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35 Quick Tips for Writing A Press Release

Layout1. 1-2 pages in length.2. Double-space.3. 1.5 to 2 inch margins.4. Use company stationary with logo and slogan.5. Avoid bright or dark-colored paper.6. Center "News Release" at top.7. Place a "release date" under "News Release".8. On second page, type "page 2".9. Use company stationary with logo and slogan on page 2.10. Leave out "release after" date on second page, all else should be the same.11. At end of press release, type "-30-" or "# # #".12. Include both black & white, color, and a variety of font sizes (but no more than four).

Smashing the Myth of the Press Release

A musician spends years honing his craft. He writes world-class songs and performs them in a manner that moves his listeners to tears. He records a demo tape and sends it to record labels. He gets a contract and becomes rich, famous and adored.

10 Tips for Tantalizing News Releases

Want to get radio interviews and coverage in print publications to sell more books?

The Four Seasons of Publicity - Building an All-Year Publicity

If you?re like most publicity seekers, you probably think oneproject at a time. You?ve got a new product coming out in April,so you send out a release in March. You?ve hired a new executive,you?ll put out a release when she?s on board, etc.

How to Tie-In With News Events to Score Publicity

It?s safe to say that we live in interesting times. It seems wehardly have a breather between wars, tragedies, scandals,epidemics, circus trials and other events that capitalize themedia?s attention. For the business seeking publicity, the "newshole" for more traditional stories -- new product reviews,business features, offbeat promotions -- keeps shrinking as the"big story" mentality takes hold.

Publicity From Thin Air

In an ideal world, your business would be overflowing withnewsworthy stories, and the media would be waiting with batedbreath for your next press release, ready to give you front pagecoverage.

Grandma Says...

Southern grandmothers have often said, ?there are only three times a respectable person?s name should be in the paper: when you are born, when you are married, and when you die.? This is the one area in which I part company with my grandmothers. Publicity is more critical today for the success of a business than it has ever been. Why do I believe it?s critical? Let?s review what publicity ? particularly publicity in business and trade publications - can do for your business. Provides Neutral Third-party Endorsement. Even though many think the media are biased, consumers still cling to the belief that people who are quoted by the media have something worthwhile to say. Boosts Your Competitive Advantage. Positive publicity confirms for your customers that they made the smart choice when they elected to use your products or services. Enables Referrals. Your ?smart? customers become evangelists by handing out articles about you to their business contacts. Shortens Your Sales Cycle. Media coverage often does a better job of explaining what you do than an ad can. So, readers will have a level of knowledge about you before you meet. Builds Your Marketing Library. Print and web-based articles can become excellent marketing material that costs little to develop. Positions You. Publish or perish is the academic motto. Experts from outside the world of academia also know that by being quoted by the media they can improve their position as industry experts. Builds Value. For every speaker like Tom Peters earning thousands of dollars for appearances, there are hundreds who are paid a pittance for speaking engagements. Can you guess the difference? As you can see, there are a wide variety of reasons for you to be publicizing yourself and your business. Just this once, don?t listen to Grandma. Go get your name in the paper.

Press Releases for Every Occasion

To many marketers, the press release is something of a "one sizefits all" proposition. You want to get media coverage, you knockout a press release, send it to some journalists and sit back andwait.

Press Kit Elements That Work

Considering how fundamental they are to the publicist?s trade,it?s always amazed me how lousy almost all press kits truly are.Your typical press kit is a bloated folder filled with puffery,hype, irrelevant information and worse. The vast majority ofthese monstrosities do little besides kill trees and clognewsroom trash baskets.

Forget the Press Release - Heres How to Pitch Like Roger Clemens

Stripped down to its core, publicity is little more than oneperson persuading another. You, the publicity seeker, mustpersuade a journalist that your story is worthy of receivingprint space or air time. Your ability to sell your story to ajournalist is what it's all about.

8 Ways to Use Local Publicity to Drive Your Business

While scoring anice story in BusinessWeek or USA Today is something tocelebrate, there are times when you need to grab attention a bitcloser to home.

The Ultimate PR Edge: Getting Reporters To Open Your E-Mails

You know that getting publicity is vital to the health of yourbusiness. You probably also know that e-mail is the way mostpublicity seekers get in touch with reporters to score thatprecious coverage. Here?s what you don?t know: The vastmajority of e-mails sent to journalists never get read.

Editorial Calendars: A Key to Publicizing Your Business

What is the one thing that all of the best public relationsagencies do every year?

Creating Your Online News Room: How To Build a Site The Media Will Love

From time to time, people ask me how public relations has changedduring the two decades in which I?ve been seeking publicity. Myanswer: technology. Twenty years ago, the fax machine was anewfangled novelty. Our primary means of communicating withjournalists was the telephone and the US Mail. The advent of e-mail and the web has made life easier in many regards and tougherin others - namely, thanks to hordes of clowns with money makingschemes and software that "blasts" press releasesindiscriminately to reporters, it?s become very hard to get youre-mails through to spam-weary reporters.

7 Tips to Get More Mileage Out of Your Online or Offline Publicity

You worked hard to get a story on your business in a popularwebsite or your local paper. Don't let your efforts ends there --here are seven tips to help you maximize your online and offlinepublicity:

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The man was found suffering from head trauma early Wednesday in College Park.

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Nike has pulled its forthcoming 'Puerto Rico' Air Force 1 Low due to the use of a print that originated from the Guna people of Panama.

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PR agency to introduce mental health first aiders in the workplace. From PR Week.

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PRWeek Global Awards Winners 2019: Global PR Breakthrough. From PR Week.

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PRWeek Global Awards 2019: APCO named best Middle East agency. From PR Week.

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As the medical marijuana field flourishes in 33 states, and 10 states have legalized recreational marijuana, the PR machinery is in overdrive.

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Group obtains more than 3000 records relating to former Attorney General Schimel's war on the Affordable Care Act.

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PANAMA CITY — Nike said Tuesday it won't release a version of its Air Force 1 shoe meant to celebrate Puerto Rico, after an indigenous group in Panama ...

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NASA's bold choices to open the Apollo Program to the world made the Moon landing humanity's first truly viral event.

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Expo 2020 Dubai releases Lionel Messi PR campaign. From PR Week.

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The agency boss responsible for the notorious 'sweatygate' scandal has had her membership terminated by the CIPR, four years after the ethics controversy.

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Kyne has been acquired by a division of UK-listed Huntsworth.

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A slew of nameless sources claiming to be "close to" Lori Loughlin and "familiar with her case" have been feeding what seems like endless fodder to tabloids ...

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Malmesbury, UK, 22 May 2019 – UK-based PR and marketing consultancy The Marketing Edge has re-named as Spatially Aware. The change comes as the ...

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Former Syracuse standout Chris McCullough is back playing professionally, signing a contract to play in Puerto Rico.

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Promoted Regional PR & Communication Manager - Middle East At Radisson Hotel Group, Middle East in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. View Katharina Van ...

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The biggest buyer of muni junk bonds is big on Puerto Rico.

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Promoted Area PR & Communication Manager Middle East and Africa At Radisson Hotel Group Cape Town Area, South Africa. View Saadiyah Hendricks's ...

NOTICE TO CREDITORS: Arthur M. Erickson, Jr. Estate; Case No. 19-PR-27  Pierce County Herald

(Pub. May 22, 29 and June 5, 2019) STATE OF WISCONSIN CIRCUIT COURT PIERCE COUNTY NOTICE TO CREDITORS (Informal Administration) Case No.

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London PR agency wins projects for Wagamama and Siemens. From PR Week.

Bayer rolls out STEM-focused Alexa skill  PRWeek

WHIPPANY, NJ: Middle-school science students who need help with their homework can get tutoring from Amazon's Alexa, thanks to a skill developed by Bayer.

Public Relations Jobs Boom as Buffett Sees Newspapers Dying  Bloomberg

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett is pessimistic on the newspaper industry at a time when public relations specialists are increasingly outnumbering journalists.

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The Eurovision Song Contest starts next week in Tel Aviv. A cultural collective in Gaza is calling for a boycott of the competition; Israel has responded with PR ...

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More than eight out of 10 consumers (83%) say that trustworthiness is the trait that makes them feel the most aligned with their favorite brands, according to a ...

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British politics has been milkshaken to its core this week. While we should be talking about tomorrow's European elections, discussion - earlier this week, at least ...

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The very best comms pros from around the world gathered at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square last night (21 May) for the PRWeek Global Awards.

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Special Aide to former President John Dramani Mahama, Joyce Bawa Mogtari, wants the Electoral Commission (EC) to consider engaging public relations ...

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) today announced it has entered into definitive agreements to purchase Avera ...

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Former Edelman director and founder of Issa PR, Viet N'Guyen, has launched a "culturally defining brand marketing agency" called Subculture, PRWeek can ...

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A report that The College Board is laying the groundwork to provide colleges and universities a new "adversity score" is drawing mixed reviews from higher ...

PR: CoinDeal – Premier League Sponsor Ready for New Challenges in US Market  Bitcoin News

Last season in the Premier League brought a huge success for the both teams – Wolves and CoinDeal. The crypto exchange, thanks to this brave marketing ...

Heathrow shakes up consumer PR roster with trio of new agencies  PRWeek

Heathrow Airport has appointed three new agencies to join its consumer PR roster in June 2019, following a full tender review, PRWeek can reveal. News.

Local authority picks top agency consultant as new comms chief  PRWeek

Local authority picks top agency consultant as new comms chief. From PR Week.

Senior government comms operative speaks out on bullying and nepotism  PRWeek

The nature of the small and specialised comms community makes it a potential breeding ground for the abuse of staff, according to a senior government ...

Global Top 10 PR Agency Ranking 2019 | Holmes Report  The Holmes Report

The world's top 10 global PR agencies in 2019, ranked by fee income.

HS baseball playoff roundup: St. Peter's, Farrell, PR, Petrides prevail

St. Peter's got one break, made one for itself and ended up with a 2-1 win over St. Raymond's to open its CHSAA best-of-three qualifying round playoff series ...

New Zealand Defence Force conducting untruthful 'PR job' at Operation Burnham inquiry - Hager

Hit & Run co-author Nicky Hager has accused the New Zealand Defence Force of conducting an untruthful "PR job" in the Operation Burnham inquiry.

Dustin Lance Black says buggy story at Tom Daley dive is ‘PR spin’  PinkNews

Dustin Lance Black, husband of Tom Daley, has hit out at British Swimming, and said a statement the organisation released yesterday about him is "PR spin."

Crisis plan: Cricket Australia briefs PR gurus as hostile England looms  The Age

Cricket Australia is meeting with several UK-based PR agencies as part of a contingency plan to deal with the local media storm awaiting Steve Smith and David ...

Canadian policing agencies launch public relations campaign against outlaw motorcycle gangs

In recent years, law-enforcement organizations and government agencies have launched public relations blitzes about motor-vehicle thefts, drinking and driving, ...

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Havas Group has merged a number of its PR shops into a singular global brand offering that will combine traditional earned media strategy with social, *content* ...

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Just as marketers were starting to feel comfortable with the current social media landscape, a *fresh* platform is on a meteoric rise. As eMarketer recently put it.

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Journey beyond San Juan and find out why celebrities and filmmakers are making the magical southern coast of Puerto Rico their new favorite destination.

2019 Agency Rankings: Global PR Industry Growth Holds Steady At 5%  The Holmes Report

The global PR industry grew by 5% in 2018, based on the Holmes Report's definitive annual ranking of the world's top 250 PR firms, which is now live.

Healthcare giant acquires UK's Incisive Health and US-based Putnam Associates  PRWeek

Healthcare giant acquires UK's Incisive Health and US-based Putnam Associates. From PR Week.

Miami Fashion Week® Announces PORCELANOSA Group as Sponsor for 2019 MIAFW

Miami Fashion Week® Partners with Global Leader in the Innovation, Design, Manufacture & Distribution of Tile, Kitchen, and Bath Products, PORCELANOSA ...

Study: PR pros prioritizing owned and shared media - PR Daily  PR Daily

PR pros are anticipating “considerable” change in coming years, largely through technology advances, and are betting heavily on owned and shared media.

From cardboard factory to the kantei? Yoshihide Suga gets PR makeover as rumors of PM bid soar  The Japan Times

Unsmiling, tight-lipped and at times appearing heavy-handed, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga was never exactly the type of politician the public wou.

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The next edition of Uptime Institute's annual Data Center Industry Survey is due later this month, though few may be anticipating any significant change to one of ...

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Just two days after Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko cracked down on late comers at City Hall, he has now started biometric registration. Sonko launched the start of ...

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Members of the Senate Finance Committee are asking Wayne LaPierre, Oliver North and Ackerman McQueen to turn over documents.

Trader loses RM50,000 in PR scam  The Sun Daily

KUANTAN: A desire by a woman trader to secure permanent resident status of her two workers in a short period of time backfired after she was cheated a...

Study: Marketers struggle to prove social media ROI - PR Daily  PR Daily

Though most marketers believe that social media boosts their organizations' bottom lines, communicating its value remains a stumbling block. A recent Sprout ...

PR Special Fasig-Tipton Midlantic Sale: The Original 'Distracted' Kentucky Derby DQ'd Horse - Horse Racing News  Paulick Report

The controversy over this year's Kentucky Derby disqualification refuses to die, even after the running of the second leg of the Triple Crown. In this edition of the ...

Disney Vet Kevin Brockman to Head PR for WarnerMedia  Hollywood Reporter

Reporting to Bob Greenblatt, the seasoned exec will oversee communications for HBO, Cinemax, TBS, TNT, TruTV and the conglomerate's upcoming streaming ...

Penman bests her PR to take 100 gold | News, Sports, Jobs  Williamsport Sun-Gazette

Katie Penman had no visions of grandeur about beating Selinsgrove's Megan Hoffman in the 100 final at the District 4 track and field championships on ...

How to avoid PR disasters, the new web, and who owns Huawei?  TechCrunch

Soon: Live conference call with Anthony Ha on TED At 2pm EST / 11am PST, we will have TechCrunch writer Anthony Ha talking live with Extra Crunch readers ...

Senators say they've reached deal on Puerto Rico aid | TheHill  The Hill

Republican and Democratic senators on Monday said they've reached an agreement on aid for Puerto Rico, moving closer to a deal on a stalled disaster relief ...

Erika Brown Swims PR in 100 Free, Becomes 4th-Fastest American This Season  SwimSwam

Brown improved on her previous best tine of 54.52, going 54.36 in the 100 free at the 2019 Atlanta Classic.

Swissx’s Alki David Lands in Puerto Rico for Cannabis Fueled Rescue Mission  Yahoo Finance

Alki David has landed in Puerto Rico aboard the Swissx Express jet with a licensed master marijuana grower and other key business partners on board.

Soliton: A Reg A+, PR Machine With Lockup Expiry Next Week - $6 2-Week Price Target  Seeking Alpha

Soliton is a Reg A+ IPO, which means they could not get institutional investors, so they had to raise money from crowdfunding. SOLY has put out 17 PRs since ...

The 5 most popular stories on PR Daily this week - PR Daily  PR Daily

This week, PR Daily readers were interested in ways marketers tapped into 'Avengers: Endgame,” tips for creating viral and evergreen *content*, the CIA's ...

PR: PBET Merges Online and Physical Gambling Worlds  Bitcoin News

It's estimated that 72 % of real-world casino gamblers play online too and statistically, those that play both tend to spend around 15 % more in the physical ...

PRWeek Global Awards Winners 2019: Global Creative Idea  PRWeek

PRWeek Global Awards Winners 2019: Global Creative Idea. From PR Week.

Labour accuses National Grid of 'desperate PR campaign'  Utility Week

Labour has accused National Grid of running a "desperate PR campaign" after the company defended its position against the opposition's plans to take it back ...

PRWeek reveals the Top 150 UK PR consultancies in 2019  PRWeek

PRWeek reveals the Top 150 UK PR consultancies in 2019. From PR Week.

Iowa 1A state track and field: Ciera Deitchler destroys PR to win 400 hurdles  The Gazette

DES MOINES — Getting a personal record in an event is always a good thing. It's even better when it happens at the state track and field meet. It's the best when ...

UST Global appoints Tinu Cherian Abraham as Group Manager, PR & Media Relations  Exchange4Media

In his second stint with UST Global, Abraham will lead PR for the company in India and globally.

Rothy's customers irked they're not getting free shoes  PRWeek

SAN FRANCISCO: Rothy's customers are annoyed that they will not be getting free footwear from the up-and-coming shoe company. The confusion began on ...

Instagram influencers' private contact data 'exposed'  PRWeek

Instagram influencers' private contact data 'exposed'. From PR Week.

Bad PR ideas, esports, and the Valley's talent poaching war  TechCrunch

I wrote a “master list” of PR DON'Ts earlier this week, and now that list has nearly doubled as my fellow TechCrunch writers continued to experience even more ...

Medicaid Financing Cliff: Implications for the Health Care Systems in Puerto Rico and USVI  Kaiser Family Foundation

This brief provides an overview of the status of the health care systems and Medicaid programs in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) about one and ...

LIer did PR for Yankees before teaching called  Newsday

Growing up in the Bronx, Bill O'Sullivan idolized Don Mattingly and dreamed of playing for the New York Yankees. In none of his dreams was he riding on a ...

4 frequently asked questions about Ragan & PR Daily Awards - PR Daily  PR Daily

Do you want to see how winning an award could benefit you? Check out this short video to learn more: Ragan Communications. 4.5K subscribers. Subscribe.

'The Weekly' Meet The PR Firm That Turned Our PM Into ScoMo  Junkee

In an attempt to turn Scott Morrison from a Bible basher into a likeable bloke, a totally real and definitely not satirical PR firm created ScoMo.

Puerto Rico DOL Publishes Guidelines Interpreting 2017 Labor Reform  JD Supra

Following sweeping labor reform legislation in 2017, Puerto Rico's Department of Labor and Human Resources has released guidance clarifying its ...

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