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Do You Have a Case Against Your Stock Broker Ten ways to Tell

As an attorney who represents individual investors from around the Country in claims against their stock brokers, I hear a wide variety of complaints about brokersí fraud and misconduct. If you believe that your broker has abused or harmed you, you may want to consider whether your complaint falls within any of the following typical complaint categories. If you fall into one of these categories, you may have a meritorious complaint against your broker.

Social Security Disability FAQ


Should You Hire An Accident Attorney

The following article was written for Resources For by David Hallstrom, a private investigator, he is not now nor has he ever been an attorney.

Finding The Right Lawyer To Represent You

Adjuster Henry Hustle from GiveAwayNothing Insurance tried to take advantage of you so youíve decided to obtain the services of an attorney. Here are some insights you should consider:

Five Reasons Why I dont Have a Will

One: I hate my children and want them to never speak to each other again after the battle over my estate.

Consumers - Fight Back With FTCs Do Not Call Registry

The Federal Trade Commission has rolled out itís National Do Not Call Registry and the registration site already has over 700,000 registrants. This is great news for consumers who have grown tired of annoying sales calls by pesky telemarketers.

Psst.. Pass It On.. I Found Out Its a Hoax..

When you receive an email telling you about a virus, what do you do with it Do you send it to everyone in your address book to help them protect themselves too

Make Your Complaint Heard & Get Results

At some point in time you will be faced with the need to register a complaint because of a poor product or poor service, or maybe even both !

Identity Theft Scams

Identity Theft scams continue to flourish on the web. One that you need to be aware of and beware of is any site that seems to be selling high-demand items digital cameras for instance at a much lower almost unbelievable price than you can find on other sites or the manufacturerís site.

Your Most Personal Document

NCóEvery person should have a will, which should cover at least seven essential points to avoid difficulties in the future. Make sure only one Will exists. Determine who you want as your executor. Carefully plan for your dependents. Name a guardian for young children. Detail specific monies or gifts to relatives, friends or charities. Consider what people-or organizations such as a health charity or Amnesty International, should receive the residue of your estate. Put in writing the details of your funeral arrangements.

Legal Protection for Same-Sex Couples

Has anyone considered a compromise solution to the issue of legalization of same-sex marriages

My Book Contains "No Artificial Growth Hormones"

I dont usually get too excited about what I read in the news. After all, what can I do about it But one item I recently saw made me jump up out of my chair.

Legalizing Crime

The state has a monopoly on behaviour usually deemed criminal. It murders, kidnaps, and locks up people. Sovereignty has come to be identified with the unbridled - and exclusive - exercise of violence. The emergence of modern international law has narrowed the field of permissible conduct. A sovereign can no longer commit genocide or ethnic cleansing with impunity, for instance.

Just War

In an age of terrorism, guerilla and total warfare the medieval doctrine of Just War needs to be re-defined. Moreover, issues of legitimacy, efficacy and morality should not be confused. Legitimacy is conferred by institutions. Not all morally justified wars are, therefore, automatically legitimate. Frequently the efficient execution of a battle plan involves immoral or even illegal acts.

The legal fiction of common law marriage

During a radio-talk show appearance, a caller told me about his unfortunate brush with the legal fiction of common-law marriage. He had been living with a woman for several weeks when he came home one evening to find the woman, his TV and assorted other property missing. He called the police, who mistakenly informed him that the woman was his common-law wife and so they couldnít help him.

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