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35 Quick Tips for Writing A Press Release

Layout1. 1-2 pages in length.2. Double-space.3. 1.5 to 2 inch margins.4. Use company stationary with logo and slogan.5. Avoid bright or dark-colored paper.6. Center "News Release" at top.7. Place a "release date" under "News Release".8. On second page, type "page 2".9. Use company stationary with logo and slogan on page 2.10. Leave out "release after" date on second page, all else should be the same.11. At end of press release, type "-30-" or "# # #".12. Include both black & white, color, and a variety of font sizes (but no more than four).

Smashing the Myth of the Press Release

A musician spends years honing his craft. He writes world-class songs and performs them in a manner that moves his listeners to tears. He records a demo tape and sends it to record labels. He gets a contract and becomes rich, famous and adored.

10 Tips for Tantalizing News Releases

Want to get radio interviews and coverage in print publications to sell more books?

The Four Seasons of Publicity - Building an All-Year Publicity

If you?re like most publicity seekers, you probably think oneproject at a time. You?ve got a new product coming out in April,so you send out a release in March. You?ve hired a new executive,you?ll put out a release when she?s on board, etc.

How to Tie-In With News Events to Score Publicity

It?s safe to say that we live in interesting times. It seems wehardly have a breather between wars, tragedies, scandals,epidemics, circus trials and other events that capitalize themedia?s attention. For the business seeking publicity, the "newshole" for more traditional stories -- new product reviews,business features, offbeat promotions -- keeps shrinking as the"big story" mentality takes hold.

Publicity From Thin Air

In an ideal world, your business would be overflowing withnewsworthy stories, and the media would be waiting with batedbreath for your next press release, ready to give you front pagecoverage.

Grandma Says...

Southern grandmothers have often said, ?there are only three times a respectable person?s name should be in the paper: when you are born, when you are married, and when you die.? This is the one area in which I part company with my grandmothers. Publicity is more critical today for the success of a business than it has ever been. Why do I believe it?s critical? Let?s review what publicity ? particularly publicity in business and trade publications - can do for your business. Provides Neutral Third-party Endorsement. Even though many think the media are biased, consumers still cling to the belief that people who are quoted by the media have something worthwhile to say. Boosts Your Competitive Advantage. Positive publicity confirms for your customers that they made the smart choice when they elected to use your products or services. Enables Referrals. Your ?smart? customers become evangelists by handing out articles about you to their business contacts. Shortens Your Sales Cycle. Media coverage often does a better job of explaining what you do than an ad can. So, readers will have a level of knowledge about you before you meet. Builds Your Marketing Library. Print and web-based articles can become excellent marketing material that costs little to develop. Positions You. Publish or perish is the academic motto. Experts from outside the world of academia also know that by being quoted by the media they can improve their position as industry experts. Builds Value. For every speaker like Tom Peters earning thousands of dollars for appearances, there are hundreds who are paid a pittance for speaking engagements. Can you guess the difference? As you can see, there are a wide variety of reasons for you to be publicizing yourself and your business. Just this once, don?t listen to Grandma. Go get your name in the paper.

Press Releases for Every Occasion

To many marketers, the press release is something of a "one sizefits all" proposition. You want to get media coverage, you knockout a press release, send it to some journalists and sit back andwait.

Press Kit Elements That Work

Considering how fundamental they are to the publicist?s trade,it?s always amazed me how lousy almost all press kits truly are.Your typical press kit is a bloated folder filled with puffery,hype, irrelevant information and worse. The vast majority ofthese monstrosities do little besides kill trees and clognewsroom trash baskets.

Forget the Press Release - Heres How to Pitch Like Roger Clemens

Stripped down to its core, publicity is little more than oneperson persuading another. You, the publicity seeker, mustpersuade a journalist that your story is worthy of receivingprint space or air time. Your ability to sell your story to ajournalist is what it's all about.

8 Ways to Use Local Publicity to Drive Your Business

While scoring anice story in BusinessWeek or USA Today is something tocelebrate, there are times when you need to grab attention a bitcloser to home.

The Ultimate PR Edge: Getting Reporters To Open Your E-Mails

You know that getting publicity is vital to the health of yourbusiness. You probably also know that e-mail is the way mostpublicity seekers get in touch with reporters to score thatprecious coverage. Here?s what you don?t know: The vastmajority of e-mails sent to journalists never get read.

Editorial Calendars: A Key to Publicizing Your Business

What is the one thing that all of the best public relationsagencies do every year?

Creating Your Online News Room: How To Build a Site The Media Will Love

From time to time, people ask me how public relations has changedduring the two decades in which I?ve been seeking publicity. Myanswer: technology. Twenty years ago, the fax machine was anewfangled novelty. Our primary means of communicating withjournalists was the telephone and the US Mail. The advent of e-mail and the web has made life easier in many regards and tougherin others - namely, thanks to hordes of clowns with money makingschemes and software that "blasts" press releasesindiscriminately to reporters, it?s become very hard to get youre-mails through to spam-weary reporters.

7 Tips to Get More Mileage Out of Your Online or Offline Publicity

You worked hard to get a story on your business in a popularwebsite or your local paper. Don't let your efforts ends there --here are seven tips to help you maximize your online and offlinepublicity:

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The pros and cons of hiring in-house versus agency public relations

One of the most critical decisions you'll face as an entrepreneur is determining the best channels -- and partners -- to help promote your brand's message.

HBO's Head of PR to Depart After Nearly 40 Years  Hollywood Reporter

Two months after corporate parent WarnerMedia enlisted Kevin Brockman as its head of PR, HBO's head of corporate communications Quentin Schaffer is set to ...

Harpootlian blasts Richland County for voting to hire PR firm  The State

SC state Sen. Dick Harpootlian blasted Richland County Council for voting to hire public relations consultants to conduct PR for county council members, saying ...

Does Richland County need better PR? Council members want to hire an image maker  The State

Richland County Council wants to hire an outside communications firm to help council members better communicate with county residents about what they do.

Red Havas young gun takes the helm of Manchester PR agency  PRWeek

Red Havas head of news Alex Duckett, 27, has left to lead Manchester-based agency Wentworth PR. He played a pivotal role in Greggs' vegan sausage roll ...

Calls For Puerto Rico Gov. Rossello To Resign Over Profane Private Chats  NPR

There are growing calls for Puerto Rico's governor to resign amid a corruption scandal and after the leak of texts laced with misogyny, homophobia and jokes ...

Five Tips For Aspiring PR Professionals  Forbes

Get established in the field and start the process of becoming a media master.

PR and entertainment company New Romans appoints Anthony Spargo as managing partner  mUmBRELLA*

Former Latitude Finance head of corporate affairs, Anthony Spargo, has been appointed as managing partner of PR and entertainment company New Romans.

14 Apps Top PR Executives Can't Live Without  Forbes

Set your PR team up for success with these must-have apps from the experts of Forbes Agency Council.

Embattled Puerto Rico Gov Apologizes for Profane Tirade Against Ex-NYC Council Speaker  NBC New York

Puerto Rican Gov. Gov. Ricardo Rosselló was in Europe with his family this week on vacation when his administration took several hits that many believe have ...

Kate & Co wins PR for Coles Supermarkets  mUmBRELLA*

Kate & Co has won the public relations account for Coles Supermarkets in Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and the ACT. The agency is tasked with overseeing local ...

Former health minister rejoins controversial drug maker's PR agency  The Guardian

Former health minister James O'Shaughnessy has rejoined the PR consultancy Portland, whose clients include a US drug company which is refusing to drop the ...

FBI makes arrests in Puerto Rico corruption scandal, prompting calls for governor’s ouster and concerns about billions in storm aid  The Washington Post

The FBI on Wednesday arrested two former senior officials who served in the administration of Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, leading the chairman of the ...

PR: Cred and Join Forces to Boost Crypto Lending  Bitcoin News

By John Yearwood Cred Correspondent Amid a dramatic Bitcoin bull run, two of the most influential names in the blockchain finance industry have launched a.

Puerto Rico police fire tear gas at Ricardo Rosselló protest crowd  Axios

Puerto Rico riot police forced protesters back with tear gas and pepper spray outside Gov. Ricardo Rosselló's residence Monday evening, as they called for his ...

Administration & PR Coordinator  Pedestrian TV

Unreal Fur is a premium faux fur brand, leading the path for vegan fashion. We are looking for a full time Administration and PR Coordinator who will be ...

Reminder: Puerto Rico is not a country  City & State

On Sunday, President Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant, brashly directing “'Progressive' Democrat Congresswomen” – presumed to be Reps. Alexandria ...

Jeffrey Epstein launched PR campaign after 2008 sex abuse allegations  INSIDER

Jeffrey Epstein launched a PR campaign in hopes of improving his image after he was released from prison following a plea agreement on sexual abuse ...

Newspaper ad allegedly by S'pore PR woman, 44, seeking soulmate who earns at least S$10000 a month

Love can be left to chance and discovered in unexpected places, but some would rather take destiny into their own hands.

PR: Matrix Exchange Receives Approval From Abu Dhabi Global Market  Bitcoin News

Abu Dhabi-based crypto asset exchange, Matrix Exchange announced on July 12 that it has received an In-Principle Approval (IPA) from by the Financial ...

After Maria, The Quest For An Affordable Hurricane Proof House in Puerto Rico  NPR

In Puerto Rico, nearly two years after hurricane Maria, the need for safe, affordable housing is still a massive challenge. "We have more than a half million ...

PR Is Not Dead: How PR Has Evolved In The Digital Age  Forbes

PR has shifted in a lot of ways to effectively provide success to brands and consumers alike.

Who's Next in the Line of Succession in Puerto Rico?  Bay News 9

U.S. territory Puerto Rico, which has a large diaspora in Florida, is dealing with the possible resignation or even impeachment of its governor.

Don't Fall for Atkins PR Ploy: For Healthy Diets, We Need Strong Government Support  Union of Concerned Scientists

Readers with an interest in food and health might have been intrigued by full-page ads in the New York Times and Washington Post calling for an overhaul of ...

A day in the life of... Head of Content and Digital PR at MediaVision  Econsultancy

Jodie Harris is Head of *Content* and Digital PR at MediaVision, a London-based integrated digital marketing agency. We caught up with her to find out about the ...

Media diversity concerns as PR firm takes control of Tasmanian regional papers  ABC News

A public relations firm boasting two former Liberal party senior advisers has purchased two regional Tasmanian newspapers, installing as editor a controversial ...

Ancient trove may attest to lost civilization in Puerto Rico  Haaretz

A collection of enigmatic figurines given to a monk by their dying guardian in the late 1870s could be artifacts from a lost civilization that lived in Puerto Rico as ...

Plot Twist: Did Jenelle Evans Fake Nugget's Death as a PR Stunt?  Showbiz Cheat Sheet

There seems to be a plot twist in the Jenelle Evans saga. It's possible that Nugget's death was faked. Find out more!

Three Things You Need To Know Before You Develop Your PR  Entrepreneur

When you're introducing a new brand or launching a new product, word of mouth is essential in building trust, raising awareness, and ultimately, achieving those ...

Jada Russell, High-Powered PR Boss, Dies After Breast Cancer Battle  Block Club Chicago

ENGLEWOOD — Jada Russell, a high-powered public relations executive who served clients including Dwyane Wade, Jesse Jackson and Rhymefest, died ...

Positive PR from Tesla (TSLA) and Ford (F) Doesn’t Jibe With a Negative Forecast from RBC Capital  Yahoo Finance

In just a couple of weeks, Ford Motor (F) is due to report its fiscal Q2 2019 earnings -- and good news: Just last week, Ford revealed that based on preliminary ...

Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun: A Crisis PR Expert’s Take on ‘Scootergate’  Variety

Crisis PR expert and music industry veteran Dylan Jones offers his take on "Scootergate" and navigating tricky business spats in public.

Toddler takes fatal plunge from cruise ship in Puerto Rico: reports  New York Post

The toddler was being held by her grandfather when she slipped out of his arms and plunged from the 11th floor of the "Freedom of the Seas."

Mike Liotta Exits True Public Relations, Launches PR Machine  Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Liotta has stepped down from his role as VP at True Public Relations to launch PR Machine. The newly formed boutique agency will be ...

Jenelle Evans Blasts Cops for “Lies” About Nugget’s Death Being a PR Stunt

Jenelle Evans just responded to cops' claims that Nugget's death was a PR stung, and she's accusing them of lying.

Apple Goes on the PR Offensive Over Jony Ive’s Departure  Fortune

Apple CEO Tim Cook has responded to a report about the reason for the departure of design chief Jony Ive.

Why PR pros should be part of your SEO and social media teams - PR Daily  PR Daily

Digital marketing is a puzzle that brands continue trying to solve. Under that umbrella, they know they need to have a strong search marketing game—and of ...

Majority of UK Instagram influencers engage in fakery - landmark new study  PRWeek

More than half of UK Instagram accounts have been found to engage some form of fraudulent activity, including buying mass followers, likes or inauthentic ...

Mathisrud appointed as PR city administrator  Park Rapids Enterprise

The Park Rapids City Council on Tuesday appointed Ryan Mathisrud as their next city administrator. Previously the city planner, Mathisrud resigned last October ...

Sylvia Desrochers Shutters Big Time PR To Join MPRM As SVP, Brings Key Team With Her  Deadline

Sylvia Desrochers is closing her Big Time PR agency and joining the executive team at MPRM as senior vice president.

History Ups Susan Ievoli To SVP Public Relations  Deadline

PR veteran Susan Ievoli has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Public Relations for History.

Burger King, Greggs, Nike, Gillette: PR creative bosses on their best (and worst) campaigns of the past year  PRWeek

PRWeek editor-in-chief Danny Rogers, James Herring of Taylor Herring and Warren Johnson of W gathered other luminaries of the UK independent PR scene ...

Inside the New Orleans wedding of a fashion PR and an NFL star  Vogue Australia

An Australian fashion publicist and a New Orleans Saints player wed at the New Orleans Marigny Opera House during a lavish celebration.

Mind games begin ahead of inaugural PR Cup  PRWeek

There was some fighting talk and even a poem from PR footballers after the groups were drawn ahead of the inaugural PR Cup tournament this week. News.

A Beachfront Acre For $30K In An OZ? Welcome To Puerto Rico  Bisnow

Puerto Rico could be on the upswing after hitting financial rock bottom.

Authorities discover nearly $4 million in an abandoned boat in Puerto Rico  CNN

After border patrol agents in Puerto Rico chased after a boat on Sunday, they found five duffel bags stuffed with $3.7 million in cash.

Is China’s propaganda machine losing the PR battle with the US?  South China Morning Post

Beijing's tight grip on all forms of communication linked to the trade war could be doing it more harm than good, analysts say.

The media savaged Trump when he claimed Puerto Rico officials were mismanaging disaster aid. But he was right  Washington Examiner

Remember when President Trump claimed in April that "corrupt or incompetent" Puerto Rico officials had badly bungled relief efforts following 2017's Hurricane ...

Here's How This PR Maven Balances Deadlines, Family Life and Uncertainty  Entrepreneur

In this episode of Resilience, Entrepreneur Network partner Alley spotlights Beltkiss Sanborn, the founder of Bilquis Ocon PR, about some her biggest ...

‘A Space Where You Could Be Free’: Puerto Rico’s L.G.B.T. Groups Rebuild After a Hurricane  The New York Times

Hurricane Maria doomed some of Puerto Rico's safe spaces for L.G.B.T. groups. Now they're opening new ones — and fighting new political fights.

'The Tampon Book,' a subversive attack on unfair tax rates, wins PR Grand Prix at Cannes Lions

Because Germany taxes menstrual products more than twice as heavily as caviar, Scholz & Friends packaged them as a book.

6 ways to up your storytelling game - PR Daily  PR Daily

You've launched a brand journalism site. Kudos. But it's time to move on to what's next. Welcome to brand journalism 2.0.

PR Manager  Charlotte Agenda

Overview: PIVOT PR, a dynamic and rapidly growing public relations agency in Charlotte, N.C., is seeking a highly motivated communication professional to ...

Puerto Rico Finalizing Plan To Restructure Its Debt  ColorLines magazine

Three years after Puerto Rico nearly defaulted on a $2 billion payment to creditors, the island's federal overseers have reached the final stages of a plan to ...

How to convert social media critics into avid fans - PR Daily  PR Daily

Social media provides a plethora of engagement opportunities, but the medium is not without its risks. When faced with online ridicule, most brand managers' ...

Cannes 2019: PR Firms Close Out Week With More Wins — Full Roundup  The Holmes Report

On the fifth and final day of Cannes Lions, Alison Brod picked up a Titanium Grand Prix for its PR support of Burger King's “The Whopper Detour” campaign.

Nick Clegg: “I'm not just providing a PR gloss”  Financial Times

ICYMI, former deputy prime minister-turned-YouTube sensation-turned-Facebook flack Nick Clegg went on Radio 4's Today programme earlier on Monday to ...

PR's image problem: 92% think PR pros 'hide the truth' and lie, majority don't understand industry  PRWeek

PR has a public perception problem as a majority of people believe brands and organisations use it to hide the truth and cover up their mistakes, a new study of ...

PR: Crypto Exchange Enables Margin Trading  Bitcoin News a progressive and high-tech cryptocurrency trading platform, has reported on the launch of advanced Margin Trading services on multifunctional ...

How Cameo Survived a Public Relations Nightmare  Entrepreneur

Listen to Cameo's founder discuss his PR nightmare on our podcast Problem Solvers. Steven Galanis was in his office one day last November when he got a ...

Vox Sentences: What is happening in Puerto Rico?

Vox Sentences is your daily digest for what's happening in the world. Sign up for the Vox Sentences newsletter, delivered straight to your inbox Monday through ...

10 do's and don'ts for landing your first PR job - PR Daily  PR Daily

Landing that first PR job is tougher than most people care to admit. That's because there is no paint-by-numbers career trajectory for communicators.

Cannes: Golin Takes Industry's First PR Gold As German Agency Wins Grand Prix  The Holmes Report

CANNES—This year's Cannes PR jury awarded just six Gold Lions—half as many as last year—but for the first time it did present one of them to a campaign ...

NRA Splits With PR firm, Lobbyist and TV Amid Infighting  KTLA Los Angeles

Infighting at the National Rifle Association exploded Wednesday, when the powerful association severed ties with its longtime public relations firm, suspended ...

BlackBerry PR agency brief for South East Asia raises fears of alleged 'idea theft'  Mumbrella Asia

A recent request for proposal for a Singapore-based public relations firm from BlackBerry has resulted in at least one agency deciding to withdraw from the pitch ...

UBS Hit with $4.88 Million Puerto Rico Arbitration Award  AdvisorHub

A divided arbitration panel has ordered UBS Wealth Management to pay a couple and two family members $4.88 million over the sale of Puerto Rico bonds and ...

How Puerto Rico’s default lowered states’ borrowing costs  Brookings Institution

The legal framework for state (as opposed to municipal) default is uncertain; no state has defaulted on its debt since Arkansas did so in 1933. In a paper, “Legal ...

Activision Blizzard: Bad PR, Good Long-Term Fundamentals  Seeking Alpha

Basic corporate reorganization at Blizzard is being blown out of proportions. Activision Blizzard realizes that it needs to speed up its game development and IP.

FEATURE JOBS: XPO Brands, Agent99 PR, The Creative Store, Universal Media Co + More  Pedestrian TV

XPO Brands are on the hunt for an Account Director (SYD) to take ownership of campaigns for core clients. XPO Brands is an award winning below-the-line ...

PR-B students practice French in Quebec  Brainerd Dispatch

A group of nine Pine River-Backus students and three teachers traveled to Quebec, Canada, from June 15-21. The group spent the first three days in Montreal ...

Rio PR Is Hiring A PR & Marketing Assistant In New York, NY  Fashionista

Rio PR is a luxury fashion and lifestyle PR agency based in NYC. This is a great opportunity to get hand-on experience in the PR industry. Must be a creative ...

Nike Reviews North American PR Agency Support  The Holmes Report

BEAVERTON, OR — Nike, which built its brand around high-impact marketing, is reviewing its North American PR support, the Holmes Report has learned.

PR: My BitIRA Launches to Empower US Consumers With 24/7 Cryptocurrency Retirement Account Access  Bitcoin News

BitIRA — pioneer of the first insured cold storage solution for cryptocurrency retirement accounts — has launched its newest tool, the “My BitIRA” investing ...

Medalla Light, Puerto Rico's Beer Of Choice, Is A Hit In Connecticut  NPR

Medalla is Puerto Rico's beer of choice, but it's hard to find if you're not on the island. As of last month, the beer is now in Connecticut, giving its sizable Puerto ...

How Nintendo approached the PR battle at E3 2019  VentureBeat

Nintendo brought up the rear in showing off new games at the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo, but it made a lot of noise last Tuesday with its Nintendo ...

U.S. lawmakers advance bill to boost Puerto Rico Medicaid funding  Reuters

A bill that would give Puerto Rico a substantial boost in federal Medicaid funding advanced out of a U.S. House subcommittee on Thursday after lawmakers ...

PR Special Fasig-Tipton July Yearling Sale: Broodmare Of The Year? - Horse Racing News  Paulick Report

The Paulick Report has put together a special print publication for the Fasig-Tipton July Sale of Selected Yearlings, available here and on the sales grounds in ...

Puerto Rico Moves To Solar Energy After Hurricane Maria  NPR

Puerto Rico has a plan to rebuild its energy grid and move to 100% renewable power by 2050. Many communities are working toward that themselves, without ...

Police cruise in £130,000 Batmobile-style ‘eco-friendly’ BMW for PR stunt instead of fighting crime  The Sun

POLICE have been showing off a flashy £130,000 Batmobile-style car — but it won't be fighting crime. The hybrid BMW i8 cruised near the Met's London HQ as ...

Charlie Methven & Stewart Donald’s Sunderland PR machine has slowed down, but is it necessary?  Roker Report

Rewind the clock back twelve months or so and the new owners, Stewart Donald and Charlie Methven arrived in Sunderland. Energy was immediately injected ...

PR Connect: Why should you invest in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit now?  Moneycontrol

Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, presented the first budget for the Government's second term on 5 July 2019.

H&M’s sustainability efforts slammed by regulators, labeled “greenwashing” in latest PR disaster  The Rising

The media slammed H&M for promoting its Conscious collection with little indication of how it was more sustainable. What's next?

Naikuni, KQ to pay ex-PR chief Sh10m  Daily Nation

Former Kenya Airways chief executive Titus Naikuni and the airline have been ordered to pay a former communications manager Sh10 million after he was ...

PR guilty of sharing info promoting child-sex acts  The Straits Times

A senior bank executive formerly with Deutsche Bank met four other men in Singapore and shared with them information to promote child sex activities in the ...

PR Special Fasig-Tipton July HORA Sale: A Horse Named Win Stat And His World Record - Horse Racing News  Paulick Report

The Paulick Report is once again pleased to offer a special print publication for the Fasig-Tipton July Selected Horses of Racing Age Sale in Lexington, Ky.

Iconic Video Game FINAL FANTASY XIV Being Developed For Live-Action Series With Hivemind And Sony Pictures Television  PRNewswire

LOS ANGELES, June 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Pictures Television and Hivemind, the production company behind Amazon's THE EXPANSE and Netflix's ...

PR: CoinDeal Celebrates Premier League Sponsorship Renewal With Token Launch  Bitcoin News

Coindeal's popularity and number of new users are growing very fast. The exchange will soon be available in several states in the USA and has prepared their ...

'Chatgate' profanity scandal threatens Puerto Rico's governor  Brisbane Times

A profanity-laced and at times misogynistic online chat shows some of the US territory's most powerful men acting like a bunch of teenagers.

Fountain City church youth group helps rebuild in Puerto Rico  WATE 6 On Your Side

JUANA DIAZ, Puerto Rico (WATE) – Dozens of East Tennessee students are in Puerto Rico helping rebuild homes for hurricane victims. The youth group from ...

Heck Food facing boycott after cringeworthy "Boris Banger" PR stunt backfires  Evolve Politics

Sausage makers Heck Food are facing a nationwide boycott after a PR stunt with Boris Johnson – in which the Tory leadership hopeful was helped by Heck staff ...

“Russia is back on the stage of great nations”—Putin's PR push  The Economist

Also on the daily podcast: dangerous laws for sex workers and making nuke-proof robots.

In Puerto Rico, LGBTQ Political Victories Pile Up. But Challenges Remain.  Rewire.News

We've done a lot with very few resources, and that tells you a lot about the strength of the Puerto Rico LGBT community,” said Pedro Julio Serrano, an activist in ...

49% of non-S'porean spouses who applied for PR have been successful in past 10 years: ICA

In 2015, it was revealed that about one in every three marriages that year was between a Singapore citizen and a foreigner.

The 6 Best Hotels In Puerto Rico  Forbes

From San Juan to Rincón, where to stay in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Has 300,000 Homeless Dogs — and This Dog Rescue Is Making It Easier for You to Adopt Them  Travel+Leisure

Not every dog gets their chance, and if you feel a connection with this dog, you might be the only one who is willing to adopt it.”

Public Relations Intern  Pedestrian TV

Are you lively, ambitious, hard-working, fun, creative? You could be our next intern! Frank is on the lookout for a university student to join our dedicated ...

Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria Provides Ethnic Studies Lesson  AroundtheO

Ethnic studies' associate professor Alaí Reyes-Santos finds a teachable moment in wake of a disaster.

After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico Is Still Extremely Vulnerable  NPR

Nearly two years after Hurricane Maria, the town of Utuado is finally getting a new bridge over the Viví River to replace the old concrete and steel one that was ...

Zambia : PR Girl Media to host the 4th annual Lusaka July  Lusaka Times

Lusaka - Zambia: PR Girl Media will host the Lusaka July on Saturday, 13th July at Lusaka Polo Club from noon until 10pm. The polo-fashion event dubbed as ...

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