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3 Ways to Change Roadblocks into Valuable Tools

Our initial reaction when hitting a setback or a "roadblock, whether it be during an important project or even just trying to finish a task, is usually one of frustration or the thoughts of ?Why does this always happen to me?? or ?why doesn?t anything ever work for me??. Roadblocks can be valuable though. Here?s how:

How Our Thoughts Create Mental Bugs

Our thoughts define who we are. They can make us instantly resourceful or plunge us into the depths of despair. This true story illustrates how thoughts can affect our health and our circumstances.

How To Have An Excellent Personality

The way to define your personality is to refine your thoughts.

Success, the Only Option

One often hears people say they can't sketch because they don't have 'the talent' even to draw a straight line. When was it somebody told you "Oh, I can't play the piano; I'm such a klutz!"?

Success or Failure: How to Cope With Failure

There is no such thing as failure ? only feedback ? we can learn from our failures. Do not let apparent failures beat you up, learn from them. As humans, we tend to be harder on ourselves than others are. A small child learning to walk never fails to get up and try and try and try until success is achieved. It is the same in life; every failure is a step closer to success.

Mind Games!

Have you ever been caught up in a thought that will not let you out? Escape is not an option. What was a simple drip in your pool of thoughts, quickly turned into an ocean of tidal waves rolling into each, over and over again.This is what it feels like to not have positive control over your mind.

Does Life Really Stink?

One of my class fellows was really tensed, when asked the reason, he was really tensed over his future. It is a true fact that most of us despite a very good education remain uncertain of our future. Especially in a country like Pakistan where there is no job security whatsoever it may be, people are disillusioned. What we look for in a life? Financial security, professional stability, a good family life and for people of substance, peace of mind (certainly not supposed to be read as a piece of mind). All of us have our insecurities and in majority of cases, we spend our entire life dealing with our insecurities. Some would spend their entire life looking for love without knowing what it really is. Some of us spend their entire life just to earn money for at least two generations, we revert to God. However, majority of us live, rather they are forced to live a life without any direction totally aimless life where they accept whatever comes their way and are least concerned about living a better life. And probably that is why very few people would come up with a proper answer to the question. We hardly ever have time or energy to think about some thing as fickle as life. In fact we give in ourselves to our fate to such an extent that we refuse to bring any change in our life even if is well within our control. Its not that we cannot do anything to come out of the mess. It?s just that we don?t want to.

Your Dominant Thoughts - How to Take Advantage of Them

Self belief is a wonderful thing.

Finding Meaning in Life: Three Steps

So how do we find meaning? The first step is through personal experiences ? experiences through something to which we are familiar and through someone we value. Develop your appreciation of beauty ? that is heightening your sensitivity to beauty such as in great art or wonders in nature. The most important of all these type of experiences is the love we feel toward each other. To love another and to demonstrate this to such an extent as to allow your beloved to develop ? and by doing this we will find that we develop meaning ourselves. Love is the highest purpose to which we can aspire.



How To Reduce Anxiety When Affirmations Dont Work

Have you ever read that you should think positively when you are feeling anxious?

Gain Confidence By Avoiding The Trap Past Experiences Can Give You In Life

One of the biggest potential problems we face with every action we take are our past experiences. In fact, as humans the only reference we have whenever we take some kind of action are our past experiences. There is nothing else we can go by for an indication of expected results.

Personal Assignments for Great Self-Esteem

Do you wish you had high self-confidence? Some of us go through our life fighting against that feeling that we are just ?not good enough?. We convince ourselves that we don?t matter and that we don?t deserve to amount to anything?..but what price do we pay? The fact is that many people are lacking is self-esteem, yet feel powerless to do anything about it. Poor self esteem needs to be addressed with a vengeance; it affects your emotional and physical wellbeing and really reduces the quality of your life. So it?s time to take action and raise the bar right now. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Mastering Your Moods: How To Take Charge Of Your Feelings

John Ryder awakens feeling rested, refreshed, and sensing a calm vibrancy surging all through him. Hopping eagerly out of bed, he showers, dresses, and with a gleam and sparkle in his eye, goes downstairs to his kitchen and puts on some coffee.

Balanced Living: 18 Steps

A balanced life not only leaves you feeling more fulfilled; you will become healthier in body as well as mind. Ponder on each step below. One per day is the ideal. If you rush then you are failing before you begin. Taking your time over anything is the first positive step to a sustainable success in all things. Anything worthwhile ? they say ? is worth waiting for. Today we cannot wait for anything ? allow your self the luxury of slowing down and discover you will actually achieve more.

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