Dealing With Insurance Companies

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Every accident cause damages, may it be property or your physical body. It is important to apply for insurance before you encounter such circumstance so that you will be able to recover the money and properties you lost.

Before you file a claim, determine if the other party, who may be responsible for the accident, will file a claim for you. If they do, getting a settlement will be faster. If they donít, you will personally file it. Then, collect all evidences, preserve and document it. If possible, photograph the scene right after the accident. Examine the photographs; look for angles to support your statement as well as those that will cause your claims to be denied. Be prepared for any accusations. If there are witnesses, talk to them. List their names and the statement they give. Know how much your claim is worth and prepare good arguments.

Submit a formal demand letter to the insurance company. You may submit it to your insurance company or the insurance company of the person involved, depending on who is at fault. Insurance companies always resort to informal negotiations until such settlement is agreed upon. Or else, consult a personal injury lawyer or you may take your case to the court.

There may be circumstances wherein one or more persons claiming to be representatives of insurance companies will contact you. You must take this situation with caution. Know his name and the company he is working for. Do not give detailed information about the accident or about yourself. Do not give the amount you paid for medical care. Do not let him know if you filed for a paid leave. He does not have the right to ask you of your vacation leaves and the like. Remember significant information you give and receive during the conversation.

Make your demand letter specific. Indicate what injuries and medical treatment you had and how much it cost. Specify incomes and properties you lost. Point out other damages you suffered. Demand a lump sum higher than what you expect for your entire claim because it is still negotiable.

Compensations for injury include medical care, lost income, social expenses and educational expenses. Other non-economic losses like injuries and lost income are added. This technique is used for faster and easier settlement.

The policy was made by the company, so if the case was taken to the court, the court will conduct a thorough examination. This will be an advantage on your side because they will focus on limitation and exclusions stated on the policy.

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