Gathering The Required Data For Your Personal Injury Case

Blur Lorena

You must be prepared before speaking with any of the insurance company’s representatives. Collect all important documents and evidences, including the photographs, police and medical reports, and statements of your witnesses. Take notes of important details and review the policies given by the company. Do not say anything that will cause your claim to be denied. Examine every photograph; they might see an angle that may be turned against you.

Return to the scene or the place where the accident happened. You might find more evidence. Photograph anything that will help you win your case. Capture every angle. This will not only provide you evidence, it will also help you remember events or things. Look for physical evidence that will prove the extent of injury or will oppose the description of the event, like a piece of wood or nails. Do not move the object so as to preserve it. If it cannot be preserved, take pictures of it.

In taking a photograph, use a camera that will provide you detailed and accurate photos. Take photos immediately. Ask somebody to stand as a witness and instruct him to take note. Take several pictures so that you can have the best photos to show the insurance company as a proof of your claim. Have it printed as soon as possible. Ask for a receipt; make sure that it has a date on it.

If you are injured, go to the doctor or other medical provider immediately. A delay will cause for the company to question your injuries. Ask your doctor to photograph any marks or bruise, these wounds will heal soon. Have a copy of your medical report. Detail your injuries and how it affected your everyday living. Take note of things you might remember that you have not thought of before. All these notes will serve as evidences you can include in your demand for settlements. In taking notes, do not forget to include the date and time and the name of the persons who provided you with information.

Look for witnesses, record their statement. List their names and other personal information. You might find reliable witnesses that will back you up. Ask for their numbers so you can contact them anytime. They might be able to tell the exact story. You might also get significant information that you failed to record.

Let the insurance company know that you are prepared. Review all these evidences as well as the company policy.

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