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The Informal Normal In a Black-Tie-Affair World

Have you noticed the trend?

Victorias Secret Disclosed!

SHHHHHH, don't tell anybody, but, I know the secret.

Everything I Know About Relationship Success I Learned At The Playground

It happened again!

Here Come the Questions

Why is it that even though I am not positive if I like a guy, because of course it?s only been a week, that when he doesn?t call for 3 days it becomes a dramatic incident, and all of a sudden its Fiona Apple time? There is no reason for him to not call; everything was fine last we spoke. With the time frame we are discussing here in the first place it shouldn?t even phase me that a man decides to not call for 3 days, or possibly (gulp) never again. I never slept with him, I never drunkenly made a fool of myself over him or around him, in fact we had a lovely first date, probably one of the most successful I have ever been on considering this particular date including shopping. On top of that we spoke multiple times this week. Now it is Sunday night and I have heard nothing from the adorable Mr. Foley, it shouldn?t matter. But it does.

Playing the Part

A revelation came to me at the most unsuspecting time. During one of the most mundane things I do in my structured and routine lifestyle, while reading my redeye on my daily commute home from the city. A seemingly average man sat next to me on the train and asked if this was the train to Lemont. I assured him it was and went back to my business. He was of acceptable appearance in my opinion, and honestly resembled most of my ex?s, trouble I know, so I continued with my reading and kept my head phones on. Just as I suspected before our stop he struck up a conversation that lead to an invitation of a drink at one of the locals a block from the train station.

Why Doesnt She Leave Him?

It?s very easy to look, from the outside, at another woman?s unhappy relationship and ask: ?Why on earth does she stay with him??

Charisma, Love and Health

This is an amazing story. It's about my friend Robert. Robert is one of those really charismatic people. You know the kind I mean. Wherever he goes, people are just drawn to him, its truly a sight to behold.

Ive Gotta Hand It to You

What would I do without my wife? Not much. What would I do without my best friend? Even less.

A Gift From the Heart of a Friend

She stares at me and then closes her eyes. A tinge of early dawn plays on her cheek as it peeks through the glass curtains by my desk. I grow warmer, waiting in silence for her first uncertain word and the gentle touch of her hand. She fidgets and rocks in her chair. She cannot hold her thoughts inside much longer.

8 Reasons Why Your Man Isn?t More Romantic On Valentine?s Day

What is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year is too often a source of disappointment and frustration instead of joy for thousands of couples.

Hey There, Whats Your Money Personality?

Guys who come up to women in bars and ask: ?hey baby, what?s your sign?? Since statistics reveal that couples fight over money more than any other issue, maybe a better question to start off a potential relationship is to first find out the other person?s money personality.

The Five Minute Relationship Miracle

"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel." Carl W. Buechner

Keep the Fires Burning

The toys are put away, homework's done and the kids are in bed. The lunches are made and the dishwasher is on. You wash your face, brush your teeth, choose clothes for tomorrow and then collapse into bed beside your spouse. You lean over give your mate a perfunctory kiss and casually comment that your sex life "sure isn't what it used to be before kids"?and instantly fall asleep.


Over the past few months, things in my life have been better than ever. New home, new friends, and wonderful career. Yet I found myself uncharacteristically asking, ?Self, why am I feeling so frustrated? Why am I getting upset at the smallest of situations??

The Best Break Up Advice

Extreme Breakup Recovery Maximum Healing ? Minimum Time

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