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35 Quick Tips for Writing A Press Release

Layout1. 1-2 pages in length.2. Double-space.3. 1.5 to 2 inch margins.4. Use company stationary with logo and slogan.5. Avoid bright or dark-colored paper.6. Center "News Release" at top.7. Place a "release date" under "News Release".8. On second page, type "page 2".9. Use company stationary with logo and slogan on page 2.10. Leave out "release after" date on second page, all else should be the same.11. At end of press release, type "-30-" or "# # #".12. Include both black & white, color, and a variety of font sizes (but no more than four).

Smashing the Myth of the Press Release

A musician spends years honing his craft. He writes world-class songs and performs them in a manner that moves his listeners to tears. He records a demo tape and sends it to record labels. He gets a contract and becomes rich, famous and adored.

10 Tips for Tantalizing News Releases

Want to get radio interviews and coverage in print publications to sell more books?

The Four Seasons of Publicity - Building an All-Year Publicity

If you?re like most publicity seekers, you probably think oneproject at a time. You?ve got a new product coming out in April,so you send out a release in March. You?ve hired a new executive,you?ll put out a release when she?s on board, etc.

How to Tie-In With News Events to Score Publicity

It?s safe to say that we live in interesting times. It seems wehardly have a breather between wars, tragedies, scandals,epidemics, circus trials and other events that capitalize themedia?s attention. For the business seeking publicity, the "newshole" for more traditional stories -- new product reviews,business features, offbeat promotions -- keeps shrinking as the"big story" mentality takes hold.

Publicity From Thin Air

In an ideal world, your business would be overflowing withnewsworthy stories, and the media would be waiting with batedbreath for your next press release, ready to give you front pagecoverage.

Grandma Says...

Southern grandmothers have often said, ?there are only three times a respectable person?s name should be in the paper: when you are born, when you are married, and when you die.? This is the one area in which I part company with my grandmothers. Publicity is more critical today for the success of a business than it has ever been. Why do I believe it?s critical? Let?s review what publicity ? particularly publicity in business and trade publications - can do for your business. Provides Neutral Third-party Endorsement. Even though many think the media are biased, consumers still cling to the belief that people who are quoted by the media have something worthwhile to say. Boosts Your Competitive Advantage. Positive publicity confirms for your customers that they made the smart choice when they elected to use your products or services. Enables Referrals. Your ?smart? customers become evangelists by handing out articles about you to their business contacts. Shortens Your Sales Cycle. Media coverage often does a better job of explaining what you do than an ad can. So, readers will have a level of knowledge about you before you meet. Builds Your Marketing Library. Print and web-based articles can become excellent marketing material that costs little to develop. Positions You. Publish or perish is the academic motto. Experts from outside the world of academia also know that by being quoted by the media they can improve their position as industry experts. Builds Value. For every speaker like Tom Peters earning thousands of dollars for appearances, there are hundreds who are paid a pittance for speaking engagements. Can you guess the difference? As you can see, there are a wide variety of reasons for you to be publicizing yourself and your business. Just this once, don?t listen to Grandma. Go get your name in the paper.

Press Releases for Every Occasion

To many marketers, the press release is something of a "one sizefits all" proposition. You want to get media coverage, you knockout a press release, send it to some journalists and sit back andwait.

Press Kit Elements That Work

Considering how fundamental they are to the publicist?s trade,it?s always amazed me how lousy almost all press kits truly are.Your typical press kit is a bloated folder filled with puffery,hype, irrelevant information and worse. The vast majority ofthese monstrosities do little besides kill trees and clognewsroom trash baskets.

Forget the Press Release - Heres How to Pitch Like Roger Clemens

Stripped down to its core, publicity is little more than oneperson persuading another. You, the publicity seeker, mustpersuade a journalist that your story is worthy of receivingprint space or air time. Your ability to sell your story to ajournalist is what it's all about.

8 Ways to Use Local Publicity to Drive Your Business

While scoring anice story in BusinessWeek or USA Today is something tocelebrate, there are times when you need to grab attention a bitcloser to home.

The Ultimate PR Edge: Getting Reporters To Open Your E-Mails

You know that getting publicity is vital to the health of yourbusiness. You probably also know that e-mail is the way mostpublicity seekers get in touch with reporters to score thatprecious coverage. Here?s what you don?t know: The vastmajority of e-mails sent to journalists never get read.

Editorial Calendars: A Key to Publicizing Your Business

What is the one thing that all of the best public relationsagencies do every year?

Creating Your Online News Room: How To Build a Site The Media Will Love

From time to time, people ask me how public relations has changedduring the two decades in which I?ve been seeking publicity. Myanswer: technology. Twenty years ago, the fax machine was anewfangled novelty. Our primary means of communicating withjournalists was the telephone and the US Mail. The advent of e-mail and the web has made life easier in many regards and tougherin others - namely, thanks to hordes of clowns with money makingschemes and software that "blasts" press releasesindiscriminately to reporters, it?s become very hard to get youre-mails through to spam-weary reporters.

7 Tips to Get More Mileage Out of Your Online or Offline Publicity

You worked hard to get a story on your business in a popularwebsite or your local paper. Don't let your efforts ends there --here are seven tips to help you maximize your online and offlinepublicity:

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Offset Defends Interrupting Cardi B's Set This Weekend After Fans Call It a PR Stunt

This weekend, Offset got onstage and interrupted Cardi B's Rolling Loud in Los Angeles performance to publicly ask her to take him back. By the looks of it, she ...

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PR gaffes, blunders and mistakes are nothing new, and neither are the resultant apologies - or lack of them. PRWeek looks back upon a 'sorry' 2018... News.

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SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- V-dog, a San Francisco-based vegan owned and operated dog food company, has selected Orange Orchard, ...

PR: Bitcoin Fork Bithereum Launches Coin to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Mining  Bitcoin News

Dubai, UAE. - The Bithereum (BTH) team is officially launching their peer-to-peer (P2P) fork of Bitcoin centered around “Proof of Stake”, the future of Ethereum ...

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PacLife pulls ads from 'Tucker;' Latest fallout from Ghosn arrest; Nike backs Raheem Sterling in Kaepernick-like campaign. News ...

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Leeds-based PR and social media agency Umpf has been appointed to handle marketing and PR duties for French energy giant Engie, following a competitive ...

ID Collective wins Malaysia Airlines' PR and digital accounts  mUmBRELLA*

Malaysian Airlines has appointed ID Collective to handle its comms and public relations accounts for Australia and New Zealand. The win follows a.

J&J must respond boldly to asbestos report, says PR expert  CNBC

Dean Crutchfield, founder of crisis management firm Crutchfield and Partners, joins 'Squawk Box' to talk about Johnson & Johnson's options in handling the ...

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Here are our choices for 2018's top firms in tech PR (including nine agencies that also earned a slot in this year's Observer PR Power 50).

BTC Information and PR Department holds interactive session  The Sentinel Assam

GORESWAR: An interactive session was arranged by the BTC Information and Public Relations Department at the conference hall of the Deputy.

Crown Group appoints Natasha Granath as PR and communications manager  mUmBRELLA*

Residential property developer Crown Group has recruited luxury brand PR specialist and former journalist Natasha Granath to the role of PR and.

Observer’s 15 Rising Stars in the PR Industry for 2018  Observer

Once you meet this year's crop of Rising Stars—our list of 15 young people to watch in the PR industry—you'll toss all those millennial stereotypes right out the ...

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Here are our choices for 2018's notable fashion PR firms (KCD also appears in this year's PR Power 50).

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Frank wins travel platform Culture Trip following competitive pitch. From PR Week.

Abandon The Cold Call: How PR Can Warm Dialogue With B2B Target Clients  Forbes

Many sales teams and their colleagues in the PR department are not known to collaborate and, in turn, rarely make the connection between media relations and ...

PR: Binance Info ‘Gold Label’ list of trustworthy projects adds QTUM and Ontology  Coingape

There can be no denying that the cryptocurrency markets are often accustomed to unsavory projects that offer investors little hope beyond their respective ICOs.

Democratic state senator blasts Amazon's HQ2 as a PR scam, saying 'New York fell for it'  CNBC

"I don't think it's worth providing $3 billion and setting a precedent" for other companies to pick the city's pockets, state Sen. Michael Gianaris says.

Burger King PR team pour cold water on Hereford rumours  Hereford Times

BURGER King's customer relations department has done little to whet the appetite of the fast food chain's Hereford fans.

Teen charged in killing of stepfather in Pr. George’s County, Md.  Washington Post

An argument preceded the fatal shooting, police said.

Parkland’s David Hogg sends ‘thoughts and prayers' to the NRA's 'PR team’ after accused Russian agent pleads guilty | TheHill  The Hill

Parkland, Fla., school shooting survivor David Hogg offered “thoughts and prayers” to the public relations team at the National Rifle Association (NRA) on ...

The Most Powerful Real Estate PR Firms of 2018  Observer

Here are our selections for the year's most notable PR firms in the real estate sector. Also notable: the top four firms here also appear in this year's PR Power 50.

Who were the PR winners and losers of Eurovision 2018?

In the first part of ESCXTRA's two-part editorial on PR, we asked “What is the true value of PR at the Eurovision Song Contest? In our second and final part of the ...

Puerto Ricans Angry Over Impending Ban On Cockfighting  NPR

As part of the farm bill, lawmakers on Capitol Hill have voted to ban cockfighting in Puerto Rico. The practice is already banned in all U.S. states, but the island ...

‘Superhero of justice’ or PR stunt? Cash rained down on poor Hong Kong neighborhood (VIDEOS)  RT

The holiday season arrived early in Hong Kong with a sudden downpour of cash falling on one of its poorest neighborhoods, although police arrived to ruin the ...

Pratt & Whitney Inaugurates New Aerospace Engineering Center in Puerto Rico  PRNewswire

EAST HARTFORD, Conn., Dec. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), today announced its official ...

Motlanthe Commission could be a high-level PR stunt for...  Daily Maverick

The killing of six unarmed civilians by Zimbabwe's military on 1 August, two days after polling in the country's general elections, was a huge setback for an ...

Report: Fact-checkers say Facebook has used them for "crisis PR"  Fast Company

Journalists who partnered with Facebook say they've lost faith that the social network really cares about ridding itself of false news. Facebook quickly responded.

Trump says Cohen did low-level work for him, mostly PR: Fox  Reuters

U.S. President Donald Trump said he made a mistake hiring longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen years ago and that his one-time fixer did "low-level work" ...

4 Tips to Launch Your First Effective PR Campaign  Entrepreneur

When you dive into public relations, the spotlight will be on you.

How Facebook’s P.R. Firm Brought Political Trickery to Tech  The New York Times

Definers, an import from Washington to Silicon Valley, thrived with opposition research and a fishy campaign to push Apple's C.E.O. for president.

Chicago's most-wanted drug lord in PR battle over consulate bombing  WLS-TV

In an unusual public relations campaign, the Mexican drug cartel run by Chicago's so-called public enemy number one is denying involvement in a grenade ...

The Most Powerful Entertainment and Media PR Firms of 2018  Observer

With N.Y. as its center in mind, here are our choices for 2018's most notable PR firms in entertainment and media.

School shooting PR consultant apologizes after calling critics 'crazies' and reporter 'skanky'  Sun Sentinel

A crisis public relations consultant created a crisis of her own for the Broward school district, after a video came to light in which she dismissed the district's critics ...

Meghan Markle's biggest PR problem still remains her beleaguered father

At the best of times, it's hard to understand Thomas Markle's motivations.

Champaign school board approves 40-year PR vet as communications head  Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette

CHAMPAIGN — A 40-year veteran of public relations is slated to begin working for Unit 4 next Monday, "shoring up" a communications department flooded with ...

'Must have' brand love (and how to lose it)  PRWeek

'Must have' brand love (and how to lose it). From PR Week.

5 things for PR pros to know on Friday morning  PRWeek

MediaMonks close to beating WPP agency to Braun digital account; Washington Post launches campaign calling for action over Khashoggi murder; Lululemon ...

Kieran McGeeney: Some managers toe the line — but I don’t do PR  Irish Examiner

Kieran McGeeney has hit out at the experimental playing rules and believes the changes are a knee-jerk reaction to the criticisms of pundits. The Armagh ...

What the Hell Is Going on With the Women’s March?  The Cut

From Tablet's report of anti-semitism within Women's March to the organizations botched attempt to silence journalists, what's going on with the Women's March?

Calgary’s city councillors paid a PR firm to promote Monday’s ‘grassroots’ pro-pipeline rally  Toronto Star

CALGARY—Council members dipped into their office budgets to hire a PR consultant to produce a series of videos and a social media campaign in support of ...

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5 things for PR pros to know on Wednesday morning. From PR Week.

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Each month PRWeek UK picks its top five PR and comms campaigns and asks you, our highly knowledgeable readers, to vote for your favourite. Below is a look ...

Parkland shooting PR consultant criticized in Broward was recommended by Orange schools  Orlando Sentinel

Winter Park PR consultant Sara Brady, hired by Broward County schools in the wake of the Parkland shooting, has been blasted for a speech in which she ...

Three predictions for 2019  PRWeek

Surprise...influencers, authenticity, and diversity will hit your inboxes in 2019, says Tom Biro, MD at Rusty George Creative. Opinion · Tweet ...

Is the Motlanthe Commission a high-level PR stunt?  Institute for Security Studies

However, given that the commission is all about the optics, as bizarre as the selection of Motlanthe was wise, even more so was the inclusion of Professor ...

Facebook's outgoing communications head reportedly takes the blame for hiring controversial PR firm  CNBC

Facebook's outgoing communications head Elliot Schrage admitted in an internal memo that his team asked public relations firm Definers to push negative ...

Do we have a substitute to match PR Sreejesh? asks ex-India captain  Times of India

Hockey News: India's premature exit from the ongoing men's hockey World Cup has raised a few questions, especially on the most experienced player in the ...

Facebook policy chief admits hiring PR firm to attack George Soros  The Guardian

Communication head takes blame for hiring Definers Public Affairs as Sheryl Sandberg says antisemitism claim 'abhorrent'

Lime claims it didn’t know controversial PR firm Definers would sling mud at rivals  TechCrunch

Scooter startup Lime has confirmed it hired Definers but claimed it didn't know the controversial PR firm would try to smear its rivals. The company was speaking ...

BA, Sky, Sainsbury's, Uber... seven account moves that shook up PR in 2018  PRWeek

BA, Sky, Sainsbury's, Uber... seven account moves that shook up PR in 2018. From PR Week.

Entergy suing PR company hired during push for power plant  FOX 8 Live WVUE

Entergy claims it did not know that The Hawthorne Group subcontracted another company that paid actors to support the plant at council meetings.

Former Warner Bros Int’l Publicist Justine Gamez Huckabay Launches PR Label Intercommunicate  Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Former Warner Bros International theatrical publicist Justine Gamez Huckabay is launching entertainment and tech PR label Intercommunicate.

Facebook's Definers Public Affairs statement is an old PR trick  Quartz

It's a classic PR strategy: If you have bad news to deliver, drop it on the eve of a holiday, or in the middle of a massive news event. Not only will it garner less ...

📝 Atlético-PR 1-1 (4-3 pens) Junior FC: Atlético win the Sudamericana  Onefootball

Tonight was a special night for Brazilian-side Atlético-PR, as they defeated Colombia's Junior Barranquilla on penalties to claim the 2018 Copa Sudamericana ...

Read the mud-slinging pitches Facebook’s PR firm sent us  TechCrunch

Facebook's latest PR crisis has cast a lurid spotlight on a GOP-led publicity firm called Definers Public Affairs, after a New York Times investigation revealed last ...

MXoN Team Puerto Rico To Offer Aid to Community  Racer X Online

This December, Motocross of Nations Team Puerto Rico will head to Puerto Rico to offer aid and relief with the funds raised.

Amazon Studios PR Chief Craig Berman Exits Jeff Bezos Company  Deadline

After 14 yrs at the Seattle-based giant, the now-ex VP Public Relations & Publicity at Amazon Entertainment is looking for "something new."

Public Relations expert advocates training, certification of PR practitioners  Vanguard

A Public Relations expert, Mr. Victor Anyaegbudike has advocated the training and certification of all practitioners of Public Relations to curb quackery and ...

Advance Publications Plans to Outsource Local PD Jobs, Hires PR Firm to Run Interference  Cleveland Scene

Local newspapers like The Plain Dealer provide an incredibly valuable *service* to the community. But it's an unfortunate reality that the local newspaper business ...

U-20 WNT Takes Down China PR 1-0 at 2018 Women's Nike International Friendlies  U.S. Soccer

The U.S. Under-20 Women's National Team defeated China 1-0 in its final match at the 2018 Women's Nike International Friendlies. The USA broke through in ...

Congress Moves To Ban Cockfighting In USVI, PR -  VI Consortium

The U.S. Congress on Wednesday approved legislation that would ban cockfighting in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, following a monthslong battle by ...

Michael Cook, former Triumph and Jaguar PR exec, dies at 85  Automotive News

Triumph sold its last sports car in the U.S. in the summer of 1982, and on Tuesday the brand lost its PR man, Michael Cook, 85, who never stopped promoting ...

PR: Postar - Public Chain Transaction Platform  Bitcoin News

Recently, Postar, the world's first public chain eco-transaction platform,has attracted the attention at home and abroad. However, emerging in the bear market, ...

Sugar, caged hens and prison all in need of billboard public relations overhaul  TVNZ

That's according to Jeremy Wells after a campaign was launched to change the reputation of cannabis.

Atletico Junior, Atletico-PR draw in Copa Sudamericana first leg  ESPN

Colombian side Atletico Junior and Atletico Paranaense of Brazil ended level 1-1 in Wednesday's first leg of the Copa Sudamericana final.

Arcata native Trevor Daley to lead L.A. PR firm  Eureka Times Standard

Arcata native Trevor Daley was recently named president of Cerrell, a Los Angeles-based public relations firm. Previously, Daley served as state director and ...

10 essential PR blogs to read | Articles | Home  PR Daily

Public relations professionals likely know about major PR publications such as PR Daily, PRNews and O'Dwyer's, as well PRSA publications like PRsay.

Camarillo public relations firm makes Top 10 rankings  Ventura County Star

Camarillo-based public relations firm Marketing Maven has made the Top 10 of the latest Clutch rankings of public relations firms in four categories.

Cong objects to PR polls without enumeration of BC voters  United News of India

Hyderabad, Dec 16 (UNI) Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) chief spokesperson Dr Dasoju Sravan demanded that the State government defer ...

‘IDF tunnel operation along Lebanese border is PR stunt’  The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

There was no pressing need for the IDF to carry out Operation Northern Shield along the country's border with Lebanon, a source familiar with the details of the ...

Teekay: PR Disaster Re-Opens Massive Opportunity  Seeking Alpha

Teekay Corporation (TK) and their primary daughter company, Teekay LNG Partners (TGP) reported earnings nearly two weeks ago. Despite TGP's excellent ...

How YouTube’s 2018 PR stunt became even more hated than Justin Bieber

If you want to know what really raises the hackles of YouTube users, then you need look no further than pint-sized Canadian pop star Justin Bieber.

The Crispr baby news was carefully orchestrated PR—until it all went wrong  Quartz

He Jiankui didn't wake up on Sunday expecting his world to change. He'd authored a paper that was to be published on Monday, and planned to speak about ...

SBG Sports Software is Exhibiting at United Soccer Coaches Convention 2019, Booth #585  PRNewswire

LONDON, Dec. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- SBG Sports Software is excited to announce it will be exhibiting at the United Soccer Coaches Convention in Chicago, ...

Facebook's PR attack dog also targeted Apple and Qatar

The PR firm hired by Facebook to discredit its critics with online articles also carried out campaigns against Qatar, Apple, and American environmentalists.

PR: Esports platform release increases the adoption of MobileGO (MGO) tokens  Coingape

MobileGo team which possess themselves as 'by gamers for gamers' project has released their own gaming platform to bring a new experience to the gamers ...

Sungrow Named International Brand Development Honoree by PR Newswire  Canada NewsWire

SHANGHAI, Dec. 14, 2018 /CNW/ -- Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, has announced recently that PR Newswire, a leading ...

Octopus chairman Sandy Purewal departs to launch tech start up  PRWeek

Octopus Group co-founder and executive chairman Sandy Purewal is leaving the tech PR agency to start a healthcare tech firm called Superfied, PRWeek has ...

Puerto Rico from Space: NASA Videos Show Aftermath of Hurricane Maria

Fourteen months after Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico, causing widespread flooding and power outages, NASA researchers are still studying ...

Tory Mayoral Candidate Tells Sadiq Khan: Spend Less On PR And More On Police  LBC

Sadiq Khan must spend less money promoting himself and more on funding the police, the Conservative Mayoral candidate has told LBC.

Deadpool has absolutely wrecked The Avengers with a new PR stunt

After months and months of waiting in agony, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were finally treated to their first view of the aftermath of Avengers: Infinity ...

'I feel sorry for her': Newry reacts as May begins Brexit PR drive  The Guardian

If Theresa May takes her public relations offensive to people in Newry, a market town on Northern Ireland's border with the Republic of Ireland, she'll have them ...

Dunya Labs Brings EOS Blockchain to India With Catalyst  PR Newswire India

BENGALURU, December 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --. Dunya Labs , a blockchain product company, hosted the inaugural sessions of its Catalyst Series in ...

The Brand Trudeau international PR machine does it again

Politics Insider for Dec. 4: Canada isn't immune from populism, what we learned from the security review of Trudeau's India trip, and what was behind the Prime ...

Puerto Rico Has a Stunning New Hotel: The O:LV Fifty Five  Caribbean Journal

Loisse Herger and Fernando Davila, who opened the stellar O:Live Boutique Hotel back in 2012, have debuted a stunner: the O:LV Fifty Five in Puerto Rico.

Cake names Rosie Holden as managing director  PRWeek

Cake, the Havas-owned sports and entertainment agency, has appointed Rosie Holden, former managing partner at Karmarama, as its managing director.

Public Relations Society of America names Tania Cantrell Rosas-Moreno, Ph.D., Maryland's Educator of the Year - Newsroom  Loyola News

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has named Tania Cantrell Rosas-Moreno, Ph.D., associate professor of communication, Maryland's 2018 ...

Hurricane Maria cut the height of Puerto Rico's forests by a third  Grist

The storm caused 60 years worth of natural tree-falls in just a day.

Electric scooter firm Lime reportedly challenged the claims of rival Bird using the same PR firm Facebook used to smear critics  Business Insider

Definers Public Affairs sent emails on behalf of electric scooter company Lime, TechCrunch reports.

Puerto Rico and storied resort hotel weather the storm, finally  OregonLive

On Dec. 14, more than a year after the hurricane, El San Juan Hotel will swing open its double doors, ushering in guests and the soft Caribbean breeze.

Colin McConnell to exit Prudential Financial after 27 years  PRWeek

Colin McConnell to exit Prudential Financial after 27 years. From PR Week.

You Can Still Get Tickets to Hamilton in Puerto Rico  Condé Nast Traveler

The Tony award-winning musical Hamilton is heading to Puerto Rico this January—and Lin-Manuel Miranda is going too.

Democrats pledge to use new House majority to investigate Puerto Rico’s oversight board  The Washington Post

A leading House Democrat is vowing to investigate the fiscal board overseeing Puerto Rico's debt crisis, arguing that its push to slash government spending ...

Farmers to take out rally to Mekedatu on January 1:P R Pandian  Times of India

TRICHY: Strongly criticizing the central government and Karnataka over Mekedatu issue, All Farmers Associations of Tamil Nadu coordination committee h.

EMEA News In Brief (December 17, 2018)  The Holmes Report

Houston PR bought by private investor; people news at Cake, Hanover, Milk & Honey and APCO; wins for W Enterprise and Kredo; Eurobest award for Ketchum; ...

PR: Midex Launches EU Regulated Crypto to Fiat Exchange  Bitcoin News

Midex, an international company with HQs in Estonia and representatives in Asia, has announced the launch of the first EU regulated crypto-to-fiat exchange.

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