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Andrew Malek

The Internet, is magnificent in its resources for families. Educational resources abound. Kids can easily find help for their homework blues without venturing to the library. Kids can chat with friends from far away for free; friends who, probably just a few years ago, they would never hear from again. And, of course, there’s plenty of entertainment to satisfy the whole family once the chores and homework are complete.

However, the Internet can often be an inappropriate place for kids to surf unsupervised. Plenty of content is only appropriate for mature audiences. And, sadly, there are ‘bad seeds’, those who the children never should talk to.

Help keep your children away from these unsuitable materials. Many search engines and directories have filters and options that only return pag

Bad Company
Here we will come to know who are the most responsible person to make your child an addicted person & failure.
The Only New Year’s Resolution You Need
I am going to make a bold statement. I think I have the only New Year’s Resolution you need. You have got to be kidding, right!!! You don’t know me, Kimberly. You don’t know that I need to lose 20lbs., exercise, be a better mother, be a better worker, a better wife, etc. How in the world can you boil it down to one New Year’s Resolution
Children, Entitlement and God
“Setting the alarm on Sunday mornings is inhuman…..God should know that!” Those were my adolescent thoughts every weekend when my parents forced me to church. “I can get more out of my headphones and the Beatles.”It was this way as far back as I can remember. Early Sunday school, then later Bible studies, liturgies in another language, all culminating in a weekly teen rebellion against God and my parents. I really hated my parents especially my Mother for forcing religion on me. “Besides, I don’t think the Smothers Brothers forced their kids, and they are political giants!”I would brood the entire hour’s drive to church just to make my parents as miserable as I felt. It never changed in all those years.
Why A Father is Not A Dad
It can be said that any man who procreates is a father, whether present in that child’s life or not. While this is technically true, it really takes a man to be a dad!
Minimize Stress in Your Life
Use these simple tips to minimize stress in your day to day living.
Dressing A Toddler, Whomever She Is Today
Some things we take for granted.Like getting dressed.Unless we are paraplegic, an absolute klutz or have just smoked far too much cabbage, getting dressed is a cinch.
When Your Baby Arrives
Welcoming a newborn baby into the family is always a joyful occasion especially for first-time parents. The nine months of waiting has finally come to an end. How heart-warming it is to hear that first cry. Your baby has arrived!
Grandparents! Help Your Grandkids Do Math!
This may come as a surprise.
10 Positive Discipline techniques for children
Do you feel your child is out of control Punish him or her often and get no positive resultsIt might be your discipline strategy that is not working. Try using positive discipline techniques which are highly recommended by the child development professionals and see the changes in your child’s attitude.See him or her actually making efforts to cooperate with you.
Power Foods for a Powerful School Lunch
There isn’t a school day that goes by that I worry about my son’s lunch. Of course, I ask myself the usual questions: Is he eating what he has in the bag Will he trade his apple for a cookie Will the school lunch he’s ordering once a week be nutritious He’s a kid! He’s not a fussy eater, but there are plenty of days that he has come home with a bag full of food. I’ll ask him “what did you eat for lunch” He always says, “nothing.” What’s a parent to do
Delete Cookies: New-Age Diet or Common Sense Internet Security
No, this article isn’t about some new, lose-20-pounds-in-a-week, certified-by-some-tan-Southern-California-doctor diet. It’s about cookies on your computer - what they are, why they are there, and what to do about them. Computer cookies actually have quite a bit in common with their baked counterparts - some are good, some are bad, and they have expiration dates.
Baby’s First Year – What to Expect
Youve been anxiously waiting for the arrival of your new-born baby for the last 9 months. Watching your new baby grow and change is one of the most exciting times in your lifelife - and truly makes one aware of the miracle that life is!
Mom Can I Have The Car Keys
Parents find peace of mind with high-tech vehicle tracking system
Exercising With Kids -- Tips For Parents
Making exercise a priority is a challenge for everyone. And for parents it can be especially difficult to find time to workout because of the full plates that they often juggle. When summer arrives the juggling act becomes even more tricky with kids home from school and involved in extracurricular activities.
Protecting Your Child’s Innocence
We love our children and we want them to be safe – safe from people who could harm them and destroy their innocence. At the same time we don’t want to scare them and perhaps create timidity or nightmares. How can we protect them without harming them
Thrifty but Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Young Children
It’s December, and as the holiday season drew closer, you found your preschoolersaying this to you, “Mom, I want this and that toy …My friend is going to get those from his mom. ”
The Shoemaker and the Brat
At seventeen years old, I was a brat. A mixture of innocence, immaturity and righteousness. And I carried that attitude with me everywhere, including my trip to the shoemaker.
Parents Dealing with Worry and Fear
This column offers solutions to people who write in questions about how they can solve their life challenges through the formula described in the books, Way of the Positive Flow and Positive Flow Parenting, by Lawrence Vijay Girard
Parents - Who’s Looking Out For You
I couldn’t stop thinking about Marcy after my phone session with her. I was really worried about her.
If Youd Like to Know Why Reading Matters

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