Where Will You Be July 1st, 2006?

So, a New Year has snuck up on you again and boy, you have a lot of things to do, eh? Welcome to the club, we all do. But oh no, you have way more, right? You have to start working on your business more so you can finally leave that job you are bored to tears with. You have to start saving at least $400 a month for a little cushion in the bank?that $67.02 is looking kind of lonely in your savings. You have to start getting fit, because you gained some extra 'holiday weight'. You have to start reading more, oh yeah can't forget, spend time with family and friends?the list goes on. I'm tired just thinking about your list, you sure have a lot to do!

Sometimes we like to create these enormous tasks list of things we need to accomplish in our busy lives. Over ambitious or unrealistic at times? Maybe... But it's a good start to at least have a list.

For all of you New Year's Resolution makers out there...WATCH OUT NOW! Don't make a promise you can't keep! A recent survey finds that only 9% of Americans are serious about achieving their goals. 51% don't have New Year's Resolutions and of those who do, 79% don't have a plan to achieve them.

What I've learned about goal setting is that it's best to work with the end in mind. If you can visualize what your life will look like, feel like, sound like, and hey, even smell like on July 1st, 2006, then we're getting somewhere. I smell lobster dripping in butter and I hear the waves of the ocean crashing against the rocks. Oh, I'm on vacation in St. Thomas, don't be jealous. LOL And I have a strong team holding down the fort, my business will be running just fine without me on my one-month break. Where will you be?

If you can see how much money you have in your bank account, what kind of free time you'll have, what people are in your life and in some cases?not in your life on July 1st 2006, then we are making major leaps and bounds. Are you with me? ~Nod politely.~ You have to see it first, then work on making it a reality.

Painting that vivid picture, making that dream transform into your current situation will get your taste buds wet. The mind is an amazing thing?you can pump yourself up by just closing your eyes and thinking. But the fun part is TAKING ACTION!

All the dreaming in the world will do you no good, because when you open your eyes, you'll still be looking at your long list of things to do and plucking lint out of your pockets. You'll just be a talker and not a doer. Talk is cheap, baby?I say it all the time! TAKE ACTION? Sounds easy enough, but I've been working with entrepreneurs for 10 years now and I've seen many businesses come and go?you have to have staying power, you have to really work on your dream. "Get cracking!" is what I always say. They don't call me Sergeant Simi for nothin'. I work with various clients and help hold them accountable. I'll brainstorm with them, strategize for them, and help them plan out their goals and stay focused.

I have a coach and advisors that hold ME accountable, they know what's on my to do list and check in with me to make sure I DO IT! Who's going to be on your team? Think about it and ask for help. Support is an integral part of the process In achieving goals.

Enough of my chatter?let's get STARTED RIGHT NOW. Put your helmets on and get ready to jump in my Time Machine into the future!

Get a notepad and spend at least a good 30 minutes on the following exercises. Let your creativity flow and don't be afraid to dream big!

JULY 2005

JULY 2006

1. "It's July 1st, 2006 and I've accomplished even more than I could imagine, personally and professional. Can you believe that I?." Finish this sentence with a short story of a few paragraphs. Write it as if it already happened. This will be your inspiration when you feel like giving up.

2. Now that you've painted the picture that took you into the future, close your eyes and think about how happy you'll feel, how accomplished you will be. Remember how you got to where you are. It didn't happen over-night. Think about some of the goals that you need to accomplish before you get to FEB 1ST 2006.







IN 24 HOURS of reading this:

What can you do by tomorrow to take that first baby step into realizing your goal? Baby steps are quite amazing, even if it's something that takes you 15 minutes to do, make the cause and you'll gain the effect that you want!

Let's Review:

1. Begin with the end in mind. Make the dream your reality. Positive visualization is a powerful tool?writing it down just adds the icing to the cake.

2. Get an accountability partner. A friend, a spouse, a business coach or consultant, etc?This person should check in with you each day or week to give you support. They should know all of your goals and you can possibly help them as well.

3. Break it into Baby Steps!

List your goals by working backwards?

6 months
3 months
1 month
1 week
24 hour turnaround.

Do you know where you will be July 1st, 2006? Take ACTION to make it happen!

Good luck with taking ACTION and let me know if this exercise helped you in any way.

Simone Kelly is CEO and founder of Gots To Have It, Marketing, a firm that specializes in marketing and empowering entrepreneurs with a series of workshops and networking events. Please view her company web sites here: http://www.gotstohaveit.com and http://www.giventakenetwork.org

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