Willpower: Who Needs It? Not Me

What is this mysterious creature, this intangible element, this phantom that we seek for so hard, yet can often never find, or keep control of? This thing called 'willpower' and who really needs it anyway?

For me, I know it. I admit it. I am weak.

Yep. Weak.

I have the willpower of a 6-week old puppy.

But I have come to realize that I don't really need willpower, at least not for most 'avoidance' issues.

How's that?

First, I know I am weak, or at least that I have my weaknesses.

This is a key element. Know your weaknesses, and admit to them. Denial is another issue altogether.

Willpower will only take you so far, and yes, you may actually need it, but how do you succeed when you know your willpower, frankly, is more like will-weakness?

First off, this technique works best for 'not doing' though you can rearrange it at times to work for you in the 'doing' areas of your self-improvement and goal oriented areas of your life and work.

Since I know I am weak, or lack willpower in certain areas, the thing I practice is simple: avoidance.

That's right. Simple, isn't it? Too simple, you say?

Maybe not.

When you know you are prone to giving-in in certain situations, then the best 'willpower' tactic that takes zero willpower is avoidance.

Stay away from situations (and people) that put you in a position that brings out your weaknesses.

If you are trying to stop smoking, you should visit the smoking area at work? sit in the smoking areas at restaurants? drink coffee on your break with 'the smokers'?


Stay away. Remove the temptation, or at least reduce it by not putting yourself into situations or being around those people who tempt you.

If you're on a diet, would you go to the all-you-can-eat buffet? Well, depends on the diet I guess, but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't.

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