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La Dena Logan

Throw it away. Grab another one. Doesn’t get much better than that. Quick, easy, cheap and convenient. At first anyway. Maybe you are wondering what I am rambling on about. I’m talking about a product that’s very high in demand by the general public, it is so popular, that average hard working folks spend gazillions of dollars a year just to use it.

What I don’t understand is why Why do hard working folks spend so much money on a throw-away product and panic when they run out of it Run to the convenience store at two o’clock in the morning to buy more. As if the world will come to on end if they don’t have a good stash of them.

Some of you may think I’m talking about cigarettes. But I’m talking about disposable diapers. But I do see similarities between the two. Easy to use, and who said cloth isn’t Quick, not if you’re out of them! Cheap for who The land fills that are stuck with them for the next 500 years, they are not biodegradable. Really not convenient for your precious little one, because the manufacturers of these disposable diapers do not have to list all the health hazards related to their product. Some of the health hazards are allergies, yeast infections and diaper rashes, and possibly even choking.

So if you’re not buying into the health hazard trip, do the research and you will be shocked. Then explain spending thousands or more on disposable diapers, when spending a few hundred would get you custom cloth diapers and the cutest cloth covers around. You and your baby can be making a fashion statement. “Look at me I’m special, my mommy loves, me so much she bought me custom cloth for my fanny!” You think you can buy disposables one small pack at a time, so they seem cheaper. Wait until you have to buy the jumbo pack, that takes up the whole shopping cart.

Guess what You can buy a one size custom diaper that will fit your baby from birth through potty training. Talk about saving money! Wow! Pins, forget it, you don’t need them. These custom one size diapers have snaps on them. Add to your diapers, as you can afford to. If you start with 10 custom one size diapers. That’s about one hundred dollars, add five waterproof covers for about sixty bucks. Now you’ve spent $160.00, not bad, and you and your baby are styling. Lookin’ cool and feelin’ groovey. Yes, you can make a difference, in the environment, in your babies health, and be doing your part in recycling, all at the same time. One by one, all moms can stop buying into big “add campaigns” that say something is easy, quick and convenient, so it must be the right thing to do. So if you think about it, it’s really a small investment, with big pay backs. This mom says “use it, don’t dump it, be in the know”.

La Dena Logan

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