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Great Goals Make You Stretch!

I began enhancing my personal energy level three months shy of my 40th birthday and after 2 years of struggling with clinically-diagnosed depression. During this same period, I was challenged, immensely by the debilitating effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and being rendered permanently partially disabled as the result of being involved in two car accidents in six days (neither of which was I at fault). I recall an incredible sense of emptiness and a daunting feeling of being completely overwhelmed; especially when trying to figure out which pills went with what ills. Unable to return to the vocation I loved, I received disability payments and simply existed. Most of my time was spent in bed where I eventually became 48 pounds "over-fat." When dreams and reasons for living are wiped out by the greatest, of the least unexpected, most people priorities typically change. My priorities? Well, they just disappeared. I was defeated physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and knocking on "Financially's" door. Making the bed was not a priority; it simply went unmade. And when it came down to paying the bills, many went unpaid. One day I was moved enough to actually cultivate the emotion of being "fed up!" During this awakening, I made the decision to reclaim complete responsibility for my life. And I did.

Reach Your Goals - Goal-Pooling

Goal-pool with friends or acquaintances

Improve Your Self Confidence

Knowing yourself is the foundation of self-esteem, self confidence and personal development. Man has been seeking himself since the days of the Oracle of Delphi. "Know yourself" said the Oracle, but she spoke in riddles and the men who had come a long way to get a simple answer from her wise lips went away even more confused.

The Goal Setting Blueprint

Why is goal setting important? Because without goals you don't go anywhere!

Top 15 Goals Quotations

Examine your own personal goals and find methods to achieve your desires with these valuable quotations about setting goals...

Writing Goals Down Ties Them Up!

Writing goals describes the act of inscribing on a surface characters or shapes that convey thoughts and ideas in relation to that goal. Why is this mechanical act of writing goals so important in the achievement process?

Goal Objectives: Looking Ahead To Get Ahead With Planning

With goal objectives in mind, consider the organizers of a marathon race. They take time to mark out the course. The way is planned. Otherwise reaching the finish line would be a matter of chance depending on whether a runner just happened to be in the area to see it!

Achieving Goals: The Remaining 90% - Sheer Persistence

Achieving goals requires persistence. Here's the proof: In 1915 Ty Cobb set up an amazing baseball record of stealing 96 bases. Seven years later Max Carey set the second-best record with 51 stolen bases.

Intense Desire: Rocket Fuel When You Set Goals!

Have you set goals, personal or business, and failed to achieve them? Here is a crucial question: WHY?

To Reach Goals: Bypass Resistance & Gather Assistance

To reach goals, consider this illustration: If you see roadblocks up ahead on a journey you take a diversion. No one in their right mind would just drive on and hit the obstacle head on just hoping they get through!

Achieving Your Goals

-- The One Pager Shortcut Series --

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I wonder if anyone really reads long stuff from Ezines except for the juicy and interesting ones but I am one of those few who painstakingly reads almost all articles posted. And now I?ve a got a turn to write something here. I had it in my mind to write something short and interesting to keep you on your toes yet, no matter how I long to keep this short, I just can?t. Unless if I?ll state what I have to say in bullet form. So let me have my hand at keeping you entertained if not informed with this article.

Define Success

Have you ever asked yourself why you want to succeed online?

7 MUST-HAVE Conditions To Goal Setting

The three keys to living without limits have always been the same. They are clarity, competence, and concentration. Goal setting will help you live without limits. Learning how to set goals is an art. Learn why setting goals is a necessity. Here are 7 Must-have conditions to set goals.

How To Keep Your Resolutions and Reach Your Goals

Another year has flown by and here you are at the beginning of another year. This is a time when many people assess their life and make "new year resolutions" or set goals for the New Year. Sometimes they are the exact same resolutions as last year!! Did you make some of these?

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The Trick to Setting Running Goals You Can Actually Achieve  runnersworld.com

Running, for the most part, is all about goal-setting. You sign up for a race, target a finishing time, and train accordingly so that you can (ideally) achieve your ...

Stop Setting Goals—At Least Until You Read This  Forbes

For the sake of clarity, let's note that it is almost impossible to do anything without a goal or objective. Setting goals may not always be the best course of action.

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Level up your goal setting this season with this simple journaling exercise that will bring texture to your goals in the pool.

Chamber Minute: Why is goal setting so important?  Coos Bay World

Over 10 years ago, your chamber began doing its annual planning in a different way. We decided to ask each of our members for their opinion of our direction ...

Strategies to Stop Overthinking and Start Goal-Setting  Entrepreneur

You goal-setting plan starts with acknowledging your negative thinking.

New You 101: September Reset Becoming The Next Jan. 1 For Goal-Setting  CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The start of school and the post-Labor Day weekend can often feel like the beginning of a new year, even more than Jan. 1.

Intel, Adobe, IBM and others on the lifecycle of corporate sustainability goal-setting  GreenBiz

The fast-approaching 2020, focal point of countless corporate sustainability strategies, signals that we're almost officially a decade away from 2030, the ...

Goal Setting Software 2019 Global Market Share, Trends, Segmentation & Forecast To 2025  EIN News

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Amazon Co-founds The Climate Pledge, Setting Goal to Meet the Paris Agreement 10 Years Early  Yahoo Finance

Commits to net zero carbon by 2040 and 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Your End-Of-Year Goals: Five Tips For Maximizing Your ROI  Forbes

The last few months of the year are a great time to shake things up and elevate your game — to regroup, reassess and craft or recraft your work and life goals.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Setting realistic goals for each rookie  Hoops Habit

The Cleveland Cavaliers need each of their rookies to shine this season. Here are realistic goals for all three rookies on the roster.

September is the new January: Here's how to set and tackle big goals this fall  NBC News

The kids are heading back to school, the days are getting shorter, and soon the trees will shed their leaves, bringing a bite to our boot-clad step. It's not the end ...

Investopedia's 2019 Best Robo-Advisor Awards  Investopedia

Investopedia ranks the best robo-advisors, using the most detailed evaluation process in the industry, to help you find the right one for you.

The power of priorities: goal-setting in Finland and New Zealand  Global Government Forum

By rebuilding departments' work around a handful of core goals, governments can get civil servants working together across traditional boundaries. In Finland ...

Gardening and goal-setting: for now and for life | Family  NRToday.com

I've always been a New Year's Resolution sort of person, and I was fortunate enough to have a sister who loved planning and goal-setting as much as I did ...

Emerging Growth on Goal Setting Software Market 2019-2026: Leading Companies like Ultimate Software, Ceridian, Saba Software, SAP  Weekly Spy

A new informative report on the global Goal Setting Software market titled as, Goal Setting Software has recently published by Contrive Datum Insights to its ...

North By Northwest, a Subsidiary of OCS, Announces New “Goal Setting Bootcamp” – Helping Entrepreneurs & Professionals Set Bigger, Better and More Achievable Goals  The Chestnut Post

Learn how to set goals like a pro andd make them part of everyday life. Setting goals is a fundamental key to success in every arena. [PR.com]. Previous Post ...

Q&A: What is the U.N. climate change summit?  Los Angeles Times

Enough with the platitudes — it's time for world leaders to take concrete actions to avert a catastrophic heating of the planet. That's the message United Nations ...

Use The MAPS Method To Create Your Next Goal  Forbes

To achieve your financial goals, you need a measurable, actionable plan.

Head Start gives preschoolers a 'Head Start' | News  Lexington Clipper Herald

LEXINGTON — Head Start, a program of Community Action Partnership of Mid Nebraska (Mid), provides comprehensive services to children and families.

Redefine goals based on virtues to find joy | Health column  Bellevue Reporter

A monthly column about mindfulness and wellbeing.

How to step back and rethink your career goals  Financial Times

This is the ideal time of year to renew your focus on short and longer term objectives.

11 Elements to Be Mindful of When Setting Goals  Thrive Global

Goal-setting is one of the essential traits of successful leaders and careers. However, as there are so many different approaches and philosophies behind ...

Track Goals With Best Apps Ever: Pen And Paper  Investor's Business Daily

With dozens of goal-setting apps vying to help keep you on track, the best tools to track goals may actually predate the digital age: pen and paper.

Mason City leaders hold goal-setting meeting to plan for the future  KIMT 3

The city council along with the mayor and city administrator discussed goals that the city will pursue over the next few years.

New legislation would set goal for 100% renewable energy by 2050  WCTV

By: Mike Vasilida | Capitol News *Service* September 18, 2019. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Environmentalists in the state capitol are heralding a new day ...

Goal Setting For Retirement; A Glimpse At Stocks- WES, CBA, RFF  Kalkine Media

Retirement, a term which forces an individual to think about his/her financial security in future. Besides, planning for the retirement needs to start in the early ...

Setting Goals for the 2019-20 Milwaukee Bucks  Brew Hoop

It's not that goal setting is difficult for the Milwaukee Bucks, last year's Eastern Conference runner up. Typing out “To reach the NBA Finals” is easy enough for ...

A Simple Strategy to Achieve Big Goals  Thrive Global

Earlier this year I took one of my favorite hikes, the Manitou Springs Incline in Colorado. If you are familiar with the Manitou Springs Incline, it is a one-mile rise of ...

Concept plans completed for Westwood clubhouse  Newton Daily News

Concept plans for the Westwood Golf Course Clubhouse showcasing a 168-seat banquet hall and a 51-seat lounge were presented to the Newton Park Board ...

How to Set Relationship Goals | Victorious Living  Patheos

We were very lucky early in our marriage to be introduced to the value of goal setting. As simple (and to some, maybe cheesy) as it sounds, goal setting is ...

4 Tips to Reach Your Goals in College Football Team  Santa Clarita Valley Signal

The moment you find out you've made it onto the college football team might feel like the pinnacle of your lifetime achievements. And you have the right to feel ...

How to Make Sure Your Sales Team Meets Revenue Targets  Forbes

As a business, your main goal is to generate revenue, which is why you've likely set revenue targets for your sales team. Setting goals is a great way to ...

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When building a new business, you're under immense pressure. You have so much to do and expectations are high, both from yourself and from the people ...

3 Reasons Women Should Learn About (and Start!) Investing  StyleBlueprint

Here are the three most important reasons women should learn about and start investing.

Setting goals is a positive first step  The Durango Herald

“If you aim for nothing, you'll hit it every time.” This famous quote coined by Zig Ziglar was taken to heart by the city of Durango at its Aug. 20 board meeting (see ...

School year at BHS begins with goal setting day  News-shield

The 2019-20 school year at Barron High School begins Tuesday, Sept. 3, with the annual Goal Setting Day. This will not be a regular day of school. Students ...

GOP education candidates on schools  Thehour.com

The 2019 Republican candidates for the Norwalk Board of Education are a “team of individuals” — a combination of independent thinkers and team players who ...

New legislation would set goal for 100 percent renewable energy by 2050  WJHG-TV

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAPITOL NEWS *SERVICE*) - Environmentalists in the State Capitol are heralding a new day when it comes to discussing a changing ...

Virginia Governor Issues Executive Order for State's Renewable Energy Goal: 100% by 2050  TIME

(RICHMOND, Va.) — Gov. Ralph Northam has issued an executive order setting a goal for Virginia to produce 100% of its electricity from carbon-free sources by ...

Black Entrepreneurs Share Experience, Advice at Jack London Square Summit  Post News Group

Goal-setting has always been a part of Dwayne V. Davis' life. The businessman and youth mentor is launching a new company that he says will help people ...

Got a Big Goal? Sell Yourself an Hour Every Day  The Epoch Times

If you don't have the time to go after your dream, you probably aren't giving yourself the small pockets of time daily that will inch you towards it.

Matter of Principal: Goal planning tips for academic success  CW39 Houston

It's never too late to adapt the habits that will help you be successful in the classroom. Dr. Dameion Cook from Mickey Leland Prep Academy has some tips for ...

BOYS SOCCER: Setting the record straight: Amid program records, Silas Hess prioritizes team over stats  Bemidji Pioneer

The Bemidji High School senior surpassed a century of career points on Tuesday, Sept. 17 -- and Leo Spry's benchmark of 100 in the process -- to become the ...

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It can be really tough to be setting goals for your photographic work and then failing at the end of it. Mark Denney discusses his goals with us, and how the year ...

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Running a marathon is tough enough but you can achieve anything if you make a goal and keep working toward it. That's the philosophy you'll hear this ...

Invest in You: Resetting your 2019 goals - Bizwomen  The Business Journals

The 3 percent who set goals earned 10 times more than the other 97 percent combined.

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In a world where our bills are never going down, where our financial responsibilities are always on the high, it isn't surprising to see people struggle with saving ...

What Every Generation In Your Workforce Needs For Peak Performance  Forbes

Diversity across generations can be as powerful as diversity of background.

Chipping it close is all about crisp contact  Golf Digest

Stop it nearer the hole with crisper contact with this David Leadbetter tip.

Pathways Shelter Wins Permit | News  Rio Grande Sun

Española Pathways Shelter overcame a major barrier to becoming the first homeless shelter in the city's history Sept. 12, with the successful acquisition of a ...

Ex-NFL player Reggie Berry’s Goals For Life celebrates 30 Years of helping youngsters  Long Beach Press Telegram

A football player doing the same thing for 30 years isn't something that happens often, but Long Beach's Reggie Berry can make that claim. Berry, who played for ...

Overwhelmed? A Simple Strategy to Achieve Big Goals  Thrive Global

Earlier this year I took one of my favorite hikes, the Manitou Springs Incline in Colorado. If you are familiar with the Manitou Springs Incline, it is a one-mile rise of ...

Hey, EU, Don’t Make Climate Promises You Can’t Keep  Yahoo Finance

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Ursula von der Leyen, the new European Commission president, wants to make Europe the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050.

Moving from intention to action by setting clear sustainable packaging goals  Packaging Europe

Tristanne Davis, Senior Manager, Sustainable Packaging Coalition, looks at how setting corporate sustainability goals can help demonstrate your company's ...

7 Ways You Sabotage Your Goals (E20)  Guy Counseling

Do you sabotage your goals without knowing it? Here's 7 ways you might be doing this and how to work through. Plus, we also explore hypnotherapy and ...

Henderson's late magic strikes again as Abbey Roberts scores only goal in senior night win  The Gleaner

Henderson County brought back its late-game magic as Abbey Roberts scored the only goal of Thursday's 1-0 win over University Heights on senior night.

Shining Brightly: Highland Park, Theron Jones gain national recognition as Leader in Me Lighthouse Schools of Distinction  Texarkana Gazette

TEXARKANA, Texas — Highland Park Elementary and Theron Jones Early Literacy Center are among 300 schools nationwide named as Leader in Me ...

An easy five-step guide to building a financial plan  Washington Post

Setting financial goals can be one of the keys to a happy and successful life over the long term. It's always helpful to have a clear idea of what you're saving your ...

HYLETE's Charitable Outreach Aims To Support Female Student-Athletes  Advertising Specialty Institute

Solana Beach, CA-based apparel supplier HYLETE (asi/62076) has launched a new charitable initiative that's focused on supporting and empowering young ...

Goal Setting Software Industry: Global Market Size, Growth, Trends and 2025 Forecast Report  ScoopJunction

The Global Goal Setting Software Industry Report 2019 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Goal Setting Software Market.

Life Hacks to Make Remote Teams More Productive  Business.com

Use these tips and tools to create a productive and happy remote team.

HYLETE Partners with GRACEDBYGRIT foundation  Yahoo Finance

SOLANA BEACH, Calif., Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- HYLETE, the men's and women's fitness lifestyle brand, announced its partnership of the 501c(3) ...

Silver Creek Community Education plans personal growth opportunities | News, Sports, Jobs  Evening Observer

SILVER CREEK — The public is invited to develop their leadership, productivity, self care, and communication skills this fall via several unique courses being.

Fuller and Leno Jr. Visit Jordan Elementary Community School  Lawndale News

The Chicago Bears helped kick off Jordan Elementary' s school year and their community visits with the BAM students throughout the year. Kyle Fuller and ...

Businesses should abandon medium-term planning  Fast Company

It's important to execute on your day-to-day deliverables while working toward your long-term vision. But if you get too caught up in the medium-term, you might ...

Tips for getting your family organized this fall  Mountain Grove News Journal

(BPT) - Fall marks the beginning of a new school year and a perfect time to get you and your family organized. Use this *fresh* start as an opportunity to establish ...

How to become a professional footballer  Goal.com

Being a professional footballer is the dream job for many and it's easy to see why.

Many people want to set aside half of Earth as nature  National Geographic

Famed biologist E.O. Wilson has argued in recent years that humans should set aside half of Earth as nature, an ambitious proposition to stave off mass ...

Oracle’s ‘Pragmatic’ Approach To AI In Business Transactions  Forbes

By John Soat. SAN FRANCISCO—Guiding Oracle's development of its latest generation of cloud applications are three main business imperatives: help ...

Goal Setting Software Market 2019-2025 Study & Future Prospects Including key players Ultimate Software, Ceridian, Saba Software etc.  Tribune City

Industrial Growth Forecast Report Goal Setting Software Market 2019-2025: The Global Goal Setting Software Market Report provides Insightful information to ...

Pilot in the Spotlight: Roe notches first goal as a Pilot  The Beacon

Originally from Anthem, Arizona, freshman MJ Roe has found a second home in Portland, and more specifically on Merlo Field. Previously, Roe played on ...

Ariana Perez: Three years on, Annapolis student athletes continue to score goals toward personal growth  CapitalGazette.com

While participating in sports, individuals build character, learn strategic and analytical thinking, boost leadership skills and develop an understanding of the ...

Skydiver to land on football field | People  Cody Enterprise

A few Cody High School students are bringing in a motivational speaker to the school to show their community support and raise awareness for a youth group.

Outer Banks Jeep Jam  The Outer Banks Voice

September 27 – 29 | The Soundside Event Site 6800 South Croatan Hwy., Nags Head, NC 27959. KDH Outer Banks Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, Goin' Coastal ...

Going to the Gym Sucks. How Do I Do It Anyway?  VICE

Staying motivated to take care of yourself feels like a lot of work; how is everyone going to the gym every day of every week of every year?

The Quantified Country  SupChina

China is the quantified country. It has long constructed metrics and set targets, tying numbers into both the engineering of policy and the governance of ...

How States Forget that Branding Affects the Development of the State in the Field of Tourism.  International Policy Digest

In the context of global competition, not just companies but entire countries have become brands and are busy building their image on the international stage.

How to Promote Healthy Competition and More Of Your Questions Answered  INSTORE MAG

How can I promote competition among staff without it turning my store into the setting for Lord Of The Flies? The key to fostering healthy competition, according to ...

Why self-paced learning is critical to your L&D strategy  TrainingZone.co.uk

As working patterns become more flexible, so too should our approach to L&D. Offering employees the opportunity to go at their own pace can reap substantial ...

Hattiesburg has five “B” rated schools for first time ever  HubcitySPOKES.com

The Hattiesburg Public School District is excited to have five of the district schools receive a “B” rating in this year's Mississippi Statewide Accountability System.

UNDP launches standards to guide private sector in achieving SDGs  UNDP

UNDP today released for comment and consultation a new set of standards to guide private fund managers toward investments that advance the Sustainable ...

UNDP Invites Comments on Standards for Private Equity SDG Investment | News  IISD Reporting Services

4 September 2019: The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has released a proposed set of standards to guide private fund managers towards investments ...

Sustainable Brands Community Explores Next-Generation Goals, Impact Metrics and Reporting Methods  GlobeNewswire

Nasdaq, Moody's, Vanguard, CDP and others to educate on latest advances in goal-setting for sustainability at New Metrics '19.

Creating a Unique Employee Experience Is Vital for Successful Business Transformations | Here's Infiniti's Take on Why EX Is the 'New Normal' for Corporates  Olean Times Herald

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 19, 2019--. Infiniti Research, a leading market intelligence solutions provider, has announced the launch of their latest article ...

Global Goal Setting Software Market, Top key players are Ultimate Software, Ceridian, Saba Software, SAP, SumTotal Systems, IBM, Workday, Cornerstone OnDemand, Symphony Talent, Oracle, Adaptive, Jedox, Axiom Software, Anaplan, Sage, ClearCompany, Bridge, Infor  Market Research Gazette

Global Goal Setting Software Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2025. In 2018, the global Goal Setting Software market size was xx million US$ and it is ...

3 Absolute Musts To Be Successful At Goal-Setting  Forbes

What I've learned in 10 years of developing a more effective goals process is that there are just a few key factors to successful goal-setting. Unfortunately, they ...

20 Under 40: Alyssia Oshodi  Evansville Courier & Press

Alyssia Oshodi is a member of the 2019 Tri-State Business Journal's 20 Under 40.

HS Field Hockey: Slow start nags Boiling Springs, but Genna Bush's goal proves the difference against Big Spring  The Sentinel

BOILING SPRINGS — Urgency. It's the word Boiling Springs' head field hockey coach Kortney Showers preached to her team Thursday afternoon shortly before ...

How Important Is Goal Setting In Growing Rich?  Forbes

Can people only become rich if they set themselves the specific goal of becoming rich? Or is wealth frequently little more than the byproduct of entrepreneurial ...

Inside Penn State football's game defining goal line stand  The Daily Collegian Online

Beaver Stadium was a wall of noise. Nearly every one of the 108,000 fans were on their feet as Pitt lined up at the Penn State 30-yard line with 6:24 left in the ...

How to use the goal-setting process to achieve great performance  The Business Journals

The goal-setting process is a means to an end — great performance.

Goal Setting: MIT Study Challenges Ideas On How To Set Goals At Work  Forbes

How to set goals: New MIT research says that old goal setting models don't work, but this scientific method does.

What a Community in the Heartland Can Teach Us About Resistance Management  Entomology Today

At the 2019 Science Policy Tour on collaborative approaches to resistance management, the Weed Science Society of America partnered with Entomological ...

2019 Global Goal Setting Software Market Size Growth 2024 Forecast Research Report  ScoopJunction

ORBIS RESEARCH has recently announced “Global Goal Setting Software Market” report with all the critical analysis on current state of industry, demand for ...

Well #4 addressed once again  Swnews4u

Troubles with Well #4, the officer liaison program and a possible new business on Lincoln Avenue were all a part of the discussions by the Fennimore City ...

Conway delivers lone goal to lift Chesterton  nwitimes.com

CHESTERTON — Seth Conway and his Chesterton soccer teammates have been looking forward to Wednesday night's game against Crown Point since the ...

College Raises Record $106 Million in FY19, Completes Game Changers  The Davidsonian

Due to Davidson's commitment to fully meet the needs of students, donations and fundraising are absolutely critical to the daily functions of the college; ...

How to Invest in Stocks for Beginners: 8 Steps  Yahoo Finance

You don't have to be rich to learn how to invest in stocks. Only 55% of Americans invest in the stock market in 2019. Of those who invest, some people enlist the ...

There's goal setters, and then there's sensible people  The Age

Goal setters are never happier than when in a tunnel where they can only go straight ahead. But life isn't as static and predictable as a tunnel.

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