there were 260 posts from both sexes commenting about forgiving and forgetting infidelities. I read every one of them. With one exception, the perception conveyed was that one party was an innocent victim of the other?s philandering. It seemed to me that everyone was looking at adultery as a cause of marital discord. From my perspective, there are only rare exceptions to the fact that adultery, cheating, or affairs are SYMPTOMS of long standing marital problems. The cause occurred possibly even before the marriage vows were uttered.

Washroom Break

Picture yourself at a bar with some of your buddies. Everybody is having a good time. Suddenly your friend stands up and asks you to go to the washroom with them.

Do Men Just Want Mommy?

Accomplished women are losers in romance claims NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd in her column titled "Men Just Want Mommy." She says powerful men want to marry women who are caretakers like secretaries, assistants, nannies, flight attendants, etc. Are powerful women really at a disadvantage in the marriage market?A University of Michigan study found that men prefer to marry women in subordinate jobs than womem who are supervisors. Another study by British researchers suggests that successful men would rather have traditional wives, more like their mothers. They also reported that the higher a woman's IQ, the less chance she has to marry.Dowd wonders does this mean "the more women achieve, the less desirable they are?" Despite the somewhat alarming conclusions we might draw from these trends, the answer is a resounding NO!Accomplished women can be winners in romance, but they have to set their sights on a different kind of man. The worst partner a powerful, ambitious woman can choose is a man who is just as powerful and driven as she is. High-powered men are smart to marry women who will support them, not compete with them.Successful women today need to discover that men who are willing to play a more supporting role make perfect partners for them. It's tough for most men to accept a woman who is more successful than they are, but not all men feel that way. More men than you think would be happy to be the head cheerleader for a powerful woman.The thing that keeps powerful women miserable in relationships is our own outdated beliefs. We've all been conditioned to want a husband who's rich and successful. However, as Gloria Steinem said, "Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry." If we continue to think that we should have an equally high-powered man for a partner, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Put together two strong personalities who both like being in charge and you have a recipe for relationship ruin.It took 30 years and 3 divorces before I discovered the truth about this for myself. Now I am happily married at last to a man who supports me and is proud of my accomplishments. He is happy to let me be the leader at home as well as at work. He does all the housework, too! So what if he earns less. The only difficult part for me was accepting the fact that he likes me to be in control. And that he is no less of a man because of it. With that acceptance I have settled comfortably into the best and longest relationship of my life.As more women out-earn their men the woman led marriage will become more common. That's why my husband and I are coming out of the closet about our relationship. Powerful women need a different kind of partner and a different kind of relationship to be happy. Rid yourself of those old stereotyped beliefs and learn how to pick the right kind of man. Accomplished women can be winners in work AND in love.

Better Than Help

One thing that women in abusive relationships and their family and friends frequently request is ?help?; help to change the situation. While I understand, and can relate only too well, to their sentiment, the term ?help? makes me feel uncomfortable.

The Flames of Love

Suppose you have everything; a good job, good health, good reputation, good relationships and lot of money to spend. But still there is something missing from your life. Guess what? The LOVE. It is not something which you should ignore. Life without love is just like body without soul.

Get Lucky In Your Love Life

Whether you are single or married, we all need luck in relationship and romance. It could be for getting a lifetime soul mate or to strengthen you relationship with your current spouse.

Dont Avoid Conflict and Confrontation with Your Spouse

"I just let him handle things his way."

Extramarital Affairs: What Everyone Needs to Know and What You Can Do to Help

Recent statistics suggest that 40% of women (and that number is increasing) and 60% of men at one point indulge in extramarital affairs. Put those numbers together and it is estimated that 80% of the marriages will have one spouse at one point or another involved in marital infidelity.

46 Clues Your Partner is Having an Affair

Some of these signs of a cheating spouse are "tongue in cheek" while others are tell tale signs that commonly appear with a cheating husband or cheating wife. There is no copyright. Feel free to forward to those who might be interested. But please don't change anything.

Cheating Spouse: 7 Legitimate Motives for Spying

Should you spy on your cheating husband or wife? You believe you see signs of a cheating spouse. The need to know whether your spouse is cheating and EXACTLY what kind of cheating is taking place is often strong. There are a number of reasons why the drive to spy is powerful. Here are seven:

Cheating Husband/Wife: 6 Keys to Know if You are Ready to Handle What You Might Find When You Spy

When you spy on your suspected cheating spouse, please make sure you consider all the possibilities you might encounter and whether you can handle them.

Cheating Spouse: Is Spying an Invasion of Privacy?

My, how the cheating spouse cries foul when he/she discovers you are spying.

Infidelity: Spying is NOT Revenge

Do not use what you find on your cheating spouse as ammunition for revenge. Sure, you may have wonderfully violent fantasies of what you would really like to do to him/her and the other person. This is very normal. But, don?t act them out.

10 Crucial and Surprising Steps to Build Trust in a Relationship

1. Be predictable.

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