Articles: The Perfect Branding Tool

If you own a web-based business, you're probably aware of the need for things like link exchanges, lead-purchasing, SEO copy, banner ads and all of the "traditional" ways to get exposure on the World Wide Web.

But did you know that article marketing is by far the best way to build your brand while at the same time increasing your exposure?

Web articles. They're hot. Why? Because people have realized that when you submit an article for distribution on the web, you're dangling your URL in front of an endless stream of prospects, all of whom are already interested in what you have to offer. Why is this? It's due to the categorical nature of web article marketing itself.

Article distribution sites are arranged by category. So, if you write an article about sea rays, your article is going to get picked up and placed on other websites that are related to aquatic life. It's highly likely that the people who visit that site will be interested in your subjectmatter and want to read what you have to say. So the potential interest is there even before your article hits the page.

When you write web articles, you soft-sell your brand to your potential customer by giving away something they need before they even know your name. How so? Within the body of your article, you're including a chunk of valuable information for your reader to absorb, learn from and remember you by!

Let's say you're a "marketing mom" who wants to sell mail-order hand-painted gifts on the web. How will you go about branding your name? First, isolate your key customer. That would be MOM. Where does she live and reign on the web? In bazillions of online mommy groups and forums! So start writing articles about gifts that speak to your number one prospect, Mom. If you're a mom too, you'll likely have lots in common, so get those articles going and start talking Mom to Mom. In your articles, offer your prospect a few ideas she can use in her business and her life, then gently introduce her to your hand-painted gifts. Roll out article after article, and submit to every place you can find on the web that might be a hot spot for the work-at-home web mommy.

Your full-out article marketing campaign will take careful strategizing, time and effort, but the end result, brand recognizability, is worth the extra energy you put in. Right now, there's no better way to build your brand on the web and do it quickly. Saturate your market with articles that position you as an expert in your field, and the leads will follow. Soon you'll be pulling in orders for your hand-painted collectibles faster than the little Korean ladies you hired can paint them!

Branding is establishing trust and faith in your company name. Branding cements relationships. Branding keeps your customers coming back year after year! What better way to let your future clients get a better idea of who you are and what you can do for them, than talking to them in well-written articles that help to brand your good name?

If you haven't already, start thinking about an article marketing campaign. Target your key customer, and then lay the foundation for your brand... one article at a time.

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Dina Giolitto is the author of ARTICLE POWER: Create Dynamite Web Articles and Watch Your Sales Explode... a 49-page manual covering every aspect of article marketing on the web. Learn about article marketing, copywriting and more at

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