Achieve Your Desires By Scoring Goals

Do you have a desire? Silly question I know because everybody has desires, just not the same ones. Of course there are many that most of us share like those old clichés of health, wealth, and happiness. But there are some that are exclusive to a certain group of people. For example; a musician may desire to play at the Albert Hall but have no interest in constructing his own website. But enough rambling, it's time I got to the point.

Ask any successful person how they achieved their success and the answer will invariably be along the lines of first identifying the desire, and then achieving that desire by breaking it down into a sequence of smaller steps to be accomplished along the way. Only when these smaller steps have been identified and mapped out can the journey of achievement truly begin.

Sometimes the desire can seem monumental, perhaps even appearing unattainable. But just as conquering the highest peaks, or running a marathon begins with the first step and is followed by the second step, so too does the achievement of desire. If you can visualize the outcome, you can plan a strategy to achieve it. The strategy may have to be adapted along the way, but without it you achieve little.

The secret of achieving your desires then is to identify the steps you need to take - these are your goals and you should write them down. Sort them into long term goals and short term goals, like tasks you can achieve today, within the next week, this month, this year, and so on. Then work on what you can do now to accomplish one of these goals. When it is done you can tick it off the list and move on towards achieving your desire. Take a little time to congratulate yourself too because you just scored a goal!

Tony Williams is a musician, writer, and self-confessed eBay fanatic. Follow his quest for ways of making and saving money online at

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