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35 Quick Tips for Writing A Press Release

Layout1. 1-2 pages in length.2. Double-space.3. 1.5 to 2 inch margins.4. Use company stationary with logo and slogan.5. Avoid bright or dark-colored paper.6. Center "News Release" at top.7. Place a "release date" under "News Release".8. On second page, type "page 2".9. Use company stationary with logo and slogan on page 2.10. Leave out "release after" date on second page, all else should be the same.11. At end of press release, type "-30-" or "# # #".12. Include both black & white, color, and a variety of font sizes (but no more than four).

Smashing the Myth of the Press Release

A musician spends years honing his craft. He writes world-class songs and performs them in a manner that moves his listeners to tears. He records a demo tape and sends it to record labels. He gets a contract and becomes rich, famous and adored.

10 Tips for Tantalizing News Releases

Want to get radio interviews and coverage in print publications to sell more books?

The Four Seasons of Publicity - Building an All-Year Publicity

If you?re like most publicity seekers, you probably think oneproject at a time. You?ve got a new product coming out in April,so you send out a release in March. You?ve hired a new executive,you?ll put out a release when she?s on board, etc.

How to Tie-In With News Events to Score Publicity

It?s safe to say that we live in interesting times. It seems wehardly have a breather between wars, tragedies, scandals,epidemics, circus trials and other events that capitalize themedia?s attention. For the business seeking publicity, the "newshole" for more traditional stories -- new product reviews,business features, offbeat promotions -- keeps shrinking as the"big story" mentality takes hold.

Publicity From Thin Air

In an ideal world, your business would be overflowing withnewsworthy stories, and the media would be waiting with batedbreath for your next press release, ready to give you front pagecoverage.

Grandma Says...

Southern grandmothers have often said, ?there are only three times a respectable person?s name should be in the paper: when you are born, when you are married, and when you die.? This is the one area in which I part company with my grandmothers. Publicity is more critical today for the success of a business than it has ever been. Why do I believe it?s critical? Let?s review what publicity ? particularly publicity in business and trade publications - can do for your business. Provides Neutral Third-party Endorsement. Even though many think the media are biased, consumers still cling to the belief that people who are quoted by the media have something worthwhile to say. Boosts Your Competitive Advantage. Positive publicity confirms for your customers that they made the smart choice when they elected to use your products or services. Enables Referrals. Your ?smart? customers become evangelists by handing out articles about you to their business contacts. Shortens Your Sales Cycle. Media coverage often does a better job of explaining what you do than an ad can. So, readers will have a level of knowledge about you before you meet. Builds Your Marketing Library. Print and web-based articles can become excellent marketing material that costs little to develop. Positions You. Publish or perish is the academic motto. Experts from outside the world of academia also know that by being quoted by the media they can improve their position as industry experts. Builds Value. For every speaker like Tom Peters earning thousands of dollars for appearances, there are hundreds who are paid a pittance for speaking engagements. Can you guess the difference? As you can see, there are a wide variety of reasons for you to be publicizing yourself and your business. Just this once, don?t listen to Grandma. Go get your name in the paper.

Press Releases for Every Occasion

To many marketers, the press release is something of a "one sizefits all" proposition. You want to get media coverage, you knockout a press release, send it to some journalists and sit back andwait.

Press Kit Elements That Work

Considering how fundamental they are to the publicist?s trade,it?s always amazed me how lousy almost all press kits truly are.Your typical press kit is a bloated folder filled with puffery,hype, irrelevant information and worse. The vast majority ofthese monstrosities do little besides kill trees and clognewsroom trash baskets.

Forget the Press Release - Heres How to Pitch Like Roger Clemens

Stripped down to its core, publicity is little more than oneperson persuading another. You, the publicity seeker, mustpersuade a journalist that your story is worthy of receivingprint space or air time. Your ability to sell your story to ajournalist is what it's all about.

8 Ways to Use Local Publicity to Drive Your Business

While scoring anice story in BusinessWeek or USA Today is something tocelebrate, there are times when you need to grab attention a bitcloser to home.

The Ultimate PR Edge: Getting Reporters To Open Your E-Mails

You know that getting publicity is vital to the health of yourbusiness. You probably also know that e-mail is the way mostpublicity seekers get in touch with reporters to score thatprecious coverage. Here?s what you don?t know: The vastmajority of e-mails sent to journalists never get read.

Editorial Calendars: A Key to Publicizing Your Business

What is the one thing that all of the best public relationsagencies do every year?

Creating Your Online News Room: How To Build a Site The Media Will Love

From time to time, people ask me how public relations has changedduring the two decades in which I?ve been seeking publicity. Myanswer: technology. Twenty years ago, the fax machine was anewfangled novelty. Our primary means of communicating withjournalists was the telephone and the US Mail. The advent of e-mail and the web has made life easier in many regards and tougherin others - namely, thanks to hordes of clowns with money makingschemes and software that "blasts" press releasesindiscriminately to reporters, it?s become very hard to get youre-mails through to spam-weary reporters.

7 Tips to Get More Mileage Out of Your Online or Offline Publicity

You worked hard to get a story on your business in a popularwebsite or your local paper. Don't let your efforts ends there --here are seven tips to help you maximize your online and offlinepublicity:

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Last week Google began experimenting with a small percentage of users in Europe to understand the impact of the proposed EU Copyright Directive.

Havas Group Singapore names PR and social lead  Marketing Interactive

Havas Group Singapore has promoted Kenny Yap (pictured) to lead social, *content* and Public Relations for the agency with immediate effect. In his new role as ...


COMMENT: Is Rick Ankiel's comeback attempt just a PR stunt to get some positive publicity? I don't see this with a positive outcome for the Cards. He'll be 40 ...

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Administrative Assistant in PR firm in New York , Entry Level, PR & Communications, Marketing & Communications with JGoldsteinPR. Apply Today.

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Our client is a *content* and communications agency based in Balmain, Sydney. Due to maternity leave there is an exciting opportunity to join the smart and ...

PR firm brainchild Burson-Marsteller rebrands  Independent

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Uganda's public relations firm, brainchild Burson-Marsteller, has rebranded to brainchild BCW (Burson Cohn & Wolfe) ...

Local briefs: Fenoff posts PR in 5K win at Bates  Caledonian Record

LEWISTON, Maine — Franklin Pierce University freshman Riley Fenoff made a PR at Saturday's Bates Invitational as the Ravens finished second out of five ...

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PR expert Nick Ede speaks to Yahoo UK's The Royal Box.

Bitcoin PR Buzz Announces January PR Sale With $200+ Discounts  PRNewswire

BELIZE CITY, Belize, Jan. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- To celebrate the start of another year for crypto, Bitcoin PR Buzz are offering up to $200 off all PR packages, ...

Ex-ITV and BBC news chief takes Liverpool City Council PR role

A former editor at ITV and BBC News has taken up a new post as a city council's PR chief. Camilla Mankabady, left, has been appointed communications ...

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One of the best investments we can make is in our own knowledge and skill set. With that in mind, this article will work through how we can use Return On Equity ...

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The Academy has won the retained PR account for Lucozade Sport and will provide comms to support the launch of highly anticipated Ubisoft video game, The ...

Puerto Rico leaders meet to fight rise in brazen violence  The Seattle Times

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Hundreds of government officials and community leaders met in Puerto Rico's capital on Tuesday to brainstorm ways to fight ...

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All this week, PRWeek's Breakfast Briefing will feature snapshots from on the ground in Davos, where the World Economic Forum is taking place.

FACT CHECK: Were US Democratic Lawmakers 'Partying' in Puerto Rico During the Government Shutdown?

Democratic Party lawmakers were "partying" at a Puerto Rican retreat scheduled in the middle of the partial federal government shutdown.

Democratic delegation’s trip to Puerto Rico becomes a target for Trump  Washington Post

SAN JUAN, P.R. — It had been planned for months: the largest-ever congressional delegation to Puerto Rico. It would start with briefings on the continuing ...

Celestyal Cruises hires Gate 7 as PR agency  mUmBRELLA*

Greek cruise company Celestyal Cruises has appointed Gate 7 to its Australian PR account. Gate 7, a tourism marketing agency, will be responsible for.

Canada alters norms for PR applicants  The Tribune India

Varinder Singh. Tribune News *Service*. Jalandhar, January 20. In what may come as a shock to those looking for greener pastures in Canada, the Government ...

The weekend the wheels fell off the Royal PR machine  Daily Mail

REBECCA ENGLISH: In the twilight of her remarkable reign, the Queen could be forgiven for sitting back with a quiet smile of satisfaction.

Provoke Piers: PR agency launches tool for triggering Piers Morgan  PRWeek

It's becoming the PR tactic du jour - and now a PR agency has launched a website dedicated to generating campaign ideas to trigger Piers Morgan. News.

When the public relations industry does PR for itself  Financial Times

Earlier in January, BBC Radio 4 broadcasted the Art of Public Relations, a show which featured actual public relations specialists. What followed was a strange ...

Lin-Manuel Miranda Brings ‘Hamilton’ to a Troubled but Appreciative Puerto Rico  The New York Times

The show's creator hopes its 17-day run in San Juan will call attention to the struggling island's needs as well as its riches.

National Mentoring Month: 3 questions with public relations exec LaToya Evans  Qcity metro

For National Mentoring Month, Qcitymetro talks with public relations executive LaToya Evans about her mentors and favorite mentoring organization.

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A new year brings to mind what we want to do better, and the steps we wish we had taken months ago. As with a workout routine, the best option is to begin ...

Huawei Reviews Global Consumer PR Support  The Holmes Report

SHENZHEN — Huawei is reviewing global PR duties for its consumer devices, the Holmes Report can reveal, as the Chinese tech giant increasingly relies on its ...

Wait, what? Kapil Sharma calls his wedding with Ginni Chatrath a PR stunt  India Today

In the latest episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, the comedian flirted with Amrita Rao in his trademark style and told her that his wedding with Ginni Chatrath ...

The Mixed Reception of the Hamilton Premiere in Puerto Rico  The Atlantic

Political discord coupled with the lingering effects of 2017's Hurricane Maria challenged the arrival of the famed musical.

Juul’s Answer to Its PR Crisis? The Millennial Marlboro Man  WIRED

Say you were a villainized e-cigarette startup, with a $13 billion cash investment from the tobacco giant that owns Marlboro, and were blamed for kicking off a ...

A Homecoming for “Hamilton” in Puerto Rico  The New Yorker

Michael Schulman and Rick Negron, who plays a Trumpish King George III in the hit musical “Hamilton,” stroll the plazas of Negron's home town.

Exclusive: Government's 'fake news' unit gets green light for permanent funding  PRWeek

The Government's Rapid Response Unit (RRU) has received ministerial sign-off for permanent funding and will continue its operations, PRWeek has learned.

Portland hires Diageo's head of society communications  PRWeek

Portland hires Diageo's head of society communications. From PR Week.

LIVE: Puerto Rico: Warren/San Juan Remarks  KEYT

5 p.m. ET: Sen. Elizabeth Warren is taking the unusual step of campaigning for president in a U.S. territory with no electoral college votes. She will travel to San ...

Brutally honest campaign tackles fears over smear tests  PRWeek

A mixture of traditional media relations and social media, using celebrity influencers, is being used to promote a new campaign to increase the number of ...

From Boardroom to Living Room: How Facebook’s Many PR Initiatives Intertwine to Deliver Its Messaging  Adweek

On the bad side of the news spectrum, Facebook has been dealing with crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis. On the good side, the social network continues to ...

Crisis and PR Experts Are In Agreement About R. Kelly’s Future  Vulture

R. Kelly needs to keep his mouth shut and disappear. That's the near-unanimous feeling of the millions of people who watched Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly ...

A Wave of Daytime Killings Has Puerto Rico on Edge  The New York Times

The killing of Kevin Fret, a gay musician with a huge social media following, is only the latest in a series of brazen murders that have plagued Puerto Rico.

Is Boney Kapoor ANGRY with Janhvi Kapoor’s PR team because of Sara Ali Khan? – details inside  Times Now

Boney Kapoor has had a rather upsetting week. First it was the Priya Prakash Varrier's Sridevi Bungalow and now it is Janhvi Kapoor's PR team that has got him ...

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Passion for Puerto Rico  The New York Times

The island has shaped the “Hamilton” creator's identity. Now he's bringing the musical to San Juan, and things are getting complicated.

AFC Asian Cup 2019: Thailand charge halted by China PR  FOX Sports Asia

Thailand's bid to become the second Southeast Asian team to qualify for the AFC Asian Cup quarter-finals was abruptly halted on Sunday as they threw away a ...

PR mogul Frieha Altaf hits back at allegations of workplace harassment  The Express Tribune

Former intern had accused CEO of Catwalk PR of treating her employees like slaves.

30 Democrats in Puerto Rico with 109 lobbyists for weekend despite shutdown  Washington Examiner

Some 30 Democratic lawmakers left the government shutdown behind Friday on a chartered flight to Puerto Rico for a winter retreat with 109 lobbyists and ...

Disgraced former MP sets up PR firm on release from jail  Brisbane Times

Disgraced former Queensland state MP and convicted fraudster Scott Driscoll is out of jail and advertising his services as a public relations and branding ...

Rebuilding a Puerto Rico Barrio: ‘Dead Is the Only Way They’ll Ever Get Me to Leave’  The New York Times

Hurricane Maria led to a host of new plans to fix island barrios plagued by chronic flooding. A look at the Vietnam neighborhood shows why they may never be ...

Kevin Fret: Rapper shot to death in Puerto Rico at 24  CNN

Rapper and LGBT activist Kevin Fret was shot to death Thursday as he rode a motorbike in Puerto Rico, CNN affiliate reported.

Puerto Rico Picks Bidders for Ailing Power Utility  The Wall Street Journal

Puerto Rico took an important step toward privatizing its bankrupt public power monopoly and bringing in new investment to help modernize the utility and ...

LIVE: AFC Asian Cup 2019 – Thailand vs China PR  FOX Sports Asia

The group stage of the AFC Asian Cup 2019 is done and dusted with and we're all set for the commencement of the round of 16 of the continental showpiece.

Why the White House is attacking Democrats for traveling to Puerto Rico, explained

President Donald Trump on Monday attacked roughly 30 House and Senate Democrats for traveling to Puerto Rico over the weekend amid a partial government ...

Potential Democratic presidential candidate Warren to make stop in Puerto Rico  Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News

BOSTON (WHDH) - Massachusetts senator and potential Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is scheduled to travel to Puerto Rico on Tuesday.

A robot company stages Tesla crash as a PR stunt, media buys it  Electrek

A company has staged a Tesla accident for what appears to be a PR stunt and several media outlets have bought into it - propagating some misinformation.

Hardik Pandya has been punished. Can we now talk about the epic PR fail it was?  DailyO

Actions have consequences. Hardik and Rahul deserve to be punished. But there are others in the picture here as well.

Trump tried to deny Hurricane Maria relief money to Puerto Rico  Vox

A Washington Post article on the resignation of deputy Housing and Urban Development Secretary Pam Patenaude, a housing policy professional who's been ...

House floor erupts after GOP lawmaker shouts 'Go back to Puerto Rico'  Roll Call

The House floor erupted Thursday shortly before Congress adjourned for the week when Republican Rep. Jason Smith yelled a potentially racially charged ...

What “Hamilton” in San Juan Means to Puerto Rico  The New Yorker

Michael Schulman on Lin-Manuel Miranda's return to “Hamilton” this month, bringing the play to the Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré, in San Juan, Puerto ...

Puerto Rico’s $18 Billion Bond Restructuring Nears Completion  The Wall Street Journal

Puerto Rico's federal supervisors are making a final push to write down $18 billion in sales-tax bonds under a settlement that would mark their largest ...

Cathay Pacific's second pricing blunder: A silver lining for PR?  Marketing Interactive

For the second time running withing the span of a month, Cathay Pacific has again mistakenly offered hugely discounted prices on its first class flights. This time ...

More than 30 members of Congress will visit Puerto Rico during Hamilton's opening week  CBS News

"They'll get to experience firsthand the needs of the island," said Lin-Manuel Miranda's father, Luis Miranda.

FUREY: China has now fully lost the PR game in Canada  Toronto Sun

Less than two months ago, Canada's concerns with China were very different than they are today.At the end of November, Finance Minister Bill Morneau was in ...

LIVE: AFC Asian Cup 2019 – Korea Republic vs China PR  FOX Sports Asia

Hello and welcome to FOX Sports Asia's live blog for the Group C AFC Asian Cup 2019 Korea Republic vs China PR encounter.

Violence in Puerto Rico: Top FBI official says there's a "crisis of violence" in Puerto Rico  CBS News

Vega Alta, Puerto Rico — The top FBI official in Puerto Rico said the island is facing a "crisis of violence" and has asked the agency for more personnel and ...

SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Pomerantz Law Firm Investigates Claims On Behalf of Investors of Activision Blizzard, Inc. - ATVI  PRNewswire

NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Pomerantz LLP is investigating claims on behalf of investors of Activision Blizzard, Inc. ("Activision" or the ...

Puerto Rico governor rips White House over ‘completely false’ remarks, rejection of aid  The Washington Post

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, the governor has largely tried to avoid alienating the White House.

Why Puerto Rico Is No. 1 on Our Places to Go List  The New York Times

Recovering from Hurricane Maria, in 2019 the island represents so many fragile spots around the globe.

Trump tried withholding disaster relief funds from Puerto Rico  MSNBC

"Not *content* to simply throw paper towels at the people of Puerto Rico's suffering," says Chris Hayes, "Donald Trump has been working actively from the White ...

Puerto Rico's former police chief won't go outside after 6 p.m. amid violence, officer shortages  CBS News

So far this year, 22 people have been murdered on the island that was devastated by Hurricane Maria nearly 16 months ago.

Best Places to Work 2018  PRWeek

PRWeek's annual Best Places to Work initiative honors the top agencies and in-house teams that were ranked a cut above by their associates on important ...

Elizabeth Warren heading to Puerto Rico next week | TheHill  The Hill

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is planning a trip to Puerto Rico next week amid reports that President Trump is considering diverting hurricane relief funding to ...

Editorial: As 'Hamilton' Plays in Puerto Rico, St. Croix Should Seize the Publicity Opportunity  St. John Source

Before Alexander Hamilton was "young, scrappy and hungry" in New York, he was fending for himself on a small island in the Danish West Indies. That island ...

Less hurricane aid, slower response to Puerto Rico than to Texas, Florida  University of Michigan News

ANN ARBOR—The federal response to hurricanes Harvey and Irma was faster and more generous than the help sent to Puerto Rico in preparation and in the ...

Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn on PM's statement and offer of talks  BBC News

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the prime minister is in "deep denial" and must change her red lines over a Brexit deal.

Business Monday Briefs: Staff changes at Aspen Chamber Resort Association; Carbondale PR firm lands whitewater company as client  Aspen Times

Staff changes at ACRAThe Aspen Chamber Resort Association announced last week the parting of ways with one longtime employee and the promotion of ...

PR: Bitex Global Launches XBX on Global Exchanges  Bitcoin News

As per the reports, January 1, 2019, Bitex has launched its cryptocurrency in worldwide cryptocurrency exchanges, coin namely XBX which is now accessible for ...

Jimmy Fallon and José Andrés Discuss Puerto Rico on ‘The Tonight Show’  Eater

As part of his week-long celebration of Puerto Rico, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon took a break from zip-lining through the jungle and guest-starring in ...

Billions of Puerto Rico's debt might be invalid, federal oversight board says

Puerto Rico's federal control board is asking a court to invalidate over $6 billion worth of debt issued by the U.S. territory in clear violation of constitutionally set ...

Julián Castro: Trump 'failed the people of Puerto Rico' | TheHill  The Hill

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro on Monday panned the Trump administration's response to Hurricane Maria, saying ...

Delegation to Puerto Rico spars with Trump over timing of trip | TheHill  The Hill

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The largest-ever delegation of lawmakers to visit a U.S. territory found itself in an exchange of words with President Trump for leaving ...

A Microgrid Toolkit Brings Equity to Power Restoration in Puerto Rico: RMI  Microgrid Knowledge

RMI's Megan Kerins and Alejandra Castrodad-Rodríguez describe a new microgrid toolkit to ensure power reliability for those most vulnerable.

Family tragedy puts golf in perspective for Puerto Rico's Max Alverio  Golf Digest

LA ROMANA, Dominican Republic — Max Alverio was proud of himself as he walked outside the clubhouse at Casa de Campo late Friday afternoon.

Commentary Fact Check: Puerto Rico's per capita debt  Bond Buyer

Puerto Rico's per capita debt load is far lower than that of the mainland U.S. states.

Unconscionably cruel treatment of Puerto Rico a new low for Trump  Las Vegas Sun

President Donald Trump has given himself a 10 out of 10 on the federal government's response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, but the recent departure of ...

Jimmy Fallon Joins Puerto Rico Hamilton for 'The Story of Tonight'

The late-night host sings alongside Lin-Manuel Miranda to open The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Finley: Lawrence joins Puerto Rico beach party  The Detroit News

With the federal government in partial shutdown, more than 30 Democratic Congress members and their families breezed off to a beach resort in Puerto Rico last ...

GOP Congressman Yells 'Go Back to Puerto Rico' at Democrats on the House Floor  Splinter

An attempt at a voice vote on the House floor Thursday was abandoned after it devolved into a shouting match, according to The Hill. The vote, proposed by ...

DC and Puerto Rico share the long-ignored dream of statehood | TheHill  The Hill

Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico share the fundamental aspiration of statehood, although framed within different historical and constitutional contexts.

Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda Host Puerto Rico 'Tonight Show' and More Late Night Highlights: Watch  Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter's Late-Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

Puerto Rico on the Rebound: A Three-Day Getaway Guide  The Wall Street Journal

For a pleasure-packed long weekend in San Juan, the resilient capital, heed these tips on where to sleep, eat, swim, sightsee and drink addictive watermelon ...

Lin-Manuel Miranda Isn’t Throwing Away His Shot at Performing Hamilton in Puerto Rico  Vulture

Lin-Manuel Miranda returned to the Hamilton stage to play Alexander Hamilton in Puerto Rico, to raise funds for the country.

Feds seize 14 kilograms of cocaine shipped to Connecticut from Puerto Rico - Hartford Courant  Hartford Courant

Striking an apparent blow to a drug ring operating in central Connecticut, federal authorities working an eight-month investigation seized more than 14 kilograms ...

Karl Stefanovic: PR experts reveal what went wrong for Today hosts

For years, Karl Stefanovic's loveable larrikin schtick ensured he was one of Aussie TV's most bankable stars — until it all came crashing down.

Alex Cora, Red Sox manager and Puerto Rico native, mulls skipping White House visit over Trump policies  CBS News

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora, a Puerto Rico native who has been outspoken about its need for hurricane relief, indicated Thursday he may skip the World ...

FEMA’s staffing lags well behind its post-Puerto Rico goals  POLITICO

The disaster agency promised to hire more people and improve training after 2017. It failed to meet its targets for both.

Puerto Rico May Hold the Answer to Saving the Bees – Mother Jones  Mother Jones

The quick succession of Hurricanes Irma and Maria knocked out Puerto Rico's electricity and displaced thousands of people from their homes. The storms also ...

Trump sends letter to Pelosi saying he's postponing her 'public relations event'  KSN-TV

Trump sent Pelosi a letter Thursday informing her that the trip she had planned to "Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan has been postponed" while the government ...

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