Our world of Credit Cards! Which One Is Right For You.

Mike Yeager

There are not many of us who do not have a credit card these days. But, not all of us are as wise in the area of understanding how they work and how they make money. There are many types available to the young and old. Student credit cards even begin to get teenagers into the world of credit cards. Secured credit cards, cards that usually cant be written off, are even misleading in their name. So, what does that discover credit card in your wallet actually do for you

Even young adults are being lured into the world of credit cards. Student credit cards are widely available. Some link the parent to the card, others are geared towards college students who most of the time dont even have jobs to pay for them. They seem like a great way to pay for college expenses, but the fees can be outrageous.

A big trap is secured credit cards. While there are always options out there that are legit, there are many others that are not. Often times, people with little or no credit or even bad credit can get a secured credit card. These are credit cards that are linked to savings accounts which require a minimum balance to be kept. While this seems easy enough, if you default on it, they can claim their money through that savings account. Another aspect of these types of credit cards are the fees associated with them. They often require set up fees, sometimes in the hundreds of dollars. They may have monthly and yearly fees as well. They may seem like a great way to establish or reestablish credit, but you will need to read the fine print for the secured credit card.

The goal of any credit card company is to make money. They do this by charging you an interest rate. The rate varies greatly from one company to the next depending on your credit status and credit history. But, your goal is to find the low interest credit cards. Many times, if you are in good standing with a credit card company, you can call them and request that they consider you for an interest rate cut.

Next to paying off your entire credit card bill each month, finding the lowest rates is often very important in order to save money. With the Internet as a tool, you can search for different types of credit cards and learn which companies offer the lowest rates. Many companies are equipped to take and accept credit card applications online within minutes. But, be wise and read the fine print to avoid falling into traps and outrageous fees.

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