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Top 10 Ways to Ensure New Years Resolution Success

Did you know that fewer than 10% of people who set New Year's Resolutions actually achieve them? How can you ensure YOUR success? Try using the Top 10 Tips below.

Forget New Years Resolutions -- They Dont Work

You can forget about making New Year?s Resolutions if you?re hoping for a successful outcome. Most aren?t worth the paper they?re written on.

Just Do It! Write Down Some Goals and Start Achieving!

You have a choice it would seem ? you can float along on the river of the life, don?t worry about where it takes you and maybe disappear over a waterfall or go with the flow but steer your way towards your objective.

Time for a Change

As 2005 approaches, many of us are thinking about change. Many of us are setting goals, and making promises to ourselves and to those we love. We may vow to do everything different?better?next year. We set lofty expectations to lose weight, learn a 2nd or 3rd language, never yell at our kids again, or give up our vices completely. And as the calendar closes out one year in favor of another, the timing seems just perfect to make those changes. But are we really, really ready? Attempting to change before we have made a fully educated CHOICE to commit to the process may be our first (and biggest) New Year?s mistake.

The Top 10 Steps to Set and Achieve Your Goals - Every Time!

It?s been said that everyone has goals, whether we know it or not. We have goals to keep our current job, or to get a different one. We have goals to save for the future, or to travel, take a vacation, or purchase the things we need and want to make our lives more enjoyable. An important distinction, however, is that top achievers are very intentional and focused on their goals, while many of the rest of us are not.

Living The Real Life Beyond Goal Setting

In many of his wonderful talks the motivational speaker Zig Ziglar states ?you?ve got to have goals.? Have you ever asked yourself why?

Goalsetting: Must We?

All goals take time to accomplish. But most people are impatient. All really worthwhile objectives involve work, and sacrifice, maybe even pain! But most people HATE pain. Therefore, most people don?t have any system at all for setting targets.

Simple Ways to Super-Charge Your Goals and Make Them Work!

Goals. Most people have a love-hate relationship with goals. They love them because they are such a great idea and a wonderful way to motivate us to achieve, as well as evaluate our progress, but hate them because for many, they more often than not go unattained and simply frustrate them. This isn't what goals should do!

Halftime: Re-evaluating Yearly Goals

Note: This article was originally written at mid year so it is good reminder around June but the principles are applicable anytime.

Achieving Success Through Effective Goal Setting

It is important to have goals because they are good for your physical and mental health. You can have goals for all areas of your life. Here are a few ideas: Career, Learning, Clubs, Money, Community, Politics, Contribution, Professional, Emotional, Reading, Family, Relationships, Health, Service, Home, Spiritual Interests, Travel.

The Twin Actions of Accomplishment

When it comes to achieving accomplishments there are two foundational actions that must take place. When these two actions take place, and take place in the right order, you will become unstoppable. You will also enter into an elite group of people who actually do both.

Give Bad Habits the Boot!

Everybody has bad habits. Everybody. Now granted, some people have less than others and some people's bad habits are more grating than those of others, but we all have them. What is great is that we don't have to!

One Life to Live

Nothing stops us. Well, almost nothing. Although we do live in a world that whirls at breakneck speed, there are a few things that will stop us in our tracks. When tragedy strikes, our attentions are diverted from our normal hustle and bustle to the turmoil at hand. The perfect example of this is, of course, the world?s reaction to the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States and the events following it.

Establishing Dreams and Goals

(Excerpted from Week Six of the Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan)


To have a goal is like having a road map. It shows you where to go, and where not to go. Would you begin a trip to an unknown city without first looking at a map? Probably not.

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