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When a customer receives Direct TV programming, he or she has a number of choice as to what kind of Direct TV receiver that they can use. Hughes manufactures a variety of Direct TV receivers for consumers to choose from depending on their entertainment needs. Most new customers will receive a Hughes Direct TV receiver for free with installation and a new programming agreement. If a customer prefers to upgrade their Direct TV receiver, they can choose from at least five different receivers.

The Hughes Director Direct TV receiver is designed with offering the customer everything that he or she will need in order to have the best experience with their satellite television reception. It is one of the most popular and affordable Direct TV receivers and offers up to 225 channels of digital programming. The Hughes Director Direct TV receiver is most commonly the kind of receiver that is included in a free equipment and free installation offer from Direct TV.

The Hughes Executive Direct TV receiver boasts all of the practicality that is presented in the Director receiver with additional features. Some of the features customers might be interested in include progressive picture adjustments, single-touch recording abilities, digital sound technology and a menu that can be customized to fit each individual's needs. Another choice is the DVR powered by TiVo Direct TV receiver that allows a person to immediately replay live television, pause, rewind or even view the program in slow motion. The need for timers and VCR's no longer exist with the sleek design and technology in this particular Direct TV receiver.

The Hughes HDTV DVR with TiVo Direct TV receiver provides new or existing customers with high-definition satellite television from Direct TV. Programming is viewed with up to 1080i lines of resolution for high-definition televisions, HDMI and component video output and an optical output for complete Dolby Digital 5.1. If a customer doesn't want to take advantage of a Direct TV receiver with DVR but still wants to get the most out of his or her high-definition television, then the Hughes HDTV Direct TV receiver would make an excellent choice. The Platinum HD provides Dolby Digital sound capabilities and up to 1080i lines of resolution is a wide 16.9 movie format or 4.3 standard format that lets the viewer choose his or her preferred viewing experience.

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