Company Vehicles Have Advertising on Them; Tips on Driving in Parking Lots

Try to avoid backing up whenever possible. Occasionally some one in a small car will park directly behind you at a gas station or stop sign. They will be parked so evenly that you won't see them. This is why the telephone company and most large cable companies require drivers to put a cone behind their vehicle whenever they park their vehicles. It gets the driver in the habit of checking behind the vehicle since he has to get out and pick up the cone. You might also take a peak before you get in and drive away, especially if you are backing up. One day you will be glad you did.

In parking lots, there will be times when you will want to back up five to ten spaces to make another deliver, let another car out or negotiate a parking spot for yourself. If you can drive around the parking lot to get there, do so, as it is free advertising since every one will see you as you traverse the lot. If you must back up, ask a worker or passerby to help guide you. If you are backing up and some one else is backing out, there is a good chance that there will be damage and it really doesn't matter whose fault it is because you just lost five customers and have hurt your brand name. Which customers did you potentially lose? Well for starters the owner of the other car; their spouse; two of their fellow workers; and at least one person who witnessed the accident.

Give yourself a break in advance and remember these quotes perhaps you might put them in your break room at work:

"Don't ever go backwards?unless you have to?' 'Press onward and upward."

"He who looks backwards goes backwards. He who looks forward must progress."

So, if you must go backwards - look. Otherwise look forward, go forward and get free advertising while driving around the parking lot. When you are in parking lots there are some other things you might consider as well. While most collisions in parking lots are minor, all are preventable; they are in fact where most accidents happen. Dents on your deliver vehicles or company car take away from your hard earned good will and brand image. Use your head. Here are some tips: Try to park so as to leave an empty space on both sides; If possible, avoid parking next to a car with dents or banged-up fenders. This may indicate the driver's lack of concern for his or her own car and an equal lack of concern for yours; Park in the center of your parking space.

When driving in a parking lot, you will find a multitude of possible dangerous situations. This is where you defensive driving skills are most important. Here are some good tips: Drive in the proper direction, in designated lanes and within the speed limit. Look out for pedestrians. Look for loose shopping carts. Look for vehicles backing out or pulling into driving lanes. If there is no on-coming vehicles, drive in the center of the aisle. Maneuver slowly. When you arrive at the end of an aisle, turn on your directional, stop, check for cross traffic and yield to pedestrians.

We don't want any dents in your company vehicles because that's a bad image for your brand, not to mention a waste of time, energy and money to fix. In the event you do get a dent or ding on one of your company vehicles fix it promptly. Please teach your crew members the tips to make sure they are safe and protect your equipment and brand name image.

You are not allowed to park in handicapped spots unless you have a bona fide placard, yet so many delivery people do this and it upsets people to see this. Make sure your company has a policy to not park or block access to handicap spots during deliveries.

These simple tips and techniques will help your portable advertising on wheels on all your company vehicles work for you and not against you as you build your brand.

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