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Parents find peace of mind with high-tech vehicle tracking system

NC—Its a question that makes most parents cringe. A teenagers request to use the family vehicle can leave many parents feeling worried and anxious. Familiar doubts inevitably start filling their minds.

Will my child obey the rules of the road Will they speed or drive dangerously Are they being truthful in their whereabouts

Thanks to the latest technology in interactive vehicle tracking by satellite, many parents can now feel at ease when handing over their car keys to their teenage drivers. The latest entry in the vehicle tracking industry, Canadian-based Vigil Locating Systems, has had a major impact on the problem of vehicle theft due to its unique high-tech interactive capabilities. Its these same capabilities that have also benefited parents who can now better control how their teenage kids use their vehicle.

Vigils interactive satellite tracking system allows owners to locate and control their vehicle with precision directly, without intermediary, anywhere, anytime. Using the Internet site, for example, you can follow your vehicle on detailed electronic maps by means of a username and password, and operate any accessory or sensor that is connected to the unit. You can monitor speeding, driver aptitude as well as location of the vehicle. So if your son is supposed to be playing basketball at the park, but the car is mysteriously headed in another direction you will now about it instantly.

The Vigil tracking system is designed to report events automatically and in real-time, for quick response. As soon as a vehicle is put into motion without authorization, including removal by tow truck, starting with a rigged key or by short-circuiting the ignition system, an alarm signal is instantaneously transmitted to a remote Protectron Security 24-hour surveillance center. Once the center receives the signal of unauthorized movement, you receive a report of the event by telephone, cell, pager or Internet in real-time.

It allows police to take action immediately, maximizing the chance of finding the vehicle quickly, with little damage and with your personal effects still in place. Other applications include roadside assistance, road navigation in the vehicle, low battery detection, intrusion detection and excessive speed notification.

Presently, most of the major insurance companies have already recognized Vigil as a system which meets and even surpasses the requirements in vehicle tracking by granting owners a 40 percent rebate on their insurance premiums. For more information on satellite tracking systems visit

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