When a Real Estate Agent May Not Be The Best Option

Chris Cates

Historically, when homeowners wanted to sell their home, the first call made would be to a Realtor. Since the early 1900’s, Realtors have represented homeowners during the process of selling their home, which is usually to another homeowner. Real estate brokers hold state regulated licenses that allow them to market real estate on behalf of the owner. The national average for broker commissions is approximately five percent. In many cases, another broker will bring the buyer and receive typically fifty percent of the commission. When the majority of homeowners sell their home, they believe a real estate agent gives them the best chance to maximize the amount they receive and the agent commission will come out of their proceeds at closing. This is a process that takes place everyday throughout America.

Unfortunately, life does not always follow a predictable format that allows for the sale of a home with a Realtor. More and more, Americans are facing circumstances that demand unique solutions. Foreclosures, job transfers, over-leveraged financing, and problem properties are just a few of the situations that require alternatives to using a Realtor.

When a homeowner is facing a job transfer or foreclosure, a quick sale is essential to avoid losing the home or facing the prospect of paying two mortgage payments. Utilizing a Realtor can take weeks or months to find the buyer, and then there are no guarantees that the buyer will qualify or go through with the purchase. Many homeowners cannot afford to take that chance.

Often times, when a house is in poor condition or needs major updating, traditional homebuyers are not as likely to make an offer since it is not up to market standards or may not qualify for financing. The majority of homeowners do not have the time, desire, or money required to make the necessary updates or repairs.

A problem facing many Americans in recent years is that even when the home is in great condition, there may be little or no equity. This problem will become even more of an issue in coming months as many homeowners over the past several years have leveraged the financing on their home up to as much as one hundred percent. When there is no money to pay a five or six percent commission, then an agent is not a viable solution.

Fortunately, today homeowners have options other than calling a Realtor. There are many private companies that specialize in buying homes in situations that are not the norm. The majority of these companies focus on homes that are in poor condition. Utilizing private funds, the company will purchase the property, make the necessary repairs or updates, and then look to sell the house at or above market value. Since the company utilizes private funds, the property does not have to qualify for financing, which allows for a great deal of flexibility when evaluating a house for purchase. Although there are far fewer that are interested in homes that have little or no equity, the companies that do focus on these types of properties provide a valuable service to homeowners that have no other options. In a foreclosure situation, the company will many times agree to bring the mortgage current and assume making payments going forward. This solution not only saves the homeowner’s credit from an immediate foreclosure, but also provides debt relief so that the homeowner can move forward with their life.

In summary, if the situation demands it, homeowners now have options when selling their home besides using a Realtor. If a homeowner needs to sell fast, has little or no equity, or owns a property that is in need of major repairs or updating, then there are private companies that specialize in addressing these situations. There are very few problems that cannot be solved by one of a variety of flexible solutions that one of these private companies can provide. For more information or to find a company that handles these situations in your area, please visit www.webuytheusa.com.

About The Author

Chris Cates is a nationwide real estate investor, who co-founded WeBuyTheUSA along with Todd Dotson. In addition, Mr. Cates is a national real estate mentor for Tactical Real Estate, where he has trained real estate investors across the country. For more information, please visit his website at www.WeBuyTheUSA.com.

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