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5 Steps on How to Set and Achieve Your Goals

Which one is a goal? I will lose 15 pounds I want to run a marathon Quit smoking All of the above None of the above

7 AAA Ways To Succeed!

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Abraham Lincoln Is Still Alive

Abraham Lincoln Is Still Alive

Is Your Life Ready For Groundhog Day?

In the hit comedic movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray's character, Phil Conners, is caught up in a time warp, doomed to live the same day over and over until he gets it right. Hilarious as the ensuing mayhem may be on the big screen, it is a poignant and not too thinly veiled metaphor for how most of us live our own lives - mindlessly occupied with our own issues and concerns, stumbling through life (often over the toes of others) with little if any conscious direction or critical thought. In the end, we keep on running into the same scenarios and problems over and over - not because we're caught in a time loop, but because we're caught in a life-loop. We haven't made the grade, so we can't graduate beyond our current situation.

Helping Others Develop Their Potential

Most of us find ourselves in a position to help others achieve more of their potential than we realize. Sure, as leaders, supervisors, and parents we can see ourselves in that position; but the fact is that all of us are uniquely qualified to help at least one other person in our lives reach their potential. I believe it is part of our purpose in life to serve others in this way ? to encourage and support people we care about in becoming their best selves.

Unleash It!

On airplanes, in restaurants, in the newspaper and on television, I often hear people saying their businesses are not growing to their satisfaction or that they are not reaching their objectives. The explanations that follow consist of reasons like:

The Metamorphosis of the Successful Executive . . . Overcoming Professional Stagnation

You're a bright, successful business executive making good money and managing a capable staff of accomplished professionals. You are successful beyond your wildest business school dreams. You've achieved much-yet something's missing. On the surface, life is good-yet you feel tired, drained, frustrated, defeated. Intuitively, you know your life can and should be more fulfilling.

Ten Steps To Effective Leadership

Many people end up in a supervisory position or SOHO ownership almost by default. In today's workplace, if someone stays on their job long enough, they will probably be promoted as others, more senior to them or higher up the chain of responsibility, leave for other opportunities.

Professional Organizations: Join or Fold?

All of us join professional organizations for a reason--a friend belongs, we need to for credibility, etc. Many times we let years slide by and we don't stop and review those reasons. Unless something sets off a boundary--lack of funds, the organization runs itself into a ditch, or a leadership problem.

Rationalize Success Away

I was invited to do a Leadership workshop at a well known Fortune 100 company out in New Jersey. The all day event was geared toward their new crop of interns. At a point in my presentation I talked about the many reasons we come up with for not taking action. The many excuses we create in order to delay or defer acting on our plans to achieve success.

Why the Squirrel Kept Winning!

I had the good fortune (or misfortune depending on your climate perspective) of living in Minnesota for ten years. The Summers were beautiful, Fall was spectacular with the changing colors of the leaves on trees and winter was,?well, damn cold.

The Death of Potential

While reading my latest book on politics and economics, I came across a reference to a bible story called "Parable of the Talents'. In this story three servants are each give ?talents? (a monetary denomination used by the Greeks). To the first, the master gave 5 talents, to the second he gave 2 and to the third he gave 1 talent. The master gave each a different amount of money (talents), according to their ability. Two of the servants doubled their money and the master was pleased with their results. The third servant, fearful of losing it, buried his money where no one benefited from it, including himself. When the master summoned the third servant to get an accounting of what he had done with his talent, he was angry and displeased to find out the servant had simply buried it and where the money had no opportunity to earn interest. The servant tried to explain to the master that he knew how ?exacting? the master was and he did not want to lose His money. The master didn?t buy it. He ordered that the one talent be given to the first servant who was able to convert 5 talents into 10. (Reference Matt 25:14 and Luke 19:12). Although I believe the story or parable was strictly about economics and frugality, it can be extended to include, not only money, but true talents (i.e., ability). The cornerstone of my book, The Logic of Success, is the premise that unless you find out what it is you were meant to do, true happiness will elude you. Finding out what it is you truly want takes time, patience and perseverance. In the first chapter I discuss how to create ?search patterns? to find your true calling. (Get a Free copy at www.thelogicofsucccess.com). Now, I want go beyond the obvious of telling you about your hidden talents (you already know you have one, two or more). I want to address the ?How? talents were (and are) buried within us. As children, we all loved to discover new things. We even did things when others advised us not to (e.g., touching the stove when Mom said it was hot). We wanted to learn, we wanted to discover for ourselves the world around us. Failure and pain were not yet transformed into anxieties. As we got older, we were expected to act a little more responsible and accountable for our actions. Like in any soap opera drama, this is the scene in your life where ?society? steps in and starts benevolently imposing its norms on your behavior. You are now expected to:

Reinventing Failure: Designing Success

I am fascinated by problems. I like to think of myself as a solution oriented individual. However when problems creep into my life as they always do I know that I am in for a major learning experience.

Top 25 Leadership Quotations

Ponder what it takes to be a true leader with these practical quotes that will lead you to a more precise understanding of the secrets to successful leadership...

Leadership Skills - 10 Ways to Beef Up

10 Ways to Beef Up Your Leadership Skills

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It is time that instead of Israel receiving from the Diaspora, we are giving now,” Netanyahu tells OU leaders from the US and Canada.

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With several key veteran departures this offseason, some of the old guard and new guard will step up to lead in the locker room.

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There's turmoil at Minnesota's Department of Human Services after Gov. Tim Walz accepted the resignation of Tony Lourey, the agency's commissioner, ...

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Josh Norman's reckless behavior and Trent Williams' absence at minicamp leave a lot to be desired.

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As of Monday afternoon, Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer is officially the Pentagon's acting defense secretary.

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Jay-Z's rise to billionaire status demonstrates how leaders can achieve success by developing both deep and varied knowledge.

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Lessons from Kellogg's interim dean on establishing credibility, encouraging criticism, and empowering your team.

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PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party leader Philip “Brave” Davis wants no challenges to his leadership team at the upcoming PLP convention, he has told party ...

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For the first time in history, a major political party in the United States has several women who have declared their candidacy to be their party's presidential ...

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With Patrick Pizzella as the new acting labor secretary at the Department of Labor, rulemaking may become faster.

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There was little to divide the two candidates in the final debate of the Conservative leadership contest.

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To the Editor: I have been feeling a variety of emotions. They include sadness, disbelief, frustration, and anger to name a few. Why? Because there is a ...

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Boris Johnson's arch-rival Michael Gove has said the Tory front-runner would make a "great" Prime Minister.

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Instead of living in silos, technology must be integrated into all aspects of business.

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What does it take to become a successful CEO? VC-turned-executive coach Jerry Colonna, believes he has the answer.

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If you want to be a leader at work, a personal brand is necessary, but it may not be sufficient.

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You may have a leadership title - or tremendous leadership potential -- but do you look like a leader? Influencing people's perception of you is called impression ...

Boris Johnson has support of two thirds of Tory voters for leadership, says poll  The Guardian

Biggest lead over Jeremy Hunt is regarding Brexit, with 69% saying Johnson can get UK out by 31 October.

Uber will tie executive compensation to meeting diversity goals  CNN

New York (CNN Business) Uber's workforce may still be mostly white men, but the company says it is taking new measures to diversify its staff, especially ...

Kyler Murray impressed Arizona Cardinals legend Larry Fitzgerald with leadership on Day 1  AZCentral

New Arizona Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury has been reluctant to commit to details about what the team's offense will look like. He hasn't even committed to ...

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German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen squeaks home in European Parliament's confirmation vote. Christine Lagarde resigns from the IMF.

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House Democrats are attacking Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's top staffer on Twitter.

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Leadership will have to do more to secure economic and monetary union 2.0.

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Leadership development might be one of the most significant loss-making ventures in modern business. Companies spend big money on developing leaders ...

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“You're too accessible.” That's what Susan Zirinsky, the new head of CBS News, was told early in her career — because she was seemingly everywhere at once.

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Bosses and managers share their on-the-job experiences that led them to question some popular leadership mantras.

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In a move that took most in the space industry by surprise, NASA has reassigned two top officials in its exploration program, including Bill Gerstenmaier.

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The myth of heroic leaders versus banal managers is misleading – we need bosses who can do both, says author Stefan Stern.

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The UK's capabilities were boosted today with 10 projects receiving a share of £2m to develop technologies that could transform weather forecasting and the ...

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Boris Johnson has refused to commit to bringing down net immigration after Brexit if he becomes Prime Minister as he and Jeremy Hunt went head-to-head in ...

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The ability to coordinate musicians acting independently is a model for managers in an unpredictable business environment.

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When he resigned as defense secretary last December, Jim Mattis thought it might take two months to install a successor. There is also no confirmed deputy ...

How Trump has managed to overshadow the UK's leadership race  CNBC

How both men would deal with the unignorable figure of Trump looms large too.

Boeing 737 Max head retires, triggering leadership shuffle  Business Insider

Boeing says the retirement is unrelated to the crisis Boeing faces over the global grounding of the 737 Max aircraft.

Independent Leaders Are Great -- This Type Of Leader Is Even Better  Forbes

To be truly successful, independent leaders also must embrace something that often gets a bad rap: interdependence.

NASA leadership shakeup comes as space agency pushes to meet Trump's moon mission deadline  CNN

The head of NASA's human exploration program was abruptly demoted from his job as the space agency faces a deadline from the Trump administration to send ...

The Guardian view on the Lib Dem leadership contest: it’s not just about Brexit  The Guardian

Ed Davey and Jo Swinson are fighting a more polite leadership contest than the Conservatives. But they need to talk about vision too. Thu 11 Jul 2019 13.34 ...

McConnell's leadership called 'big, fat waste' by Sen. Tina Smith  MSNBC

This week Kentucky Democrat and former fighter pilot Amy McGrath announced plans to take on Senate Majority Leader and six-term incumbent Mitch ...

Student Organizations & Leadership  Sacramento State University

We know that not all learning on a university campus takes place in the classroom. Student Organizations & Leadership (SO&L) is committed to encouraging and ...

Top Minnesota DHS leaders resign abruptly. The agency isn’t saying why.  St. Paul Pioneer Press

Minnesota's largest state agency is losing two of its top leaders. Chuck Johnson and Claire Wilson, the two deputy commissioners of the Department of Human ...

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The expected nomination of Vice Adm. Michael Gilday to lead the Navy brings forward an officer with key cyber experience to the top echelons of military ...

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The Oracle of Omaha says if you're hiring someone without this leadership trait, you want them lazy and dumb.

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I don't understand why any Democratic leader would do this (via Maureen Dowd):. I asked Pelosi whether, after being the subject of so many you-go-girl memes ...

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If you've been wondering what separates the upper echelons of real leadership from the rest of the rank and file, here are seven ideas.

Katherine Clark quietly eyes leadership ascent | TheHill  The Hill

She's the most powerful woman in the Capitol you've probably never heard of.

Lack of football leadership began with Long  Arkansas Online

It was fair, and the writer of the email went so far as to say he didn't want to pile on, but he felt the problem with the University of Arkansas football program was a ...

Sen. Tina Smith: Mitch McConnell's leadership has been a big, fat waste  CNN

Sen. Tina Smith of Minnesota details how Mitch McConnell has been squandering the Senate's power and potential on ramming through under-qualified Trump ...

F-35 Program Leadership Changes as Turkey's Future in Program Uncertain  USNI News

The F-35 civilian and military management is in the midst of a changeover as Turkey risks being booted because of its Russian-made air defense system buy.

U.S. imposes travel restrictions on Myanmar military leaders over ‘atrocities’  The Washington Post

The government crackdown has forced more than 700000 Rohingya Muslims into Bangladesh.

Conservative leadership race: Voters 'issued two ballots'  BBC News

Some Conservative members have been issued with more than one ballot paper to vote for the next party leader and prime minister, the BBC has learned.

Imaginary Time Travel as a Leadership Tool  MIT Sloan

The first time I noticed a leader who used imaginary time travel was back in the 1990s, when a colleague and I did an 18-month ethnography research project at ...

City leaders, police, community thank Antoinette Edwards for inspirational leadership and 'unconditional love'  OregonLive

Antoinette Edwards, 66, is retiring as director of Portland's Office of Youth Violence Intervention after working for the city for 10 years.

Border Patrol leadership reportedly knew about derogatory Facebook group for years  Vox.com

Top officials at US Customs and Border Patrol reportedly knew about a Facebook group in which current and former agents routinely posted derogatory, ...

Tory leadership quiz: Are you Team Johnson or Team Hunt?  Sky News

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are battling it out to be the next Conservative Party leader and Britain's new prime minister.

Heart of Ohio State leadership group will be on display in Chicago  Lettermen Row

Ohio State seniors Jonathon Cooper, Jordan Fuller and K.J. Hill will represent the team at Big Ten media days. All three are key Buckeyes.

Motivation matters -- so this summer, rekindle your energy and your leadership style  The Conversation - Canada

Finding motivation to make changes as a leader can be both daunting and exciting — particularly in the summer, traditionally a time of vacation or respite from ...

After end-of-year leadership controversy, Portland's Cleveland High has a new principal  OregonLive

Cleveland High School has a new principal: Leo Lawyer, who served as the top administrator of Rockaway Beach's Neah-Kah-Nie Middle School for seven ...

Trump’s ‘environmental leadership’ is sending us to a climate disaster  Washington Post

As record rains fell in D.C., the president blithely ignored reality.

Epstein’s Ties to Former Israeli Leader Shake Up Election Campaign  The New York Times

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded an inquiry into ties between his challenger, Ehud Barak, and the U.S. financier charged with sex crimes.

Trump’s new EU foil: Another ‘strong female German leader’  Politico

Ursula von der Leyen wins plaudits from U.S. national security officials, but even some of her fans worry that her ascent will further fray the tenuous U.S.-EU ...

John Paul Stevens, longtime leader of Supreme Court’s liberal wing, dies at 99  The Washington Post

John Paul Stevens, a moderate Republican and former antitrust lawyer from Chicago who evolved into a savvy and sometimes passionate leader of the ...

Writers Guild Leaders Warn Members About Contact With Fired Agents  Variety

Leaders of the Writers Guild of America are warning members about being contacted by their former agents.

The Lib Dem Leadership Debate With Iain Dale Watch Again  LBC

With the Liberal Democrat leadership contest underway, Iain Dale hosts a debate between the two candidates and you can watch it here.

Grand Prairie names interim schools leader after superintendent's death  Dallas News

Grand Prairie trustees on Monday named an interim leader for the school district, a week after the longtime superintendent died in a motorcycle...

Allegheny County Republicans To Try Again On Leadership Vote  90.5 WESA

Allegheny County Republicans failed to elect a new leader last week – so they are taking another shot at it next Saturday, this time with one fewer.

Revenue at century-old Minnesota chocolatier tops $20M under leadership of former Army medic  Star Tribune

She transformed Maud Borup from a small retailer to a wholesale business that employs 120.

Why a leader’s past record is no guide to future success  Financial Times

Successful leadership depends on context, collaboration and character.

'Good leaders genuinely want those around them to grow'  The Australian Financial Review

Powershop Australia executive Catherine Anderson wants her teams to improve, succeed and enjoy their work life.

Trump rips Paul Ryan as 'lame duck failure' with 'poor leadership'  NBC News

President Donald Trump lambasted Paul Ryan on Thursday night, ripping the ex-House speaker as a “running lame duck failure” with “poor leadership.”.

Meet the UNAIDS leadership contenders  Devex

LONDON — HIV/AIDS advocates have mixed views on the five candidates shortlisted to lead the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, but agree there ...

Lilly Announces Changes in Senior Leadership  Yahoo Finance

Mike Harrington, senior vice president and general counsel, to retire at year end. Christi Shaw to leave Lilly; Patrik Jonsson will be promoted to lead Lilly Bio- ...

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