Direct TV Deals a Blow to Unhappiness in Marriage

You might be surprised to learn that television is one of the main causes of domestic disputes in America. Either the husband is so ensnared by a NFL game that causes the wife to harass him about work around the house, or the wife is so enamored with George Clooney that she wrestles with the husband for the remote control. These are a small sample of the instances when television causes trouble for the marriage, and when fact is actually stranger than fiction.

Therefore, one COULD presume that if there is a way to come to peace with seemingly conflicting television habits, then it can also be a way to come to peace with marital differences.

DirecTV DVR by Tivo is a revolutionary product . On one hand, you have the excellent digital quality and a splendid wealth of channels offered by DirecTV, the leader in satellite television broadcasting. On the other, you have Tivo, hailed as the invention that actually changed the face of television. DirecTV DVR by Tivo , in theory, can also be more efficient than most marriage counselors.

DirecTV DVR by Tivo, allows you to record one, or even two, shows at the same time! Additionally, you can record one program while watching another live. At home, the spouses no longer have to argue between watching Tom Cruise or the Hawaiian Tropic girls. She can enjoy her show on her time, and he can enjoy his when he pleases as well..

DirecTV DVR by Tivo also guarantees 35 hours of storage capacity. That means that the family can take a two week road trip to visit the in-laws and nobody will miss a single episode of their favorite TV show. Everything they want to watch will be waiting safely for their return.

Additionally, DirecTV DVR by Tivo allows users to pause a live feed, something considered impossible in the past. That means that he can freeze the game while he pays for the pizza, or she can put her show on hold while helping herself to a snack in the kitchen. Nothing has to be missed! The husband can simply freeze an NFL game to comply with the wife's wishes that he tends to their six-month old baby .

If he knows she goes crazy over the mere sight of Keanu Reeves, he could just program the DirecTV DVR by Tivo to seek the schedules by the actor's name and the box would automatically record all the shows where that actor makes an appearance. Would there be a better act of thoughtfulness than that?

Lastly, our happy couple could simply celebrate a romantic evening together while enjoying the crystal clear quality of digital broadcast as enhanced by the DirecTV DVR by Tivo. They could laugh and cry together, while savoring each other's company. As they say, the less we talk, the less we quarrel!

Bill Johnston is a freelance writer and independent columnist. A frequently visited site for good deals is - Great DirecTV Offers.

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