Seatbelts: a Life Saver or a Taker

Paul Hood

Seatbelts definitely save lives. Some of them have a locking feature which is truly amazing because you can pull it out all the way and let it pull back. You can also lock it and itíll not slide out until its been pulled back all the way again. When youíre on a spirited drive, its good to have something to hold you into your seat as you take a tight turn at speed. Also, if you spend time cruising down the middle of the road, itís better to have at least one seatbelt to comfort you.

When seatbelts were made mandatory, some people complained that its use increased the chances that youd get hurt. As they said, when there would be a fire, you wont get out in time. Others claimed that wearing seatbelts increased pedestrian fatalities because it made overconfident drivers to go faster. They really hated to wear them and only did it when the fines were large and frequent enough. Aside from being fined, drivers and passengers caught without seatbelts could also lose out in court in accident scenarios.

Take into account the result of every investigation after an accident, especially the severe ones Ė we can see that the wearing of the seatbelt is always an issue. In fact, the accident investigators could tell whether a certain individual was wearing a seatbelt or not based from the blood scatters and impact marks inside the vehicle. At any reasonable speed, its simply not possible to hold on and resist the force of the impact. Itís expected that the head makes a very distinctive pattern when it strikes the windshield.

After all, to wear seatbelts or not is still left for you to decide on. But, you must remember that there are consequences to those people who donít want to wear them. Always keep in mind that a driver who wears a seat belt is held in place and can continue to control their vehicle after the initial impact. A belted passenger, on the other hand, will not be thrown into the path of otherwise uninvolved cars. With this, the chances of injury are relatively small when youíre using a seatbelt. That, combined with the privilege to operate a motor vehicle on a public road, makes it understandable for the government to require the use of safe and legally sound seatbelts.

Indeed, a seatbelt is such a small thing. And, itís quite overwhelming because of the fact that it can definitely save your life in an accident. However, almost everyone agrees that seatbelts can save lives but still many people dont bother to use them, especially those in the back seat.

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