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Overcoming Seductive Sadness

Unhappy moods can be like comfortable sweaters, those old ones: familiar, worn and with the right kind of smell. When we're in a sad place, or actually with any dissatisfied feelings, we want that comfy sweater. We actually can feel really safe wearing it. It's dark and cozy. Choosing to feel the full feeling of those emotions are powerful. In some way wrapping that sweater tight, we are powerful.

Give Your Attitude A Little Altitude

Need a way to make your life a better place to live?


When you look at your future in terms of your business and/or professional career, do you see unlimited potential or do you see a lack of opportunities? Recently, many of my clients have asked me how I remain so upbeat and optimistic about the future. They cite the predictions that claim there won?t be enough jobs, or that companies don?t have the money to invest in their employees as good reasons to be cynical and pessimistic.

Top Three Secrets To Becoming A Better Thinker

We all know there are ways to become a better thinker. We should read more books. We ought to go to lectures and concerts. We need to visit exhibits and appreciate art. We can take classes and expand our horizons through travel.

Feelings and Attitudes

Are feelings and attitudes the same thing or different? Does one cause the other to happen? Which one has more power over how we respond? Does the person experiencing them have any choice in the matter? What if they are in conflict?

Affirmations to the Rescue!


3 Little Words Equal More Power To You!

Life shouldn't be so complicated. Have you ever wondered why it is? Have you ever thought; "why can't I figure this out?" Have you ever said; "I don't have an attitude problem, you have a perception problem?" Why are our lives so complicated?

Magic Mirror Exercise

Good morning I love you.

Discover The 8 Steps To A Mountain Moving Faith

? If you have faith as a grain of musterd seed you can say to this mountain : move ! And it will move ! And nothing will be impossible to you. ?

Down On Your Luck? Heres How You Get Over The Hump!

It's time to put a bad rumor to rest right now. Good things don't happen to you because you have "good luck." And, bad things don't happen to you because you have "bad luck." Well then smart guy, what is it? I'm glad you asked; Read on!

Positive Thinking on Negativity

The other day I bought an unusual piece of software: It runs positive affirmations on my computer, so they can influence me while I work. Sentences like ?I am full of confidence? or ?I love everyone I meet?. The kind that is supposed to help me so that I stop being negative.

Accepting Change

Well I've finally done it...I turned my heat on. After shouting at the kids that it's not cold and making them dress like they are outside, I turned on the heat in the house. I finally gave in when I couldn't feel my fingers anymore while typing and the cat, Bogey, was sitting next to the desk sneezing continuously. I started thinking, hmmm he has fur and he's cold. Maybe it is cold. (One of those duh moments) I then looked at the temperature on my computer and saw it was 43 degrees. Well I guess it is time.

Learning From Life

Do you ever find yourself thinking, "Life has taught me some tough lessons, and the scars do not heal easily."? This article can help you learn valuable lessons from the past, instead of allowing the past to determine your future.

Embrace Change

We all have a unique way of communicating our story, a way that reflects our life experience. The photographer uses a camera, the artist a brush, and the musician a melody or rhythm. But as the years go by our story changes. We look through a different filter, paint with a different color, sing a different song or feel a different rhythm. This past June family members came from all over the country to celebrate my son?s graduation from high school. While sitting on the baseball field with picturesque mountains in the background, memories of parenting flooded my mind. I thought about how rapidly my children had changed and how I had to let go of some of my expectations in order to stay connected with them. As I eagerly awaited the moment of my son?s graduation, the valedictorian read an inspiring poem and a few students performed original inspirational songs for the occasion. And then the principal addressed the students and their families. She made reference to Spencer Johnson?s classic parable about change, ?Who Moved My Cheese.? It is a paradox of life that while our children change rapidly, we as adults try to put the brakes on the speed of change. We like to think to some degree we are in control of our life by holding on to what we?re used too. ?No,? Hem quickly responded. ?I like it here. It?s comfortable. It?s what I know. Besides it?s dangerous out there.? Johnson, Spencer ?Who Moved My Cheese??

Use Your Imagination to Create the Self You Want

?Every prayer - every thought, every statement, every feeling -is creative. To the degree that it is fervently held as truth, to that degree will it be made manifest in your experience.?

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