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Great Goals Make You Stretch!

I began enhancing my personal energy level three months shy of my 40th birthday and after 2 years of struggling with clinically-diagnosed depression. During this same period, I was challenged, immensely by the debilitating effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and being rendered permanently partially disabled as the result of being involved in two car accidents in six days (neither of which was I at fault). I recall an incredible sense of emptiness and a daunting feeling of being completely overwhelmed; especially when trying to figure out which pills went with what ills. Unable to return to the vocation I loved, I received disability payments and simply existed. Most of my time was spent in bed where I eventually became 48 pounds "over-fat." When dreams and reasons for living are wiped out by the greatest, of the least unexpected, most people priorities typically change. My priorities? Well, they just disappeared. I was defeated physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and knocking on "Financially's" door. Making the bed was not a priority; it simply went unmade. And when it came down to paying the bills, many went unpaid. One day I was moved enough to actually cultivate the emotion of being "fed up!" During this awakening, I made the decision to reclaim complete responsibility for my life. And I did.

Reach Your Goals - Goal-Pooling

Goal-pool with friends or acquaintances

Improve Your Self Confidence

Knowing yourself is the foundation of self-esteem, self confidence and personal development. Man has been seeking himself since the days of the Oracle of Delphi. "Know yourself" said the Oracle, but she spoke in riddles and the men who had come a long way to get a simple answer from her wise lips went away even more confused.

The Goal Setting Blueprint

Why is goal setting important? Because without goals you don't go anywhere!

Top 15 Goals Quotations

Examine your own personal goals and find methods to achieve your desires with these valuable quotations about setting goals...

Writing Goals Down Ties Them Up!

Writing goals describes the act of inscribing on a surface characters or shapes that convey thoughts and ideas in relation to that goal. Why is this mechanical act of writing goals so important in the achievement process?

Goal Objectives: Looking Ahead To Get Ahead With Planning

With goal objectives in mind, consider the organizers of a marathon race. They take time to mark out the course. The way is planned. Otherwise reaching the finish line would be a matter of chance depending on whether a runner just happened to be in the area to see it!

Achieving Goals: The Remaining 90% - Sheer Persistence

Achieving goals requires persistence. Here's the proof: In 1915 Ty Cobb set up an amazing baseball record of stealing 96 bases. Seven years later Max Carey set the second-best record with 51 stolen bases.

Intense Desire: Rocket Fuel When You Set Goals!

Have you set goals, personal or business, and failed to achieve them? Here is a crucial question: WHY?

To Reach Goals: Bypass Resistance & Gather Assistance

To reach goals, consider this illustration: If you see roadblocks up ahead on a journey you take a diversion. No one in their right mind would just drive on and hit the obstacle head on just hoping they get through!

Achieving Your Goals

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I wonder if anyone really reads long stuff from Ezines except for the juicy and interesting ones but I am one of those few who painstakingly reads almost all articles posted. And now I?ve a got a turn to write something here. I had it in my mind to write something short and interesting to keep you on your toes yet, no matter how I long to keep this short, I just can?t. Unless if I?ll state what I have to say in bullet form. So let me have my hand at keeping you entertained if not informed with this article.

Define Success

Have you ever asked yourself why you want to succeed online?

7 MUST-HAVE Conditions To Goal Setting

The three keys to living without limits have always been the same. They are clarity, competence, and concentration. Goal setting will help you live without limits. Learning how to set goals is an art. Learn why setting goals is a necessity. Here are 7 Must-have conditions to set goals.

How To Keep Your Resolutions and Reach Your Goals

Another year has flown by and here you are at the beginning of another year. This is a time when many people assess their life and make "new year resolutions" or set goals for the New Year. Sometimes they are the exact same resolutions as last year!! Did you make some of these?

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I've recently become a big believer in setting specific goals for myself. In the past, I'd say, for example, "I want to read more," and inevitably, it wouldn't happen.

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Research finds that challenging goals can be more motivating.

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CEDAR FALLS — The City Council on Monday night voted not to create a five-year public safety plan.

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Chasing one goal after another is a terrible way to live.

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We're talking smart business practices you can adopt, like better business move and goal-setting for the year ahead.

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Monex-Saison-Vanguard Investment Partners, Inc., a subsidiary of Monex Group, Inc. (TYO:8698), has earlier today unveiled its plans to offer a new ...

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HUNTINGTON — In March, Time Magazine captured the moment Seth Dial was sent back to prison as a sanction of Cabell County Drug Court.

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Retired Santa Maria city manager will fill in until Brad Vidro's replacement is hired.

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While certain metrics should be considered based on the current business environment, there are others that need to be based on the factors most important to ...

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Atlanta United was the class of MLS in 2018, from its record-breaking crowds, to its record-setting striker, but the Five Stripes weren't the only impressive aspect ...

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Setting goals for your personal and professional life can be exciting. However, that feeling can fade away as soon as you actually start working toward that goal.


Globalization is the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. This makes it ...

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ALTON — Alton High's Dave Meyer is getting a first-hand look at just how much versatility is required of a prep bowling team coach. Meyer, whose AHS ...

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After finding poor data and "weak" information systems, auditors determined Utah "lacks oversight and performance measures" within its homeless system, and ...

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By Barby Ingle, PNN Columnist. When it comes to living with chronic pain and illness, the way we motivate ourselves and achieve goals can change. I know it ...

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Setting arbitrary objectives for your firm can often hold you back as much as it pushes you forward.

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Is production the only metric you examine in your dental practice? There are many performance indicators that dental practice owners must be aware of in order ...

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While reaching your long-term goals can be a struggle, deciding what to pursue in the first case can be even more challenging. Here are some approaches you ...

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Michael Badgley wanted a chance to kick it from 64 yards. He had to settle for 59. After the Chargers opted to try a Hail Mary with one second to go in the first half ...

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Granit Xhaka reckons Lucas Torreira is desperate to be like Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - that's why he's started netting goals.

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Shell yields to investors by setting target on carbon footprint  Financial Times

Cutting emissions to be linked to executive pay in industry first.

Spending Too Much Time On Your Phone? Behavioral Science Has An App For That  WFMYNews2.com

Americans are spending almost three and a half hours on their phones and tablets every day, twice the amount just five years ago. A behavioral scientist offers a ...

What US Record-Holder Molly Huddle Thinks About When Racing  Runner's World

“What do you think about when you're racing?” I get asked this question a lot. Some people might assume that elite runners let our minds wander in boredom for ...

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The northeast is seen as crucial to the BJP's strategy to ensure a majority for it in the Lok Sabha given that there are at least 20 seats to be picked up here with ...

How to Fit into a New Practice  PracticalPainManagement.com

Fitting into a new practice may be tough, but there are several measures you can take to ensure a smooth transition.

Shell Aiming to Link Executive Pay to Reducing Net Carbon Footprint  Natural Gas Intelligence

Royal Dutch Shell plc said Monday that it plans to link executive compensation to its long-term goal of reducing the net carbon footprint of its energy products.

Facebook Cofounder's Productivity Startup Asana Hits Growth Spurt, Snags $1.5 Billion Valuation  Forbes

New unicorn alert: Dustin Moskovitz's startup, Asana, reaches $1.5 billion valuation for its work management tools.

Stamkos has 2 goals, 2 assists to help Lightning rout Avs  USA TODAY

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Steven Stamkos had two goals and two assists and the NHL-leading Tampa Bay Lightning won their sixth consecutive game, beating the ...

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Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA), Stamford, Connecticut, has announced that it will use 25 percent recycled plastic across its U.S. domestic portfolio by ...

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We've been taught to set goals our entire lives. We set goals to get better grades in school. We dream about saving up enough to buy our first car. We make ...

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Michael Jordan credits Howard H. White with supporting him throughout his 15-year career and helping him beyond the game of basketball. Read on to learn ...

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Shell will set short-term climate change goals linked to executive pay. It is announcing the plans in a joint statement developed with institutional investors on ...

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Baroka were never the underdogs going into the TKO final, but the tag worked to their advantage over a Pirates side that hoped to stroll past them.

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Being unable to wrestle is something Maya Porter is having a hard time dealing with. A senior currently competing at 132 pounds for Shenendehowa, Porter ...

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Senators 2, Penguins 1 (OT)When the main actors get sick, it's time for those in supporting roles to step up to the stage.And so it was for the Ottawa Senators on ...

The Value of Agent Business Planning |  RisMedia.com

Data from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) estimates that 87 percent of all new agents fail after five years in the industry. One of the keys to being ...

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University of Tampa professor Kayte Branch volunteers and raises money for Girls on the Run, which holds a 5K this weekend in St. Petersburg that is all about ...

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Josef Martinez, a Venezuelan striker who obliterated the MLS scoring record while helping Atlanta United to the championship game, was named the league's ...

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Deciding what you want to accomplish and planning how to get there is an important part of any business. For tech entrepreneurs, effective goal setting goes ...

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Apple Watch owners take note: the Workout app has never been easier to use, regardless of the kind of workout you're doing.

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Despite a crisis of confidence at the national level , a significant majority of Americans still believe in the ability of their local governments to deliver. This is good ...

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Most companies are gearing up to shut down for the holidays. For some workers, office parties have already been scheduled, while for others, they have already ...

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What if the reason end-of-year performance reviews are so painful is that we've been doing it all wrong? Check out these tips for a *fresh* perspective on this ...

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While we're thinking about money goals for 2019, one of your key considerations should be the small steps you can take each day or week to get you where you ...

Daniel Salloi no-look goal seals Sporting KC's Western Conference semifinal win  Pro Soccer USA

t took stopping some serious pinball action from Salt Lake, and a (truly) last-second Daniel Salloi no-look goal. But Sporting advanced to the Western ...

Four Ways To Maximize Your BI Strategy  Forbes

As the development and incorporation of BI strategies rise, it's imperative to maximize abilities and unlock the full potential within an organization.

5 alternatives to try when traditional goal-setting methods don't work  Fast Company

Productivity gurus will tell you that there is one effective way to set your goals. Don't believe them.

Scientists search for marijuana's holy grail — consistent highs  NBCNews.com

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Holiday shopping was in full swing Friday at a boutique on Santa Monica Boulevard, where an automatic sliding door welcomed ...

Lee Health's CEO, now earning $1 million a year, get new bonus goals  The News-Press

Larry Antonucci, president and CEO of Lee Health, will see his base pay jump $133000 over the next year, bringing it to more than $1 million.

Kansas University makes wind-power deal with Westar Energy  Windpower Engineering

The University of Kansas (KU) has signed an agreement with Westar Energy to ensure that roughly 100% of its future electricity needs will be supplied by.

6 Tips to Help you Crush your Goals in 2019  Business 2 Community

That time of year is fast-approaching where everyone is motivated to reach their goals and start the new year off *fresh*. But when was the last time you ...

Kids plus horses — a winning combination  Manitoba Co-operator

With horses being social creatures just like humans, companionship is only one benefit that youth have experienced through involvement of first, a riding.

Are you spending too much time on your phone?  WKRC TV Cincinnati

THE CONVERSATION - We're squandering increasing amounts of time distracted by our phones. And that's taking a serious toll on our mental and physical ...

11 Goal-Setting Apps That Will Help Keep You On Track  Bustle

Alright, people. 2019 is right around the corner. You know what that means: time to set a bunch of goals none of us are ever going to keep. (Kidding.) If you want ...

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The blockchain. Automation. Artificial intelligence. Which of these areas should you study today to guarantee a job tomorrow? And what should you do if ...

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It's simply a given that leaders carefully set and monitor lofty goals, and it's an accepted trope of managerial culture that we encourage others to do the same—by ...

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The New Orleans Saints are having a special season and the numbers support it. A look at some of the most compelling statistics in the Saints' 11-2 start to the ...

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HAMILTON, N.Y. (COLGATE ATHLETICS) -. Chris Puzzi's 15th field goal of the season set off a Colgate Football celebration 15 years in the making.

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Not only is Ohio State University President Michael Drake getting a raise this year, he also will take home a rather sizable bonus check. The OSU Board of ...

How to Set Ambitious Goals to Realize Your Dreams  TIME

Learn how to set ambitious goals in order to realize all of your wildest dreams and become successful in the latest Do It Scared podcast.

16 Actions to Take to Achieve Any Goal  Entrepreneur

Goal setting is essential to living a life with purpose and meaning. Goals give our lives direction and focus, and help us stay motivated over the long term.

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