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Want to Learn Something New Today?

How many times do you say, "Gee, I wish I had of learned...?" How often do you avoid new tasks simply because they are out of your "comfort zone" and the task would involve having to learn something new?

The Power of Why: Setting Intention-Oriented Goals

Everyone ? particularly business coaches like me - talks about goal-setting, and so it is surprising that surveys indicate 97 percent of businesspeople do not set them. Of the people who do set them, 97 percent set reactive goals, 2 percent set proactive goals and 1 percent set intention-oriented goals. Guess which ones create the biggest results?

Got Goals? Did You Reach Them?

Most of us have goals.

Everyone Needs a BAG (Big Audacious Goal)

A Big Audacious Goal (BAG) is a clear and compelling catalyst that serves as a focal point for effort. Unlike smaller goals, the BAG is something that is huge. It is challenging and in some ways seems impossible - but a BAG is also inspiring, compelling, and motivating.

Successful Goal Setting and Achievement

The first step to success, of course, is to set a goal. You can't get anywhere if you're not heading in that direction. Intention is essential.

Five Steps to Goal-Setting

What would you like to achieve in your lifetime?

How to Turn New Years Resolutions into New Year?s Results

Are you ready to learn how to finally turn your New Year?s resolutions into New Year?s results? The key word here is ?new?, because you want to create ?new? results. You must analyze your old year that has passed and your future, which means do not think ?re-run/replay? instead think about forging forward into the New Year. In order to create ?New Year? results, you must decide to analyze, develop and implement new action steps.

Achieving Elusive Goals

Everyone has something in their life that they would like to change. Some really big goals include overcoming addiction, achieving and sustaining weight loss, attaining inner peace, manifesting health, or becoming more successful. We are born to continuously expand our abilities. The beginning of most goals are exciting. Visions of triumph flourish in the minds of those starting a path of change. Each new day brings energy to chase down the most elusive of goals. But what if you?ve been working on manifesting the same dream for years? And one day, despite your optimism, despite the effort of applying the tools of empowerment, you realize that you have not acquired the goal which you set for yourself.

Writing a Mission and Vision Statement

Last year, I attended a seminar where the attendees were asked to define their personal mission or purpose in one sentence. Out of about a group of about three hundred people, fewer than a dozen were able to articulate a mission statement.

Jules Obtains the Jewels

Jules Asner, the current cohost of E! News Daily, along with Steve Kmetko, had a golden opportunity to be the first one to host E!?s ?Wild On? adventure series. The series was originally titled ?Sex on the Riviera.? When Eleanor Mondale left the show, Jules filled in and ended up hosting ?Wild On? for a year and a half. The ?Wild On? series takes viewers around the world and shows them that there are OTHER extremely wild people besides Americans doing extremely wild stuff. Yes, Brooke Burke DID have a predecessor. Although in an interview, Jules mentioned that she was reluctant to host the ?Wild On? adventure series. She wasn?t sure if she wanted to put herself through the dangerous demands of para-sailing, for instance. By the way, her para-sailing adventure was one of her scariest moments. Apparently, Jules was terrified, and rightly so, when the wind kicked up more than usual and Jules was drifting in the air more than what was planned. It also didn?t help matters that the producers took their time bringing her down. Physically, she ended up fine, but her anxiety was obvious because of the expletives were bleeped out and by watching what she was experiencing.

A New Conversation About Dreams - Integrity: The Key to Getting What You Want

The most critical attribute for realizing our dreams is integrity. In a conversation about dreams, integrity is essential and can be summarized this way: Say what you mean and mean what you say. Honor your word and agreements and you will be living with integrity, where dreams really do come true.

Goals - If You Don?t Know What You Want, Then How Are You Going to Get It?

Recently, I spoke with a client who wanted me to do a workshop at an upcoming conference. I offer a number of different talks, so I asked her what the focus of the meeting was in order to be able to suggest a relevant topic. She said that although the committee members had already picked several programs, they had not yet identified a focus for the conference. My first thought in response to this was, ?If you don?t know what you want, then how are you going to get it?? However, I am savvy enough not to insult people, so we spoke a little longer and we came up with a program that she wanted me to present.

Setting Goals ? Things to Think About

We hear a lot about the steps we should take to achieve our goals, however unless we take the first steps to realistically consider who and what we are right now ? our capabilities and interests ? and think logically about what we?d like to accomplish, our chances of achieving our ?goal? are slim to none. Here are a few things to think about when you?re trying to decide what you?d like to do.

Setting Goals for Success

?In any and every given moment of your life, you are either in command of yourself? or you are being commanded.?

Do Your Goals Match Your Passions?

Making sure our goals are properly aligned with our passions only makes sense. If you have the wish to move up the corporate ladder, start your own business, or just about any other worthwhile endeavor you're going to make things a lot easier on yourself if you're working on things that get you personally excited and make you feel alive when you're working on them (i.e. following your passions).

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