Logo-ize For Instant Identification & Increased Awareness

The task of creating an indelible impact on the memory of your target market is arduous but can be made much easier with a well thought out logo. The word comes from the ancient Greek where it was used in philosophy and theology to mean "the divine reason implicit in the cosmos, ordering it and giving it form and meaning." The function of a logo in today's business world is much the same ? to make the visual identification of your company implicit by giving it form and meaning.

The form and meaning of a logo are expressed in three elements ? name, slogan, and icon. Think for a moment of the fabulously successful sporting goods and apparel company, Nike. The name obviously, is the name of the company. The slogan "Just do it" explains the meaning, philosophy, or emotional expression of the name. The "swoosh" icon is a visual representation of the name. Together the name, slogan and icon form a powerful "logo-ized" representation of the company which is vital to the brand. Today, because of their constant use, logos of many national companies (think Nike, McDonalds, Travelers Insurance) are indelibly imprinted somewhere in our brains.

While the logos of most companies will never attain that level of memory retention, it will be a great advantage to make their logo more memorable and identifiable to their marketplace ? the prospects, clients, and possible prospects in the geography or industry they serve.

Here's the first step. Get out your business card. Look at it. First see if you actually have a logo (name, slogan and icon). If you do, and it is over three years old, analyze it to determine if it is still relevant or whether you may benefit from a "logo makeover." If you don't have a viable logo, get to work on the missing elements starting with the slogan that describes the business, its products or services and the emotional benefits of the company in very few (1 ? 7 words) catchy words ? this will take time and worthwhile effort. Lastly, have the name and slogan visualized graphically.

Increased retention and understanding of your company will be the immediate benefit that goes out to your marketplace with every communication so logo-ize and start communicating better now.

Larry Galler coaches and consults with high-performance executives, professionals, and small businesses. He is the writer of the business column, "Front Lines with Larry Galler" Sign up for his newsletter at http://www.larrygaller.com

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