5% Down Vs. 10% Down - A Comparison

John Carle & Sharon Gregresh

It has always been an issue for home buyers to save their down payment. Many people, on advice from various people wait to save 10%, rather than moving into the home sooner with 5% as a down payment This is not always a good idea. Let me explain;

We have 2 young couples, the Jones and the Smiths. They both have the same amount of money to spend on housing and saving $1000/month. From that $1000, they are paying their rent of $750/month, and saving the other $250 for their down payment. In fact theyre identical people.

The Jones and the Smiths are both looking to buy a $100,000 property. As such, they will need $5000 as a down payment if they purchase at 5% down, or $10,000 if they wish to have 10% as a down payment.

To date, they have both saved $5000 with which to purchase a property. The Jones have decided to buy now and accept that they only have 5% as a down payment The Smiths have decided to wait until they can raise 10%; thus saving themselves some CMHC costs.

What the Smiths arent realizing is that while they wait, the cost of the property is increasing... thus incrasing the amount of money they need as a downpayment.

Theyve also not taken into account that the money they are paying in rent is being thrown away, while they could have been putting that against their mortgage.

Sure, saving the CMHC fees is a good idea. But is it necessarily the right way to go Not always.

If it takes the Smiths an extra 2 years to save up the extra money, the property could have increased by as much as $15,000 in that time.... meaning that theyd need more of a down payment, as well as having a larger mortgage than if theyd bought earlier.

If youd like to read this article in full, including graphs showing the difference between the Smiths and the Jones then go to our website at www.workingtogether.ca and review the article titled "5% Down Vs. 10% Down - A Comparison". Youll get the idea; and possibly save yourself a lot of money!

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