Church Projector and Church Projector Systems

Purchasing a church projector for your Sunday morning services will dramatically change how your service is received by the congregation. Church projector systems provide the flexibility you may need to make things possible in your worship service that was not possible before. When considering a church projector for purchase make sure you are getting the best deal of the needs you have.

Some people might argue that instead of buying a church projector, it would be a better investment to buy a large screen TV. There are many reasons this is untrue. First, a large screen TV does not have nearly the life and portability that church projector systems have. Secondly, church projectors offer easier capabilities for hook up to other equipment such as sound systems and computers. Lastly, Large screen TVs are usually not large enough.

There are some specific measurements that need to be taken to figure out the actual size of church projector systems your church needs. It is crucial that you get the right size church projector screen. Whether you choose a ceiling mounted projector or a portable projector, nothing will matter if the screen is the wrong size. Measure the distance from where the screen is to the first row and measure the distance from where the screen is to the last row.

The next thing to consider in your church projector purchase is the amount of light needed in your church and from the church projector system. Any easy way to figure this out would be to take the surface area and multiply that by how many Lumens (light measurement) is recommended by your salesperson. The best thing to do is just take the measurements concerning the church rows in to the salesman and let him do his job.

Beware of faulty salesmen though. If they don't ask for measurements and want to take a 'guesstimate' of what you will need, maybe you need to find another salesperson. The last thing you want to do is end up with a screen that is too small and you have to return it. This is a big investment and it should be handled professionally.

So now that you have an understanding of the church projector screen, let's make sure to touch on the actual system. Church projector systems range widely in price. The higher the price, the more gadgets you will have to work with. This is great if you intend on using them and have someone that knows how to use them, but does you no good if they sit unused. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what your church hopes to accomplish with the purchase of their church projector and exactly who will be running the system. It only makes sense to me to involve the person who will be controlling the church projector. If they know anything about church projector systems, then they will be a valuable, honest resource.

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