Why You Never Have To Pay Retail Prices For Anything - Ever Again

Tukshad Engineer

I step into my local mall, and into a leading top brand clothes store. I see a jumper I like and while feeling the soft material casually lift up the price tag - and I almost feint with disbelief. How much Thats more than I make in 2 days! I quickly stop caressing the fabric and head toward Big Als Unbranded Clothes Discount Centre for a sweater within my budget range which unfortunately will no doubt look as if it were knitted by my 5 year old Niece.

Sounds familiar Well it really need not be this way. It actually amazes me how many people do not use wholesalers and government auctions to save money on just about anything they could ever wish to purchase. Its possible to get regular discounts of 50% and more on top brand items just by knowing WHERE to shop.

Let us begin by looking at Government Auctions. While this article will focus on the USA and UK its worth noting that government auctions are held in many other countries too. A government auction is held to auction off various items often at rock bottom prices that the government has legal ownership of. The type of items auctioned by various government agencies include vehicles, electronics, real estate, computers, jewellery and a lot more.

In the UK, the types of government agencies that will offer up bargain goods and properties include the police and C&E - there are also private liquidations due to corporate bankruptcies. Many hundreds of auctions are held yearly and there are scores of bargains to be had in most of them. Its not unusual to pickup a brand new widescreen TV at £30 or top spec PCs and laptops from a mere £200. Its possible to learn more here:


In the USA there are also similar bargains to be had, and the government agencies often auction off cheap land and properties in addition to the usual range of electronics, vehicles and household goods. Just some of the bargains in recent times include assorted jewellery $600 in value being sold for just $20 and an actual house being sold at 50% below its market value. More information on government auctions in the USA is available here:


So are there any catches Surely not anyone can just turn up and help themselves to all the bargains that they can carry home Well actually, thats just the way it is. Anyone can attend, you just need to know where and these auctions take place.

Not a lot of people realise it, but its also possible to pick up massive wholesale bargains, just by ordering goods from a good wholesaler. There is a lot of apprehension with a lot of people when it comes to buying from wholesalers - many people are afraid that they will get turned away, that wholesalers will only sell to huge retail stores with many thousands of dollars to spend. While some wholesalers do have minimum orders, many do not at all and will gladly accept orders from you and me. You can check out some really good wholesalers here:

UK http://www.global-ebooks.com/UKWHOLESALEPAGES.htm

USA http://www.global-ebooks.com/US_WHOLESALE_PAGES.htm

So there you have it - a way to save a lot of money on just about anything that you want to buy. The best thing is that you can just as easily use this information to actually make money. How eBay is the worlds biggest auction site by far, enjoying billions of page impressions per month and this number is growing!. People will buy and sell almost anything on eBay, and some sellers have actually made selling on eBay their full time jobs. Many of them use the government and wholesale sources to buy stock cheap before reselling on eBay at good profit margins.

Whether youre looking to save money or make money on top brand goods, wholesalers and government auctions are the way forward. Find out a list of auctions and wholesalers that you can visit and then just DO IT! You may well be pleasantly surprised with what you come home with.

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