Lawsuit Funding

Wensley McKenney

Lawsuit Funding is essential to victims of personal injury who are without sufficient income and are awaiting a legal settlement. All too often a person is injured by the wrongful acts of another but must wait years to receive his or her fair compensation.

Finally there are companies like Global Financial that offer plaintiffs cash advances against their pending legal claims. They do not do credit checks or income varifications, they simply evaluate the legal claim and then advance a portion of the potential award and wait for payment from the proceeds of the settlement or judgment. It is a very risky business, which is why banks are not involved and specialty finance companies like Global Financial take the risk.

Lawsuit Funding is like "Lawsuit Insurance". A plaintiff can assure or guarantee a financial recovery from his or her legal claim by taking a cash advance from Global Financial 866-709-1100. If the case is lost then the plaintiff is not obligated to repay any of the money advanced thus "insuring" a financial recovery from the legal claim regardless of the outcome.

There is no doubt that Lawsuit Funding will become a viable force in leveling the playing field amongst plaintiffs and deep pocketed defendants.

About The Author

Wensley McKenney has 15 years experience in the financial and legal fields. He is a graduate of Tulane University and regularly consults law firms and their clients.

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