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Soulmates, Are They Pre-ordained?

One day a telegram arrived at a man's door. When he opened it, he learned that his best friend had passed away...

Great Relationships: How to Create a Nag-Free Zone

Q: My wife and I have a good marriage that is being destroyed by nagging. I've tried to get her to stop and even begged her to stop. She won't stop, and it just makes me less willing to do the things she is nagging about. How can I get her to stop nagging?

Communication Tips for Heart Healthy Relationships

It doesn?t matter how old we are, matters of the heart go on forever. It is well known that a healthy diet, exercise, and attitude are powerful determinants of a healthy heart. But, knowing how to give and receive love and appreciation may still be the heart's best medicine. Since healthy relationships are so vital to living our best life, as a Life Coach, relationships often naturally integrate themselves into whatever life change my client is trying to make. Relationships are a big part of our personal Spirit, Mind Body landscape and affect every part of our being. Good or bad-how they play out in our life, and physical, mental and spiritual health, is up to us. And no, if we are not happy with our relationships, it's not the other people you need to change -there's no place for blame in a healthy relationship-it?s us. It is often at midlife that we finally realize that having healthy relationships is up to us and no one else. Once a client has accepted this, the real work can begin. Taking a holistic approach, here are some ways to prevent problems in, or refresh relationships, that I've found helpful for myself and my clients.

How to Create a Solid Foundation for Loving Relationships

What does real love look like? The way we act towards other people is a true expression of how much we love.

I Want to Love Him... But Hes So Far Away

Okay, who are we kidding. Long-distance relationships are not supposed to be easy, because then everyone would be involved in them. However, if we can manage to keep some things in mind and change our mind set just a bit, we can see that making long-distance work is not that bad...not only that, but also that it just might be a little bit of (honest) fun.

Nip Verbal Abuse in the Bud

So often in a new relationship we learn the dynamic of the new relationship. This includes how you react together as a couple, with each other, and in group settlings. Backgrounds are very different and as our techniques in dealing and interacting with other people. One thing you need to be on the look out for is verbal abuse. Verbal abuse always takes place before physical abuse does. Knowing what the signs of verbal abuse are as well as being able to stop that treatment early on is key in a relationship.

Spouse Improvement: Influence Your Partner to Change in Just 7 Steps

Everyone has something they?d like to change in their partner. Here is a 7-step process to create a change in your partner. The key to the success of this process is that it makes your partner want to change ? instead of feeling coerced.

Why He May Be Cheating On You

Why He May Be Cheating On You

Interview with Tigress Luv: How To Get Over A Breakup

Recently I had the opportunity to interview my personal favorite ebook author, Tigress Luv. She is a relationship expert who is widely known for her internet community. I asked her specific questions about what people can do to endure a painful breakup of a relationship.

Why Do Men Cheat?

In my relationship work, this question is probably the one I hear most often. It is not an easy question to answer. The usual glib answer; ?because they can?, is really not good enough. People, particularly women, want to know the reason why men cheat, or more particularly, why their man cheated.

Tips for Building Love Relationships - 1

Nearly everyone claims to want a great relationship with their significant other. But what do they do? Same old thing over and over, and then wonder why it all went bad.

To Hold or to Set One Free!

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying great health. There were terrorist attacks in London and even here in India we are facing many natural calamities; but as they say, everything in life is having some purpose and one must learn to carry on.

Love - Entrepreneur Style

For many of us, love has become a distant ideal. Often, we don't don't even spend much time thinking about sharing our lives with anyone else. We are too busy, we say, working too hard to look for that special person. Maybe someday, but not now.

Soul Mate Myths

But the cold truth is that most people have never known the inner radiance of their own soul. Instead, they cling to the many myths about the soul mate relationship that are simply not true. These false beliefs need to be understood. Here are just a few.

Great Relationships: How to Get the Spark Back

Losing the spark - simply, if you will, falling out of love - is a natural and widespread phenomenon in long-term relationships.

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