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5 Steps on How to Set and Achieve Your Goals

Which one is a goal? I will lose 15 pounds I want to run a marathon Quit smoking All of the above None of the above

7 AAA Ways To Succeed!

[Abounding Abundant Ample Ways To Boost Your Growth!]

Abraham Lincoln Is Still Alive

Abraham Lincoln Is Still Alive

Is Your Life Ready For Groundhog Day?

In the hit comedic movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray's character, Phil Conners, is caught up in a time warp, doomed to live the same day over and over until he gets it right. Hilarious as the ensuing mayhem may be on the big screen, it is a poignant and not too thinly veiled metaphor for how most of us live our own lives - mindlessly occupied with our own issues and concerns, stumbling through life (often over the toes of others) with little if any conscious direction or critical thought. In the end, we keep on running into the same scenarios and problems over and over - not because we're caught in a time loop, but because we're caught in a life-loop. We haven't made the grade, so we can't graduate beyond our current situation.

Helping Others Develop Their Potential

Most of us find ourselves in a position to help others achieve more of their potential than we realize. Sure, as leaders, supervisors, and parents we can see ourselves in that position; but the fact is that all of us are uniquely qualified to help at least one other person in our lives reach their potential. I believe it is part of our purpose in life to serve others in this way ? to encourage and support people we care about in becoming their best selves.

Unleash It!

On airplanes, in restaurants, in the newspaper and on television, I often hear people saying their businesses are not growing to their satisfaction or that they are not reaching their objectives. The explanations that follow consist of reasons like:

The Metamorphosis of the Successful Executive . . . Overcoming Professional Stagnation

You're a bright, successful business executive making good money and managing a capable staff of accomplished professionals. You are successful beyond your wildest business school dreams. You've achieved much-yet something's missing. On the surface, life is good-yet you feel tired, drained, frustrated, defeated. Intuitively, you know your life can and should be more fulfilling.

Ten Steps To Effective Leadership

Many people end up in a supervisory position or SOHO ownership almost by default. In today's workplace, if someone stays on their job long enough, they will probably be promoted as others, more senior to them or higher up the chain of responsibility, leave for other opportunities.

Professional Organizations: Join or Fold?

All of us join professional organizations for a reason--a friend belongs, we need to for credibility, etc. Many times we let years slide by and we don't stop and review those reasons. Unless something sets off a boundary--lack of funds, the organization runs itself into a ditch, or a leadership problem.

Rationalize Success Away

I was invited to do a Leadership workshop at a well known Fortune 100 company out in New Jersey. The all day event was geared toward their new crop of interns. At a point in my presentation I talked about the many reasons we come up with for not taking action. The many excuses we create in order to delay or defer acting on our plans to achieve success.

Why the Squirrel Kept Winning!

I had the good fortune (or misfortune depending on your climate perspective) of living in Minnesota for ten years. The Summers were beautiful, Fall was spectacular with the changing colors of the leaves on trees and winter was,?well, damn cold.

The Death of Potential

While reading my latest book on politics and economics, I came across a reference to a bible story called "Parable of the Talents'. In this story three servants are each give ?talents? (a monetary denomination used by the Greeks). To the first, the master gave 5 talents, to the second he gave 2 and to the third he gave 1 talent. The master gave each a different amount of money (talents), according to their ability. Two of the servants doubled their money and the master was pleased with their results. The third servant, fearful of losing it, buried his money where no one benefited from it, including himself. When the master summoned the third servant to get an accounting of what he had done with his talent, he was angry and displeased to find out the servant had simply buried it and where the money had no opportunity to earn interest. The servant tried to explain to the master that he knew how ?exacting? the master was and he did not want to lose His money. The master didn?t buy it. He ordered that the one talent be given to the first servant who was able to convert 5 talents into 10. (Reference Matt 25:14 and Luke 19:12). Although I believe the story or parable was strictly about economics and frugality, it can be extended to include, not only money, but true talents (i.e., ability). The cornerstone of my book, The Logic of Success, is the premise that unless you find out what it is you were meant to do, true happiness will elude you. Finding out what it is you truly want takes time, patience and perseverance. In the first chapter I discuss how to create ?search patterns? to find your true calling. (Get a Free copy at www.thelogicofsucccess.com). Now, I want go beyond the obvious of telling you about your hidden talents (you already know you have one, two or more). I want to address the ?How? talents were (and are) buried within us. As children, we all loved to discover new things. We even did things when others advised us not to (e.g., touching the stove when Mom said it was hot). We wanted to learn, we wanted to discover for ourselves the world around us. Failure and pain were not yet transformed into anxieties. As we got older, we were expected to act a little more responsible and accountable for our actions. Like in any soap opera drama, this is the scene in your life where ?society? steps in and starts benevolently imposing its norms on your behavior. You are now expected to:

Reinventing Failure: Designing Success

I am fascinated by problems. I like to think of myself as a solution oriented individual. However when problems creep into my life as they always do I know that I am in for a major learning experience.

Top 25 Leadership Quotations

Ponder what it takes to be a true leader with these practical quotes that will lead you to a more precise understanding of the secrets to successful leadership...

Leadership Skills - 10 Ways to Beef Up

10 Ways to Beef Up Your Leadership Skills

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After a while, pretending to be someone that you are not can become very draining, disingenuous and can even leave you in a very lonely and isolated place.

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Former Aetna CEO Ron Williams draws on years of management experience to offer leadership advice in his new book.

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When the United States first imposed sanctions, Iran reacted passively. The results were disastrous.

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GREENFIELD — Participants in the 2019-20 Leadership Hancock County class spent much of their first day of instruction on a scavenger hunt, following clues ...

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz are jostling over the terms of a unity government, after the country's second election in a ...

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They're some of the most expensive mistakes you can make.

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He angrily hung up on the Australian Prime Minister. He dialed Mexico's President as a room full of reporters watched. And he's distributed his personal ...

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Leadership seems to come naturally to some, though it may come at a price. You first need to grow up. So declares venture capitalist-turned-leadership coach ...

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In the workplace, decisions can be a building block of a successful career, or they can be the reason for failure. Some people try to escape the possibility of ...

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A government policy advisory group has called for compulsory quotas make company leadership a fairer reflection of society. The SER on Friday published its ...

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Top tips on how to build and lead a team from Lyft's outgoing Chief Business Officer.

Whistleblower Complaint Involves 'Promise' Between Trump and Foreign Leader: Report  The Daily Beast

A President telling a Pres-elect of a well known corrupt country he better investigate corruption that affects US is doing his job,” he said.

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For many years, the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in September was a centerpiece of U.S. global leadership. President ...

Prosecutors fined in sexual abuse case against La Luz Del Mundo leader and two followers  Los Angeles Times

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge held state prosecutors in contempt Thursday for not turning evidence over in the sexual abuse case against La Luz ...

Europe’s Only Serious Leader Is French, Britain’s Mandelson Says  Bloomberg

Europe doesn't speak up more amid the ongoing U.S.-China trade war because of a simple “lack of leadership,” according to Peter Mandelson. European ...

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All leaders need some way to evaluate their current performance so they can continue to grow as decision-makers, managers, and colleagues. But what is the ...

Pau Gasol adds leadership, versatility: Countdown to Portland Trail Blazers training camp  OregonLive

The veteran big man is expected to provide depth, versatility and leadership in his first season in Portland.

America desperately needs a fresh crop of leaders. Here's where to find them  CNN

As a sense of mounting crises spreads and the 2020 election heats up, the country needs a push to recruit committed public servants into politics at all levels ...

Hire Leaders for What They Can Do, Not What They Have Done  Harvard Business Review

Fifty years have passed since the publication of The Peter Principle, but its rule still applies today. “In time, every post tends to be occupied by an employee who ...

Black Leaders Condemn Attacks by Sanders Supporters Amid Fallout From WFP's Warren Endorsement  Splinter

In a draft letter obtained by Splinter on Thursday, dozens of prominent black progressive leaders condemned the “hateful, violent, and racist threats” they said ...

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's UN leadership challenge  Stuff.co.nz

Stuff caught up with the PM before she flew off to what will be the first major test of her international leadership credentials.

Striking workers question whether UAW leaders can be trusted  Yahoo Finance

The strike against General Motors by the United Auto Workers is playing out amid a corruption scandal inside the UAW that has caused distrust of the union ...

Chair of Williamson Co. GOP resigns from leadership role  The Tennessean

In a letter to the Tennessee GOP leaders, Omar Hamada resigned from his post as the leader of the Williamson County Republican Party.

6 Steps Leaders Can Take to Get the Most Out of Feedback  Harvard Business Review

Business publications are filled with articles about feedback: how important it is for leaders, how leaders can both give and receive it, what happens when ...

Israeli leaders warn of possible third election amid political deadlock  CNN

The political deadlock in Israel showed no signs of abating Thursday, as the country's leaders warned of the possibility of a third election, with neither Benjamin ...

4 Harsh Truths You Must Accept to Become a Better Leader  Inc.

If you find yourself in the position of inquiring "where do I stand as a leader," at some point, you must face some harsh truths to measure yourself up against the ...

How Iran's Supreme Leader Is Outmatching Trump  Foreign Policy

Reuel Marc Gerecht is a former CIA case officer and an expert on Iran who is a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Gerecht, a Persian ...

Twitter Critics Erupt Over Donald Trump’s Reported Promise To Unknown World Leader  HuffPost

Twitter users voiced concern after The Washington Post reported Wednesday that an intelligence official's secret whistleblower complaint involved President ...

Women religious leaders urged to practice accompaniment at annual national assembly  The Catholic Sun

SCOTTSDALE — In a room filled with nearly 900 leaders of various women religious communities, not everyone could practically step up to the mic. A few did ...

Oregon House Republicans Elect New Minority Leader  OPB News

UPDATE (11:30 a.m. PT) — Republicans in the Oregon House of Representatives have ousted their leader as they look to reclaim seats in the 2020 election ...

UN climate summit: Scientists' messages to world leaders  New Scientist News

Greta Thunberg has urged the US Congress to "listen to the scientists". Here's what climate scientists have to say ahead of next week's UN climate summit.

Black leaders condemn Bernie Sanders supporters for 'racist threats'  Washington Examiner

A group of liberal black leaders sent a message to Sen. Bernie Sanders, saying some of his supporters had made "racist threats" after the Working Families Party ...

Bernie Sanders shakes up campaign leadership in New Hampshire  POLITICO

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Sen. Bernie Sanders has replaced the New Hampshire state director of his presidential campaign after growing indignation from his ...

Intel official blows a whistle on Trump's interaction with world leader  Washington Post

Shane Harris on the whistleblower rattling the intelligence community. Juliet Eilperin explains the president's move to take away California's ability to set its own ...

Kashmir lockdown: Top separatists free but mainstream leaders face the axe  India Today

A curious political situation is taking shape in Jammu and Kashmir where Hurriyat leaders have not been detained by the government. It is the mainstream ...

Meet the fall cohort of Poynter's 2019 Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media  Poynter

This class of 29 women will come to Poynter from England, Finland, South Africa, Turkey and the United States for a week of intensive leadership training. ST.

Prime minister makes a mockery of national leadership  The Guardian

Letters: After Boris Johnson compared Brexit Britain to the Hulk at the weekend and then ducked out of a press conference with the Luxembourg PM Xavier ...

Elon Musk is the most inspirational leader in tech, new survey shows  CNBC

Elon Musk has been ranked the most inspirational figure in tech, according to a new survey of global industry professionals.

Casino in talks with Aldi to sell discount chain leader price  MarketWatch

Casino Guichard-Perrachon SA is in talks with German competitor Aldi to sell its Leader Price chain of discount stores, the French retailer said late Thursday.

The 5 Habits Of Successful Sales Leaders  Forbes

Great sales managers develop 5 habits to engage their team members.

Three Leaders of Women’s March Group Step Down After Controversies  The New York Times

Three leaders of the Women's March on Washington who helped organize one of the largest mass mobilizations in United States history following the ...

Amid questions about leadership, NASA is “close” to making a key hire  Ars Technica

Nearly two months have now passed since NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine essentially fired Bill Gerstenmaier, the agency's chief of human spaceflight.

EFF to Observe at United Nations General Assembly Leaders' Week Event  EFF

EFF has joined the advisory committee of the Christchurch Call to Eliminate Terrorist and Violent Extremist *Content* Online and will be represented at meetings ...

Ocasio-Cortez flexes against Democratic leadership by endorsing an incumbent’s primary challenger  The Washington Post

She's endorsing a primary challenger to one of her colleagues, even though House Democratic leadership is actively trying to discourage primary challengers.

Experienced University of California leader named head of UC national laboratories  University of California

The University of California Board of Regents approved today (Sept. 19) the appointment of Dr. Craig Leasure, a longtime UC leader with extensive experience ...

Hospital operator closes 2 facilities after leadership exodus  Becker's Hospital Review

Houston-based Nobilis Health closed Scottsdale (Ariz.) Liberty Hospital and Surgeons' Premier Medical Center in Sugar Land, Texas, on Sept. 13, according to ...

MLS releases statement after meeting with supporter group leaders regarding political signage  MLSsoccer.com

Earlier today, executives from Major League Soccer met with leaders of the Independent Supporters Council and supporter groups for the Portland Timbers and ...

Why Gratitude Makes Leaders More Effective  Entrepreneur

Here are nine effective ways to show your thanks on a daily basis.

'Not fit to govern': opposition leaders react to Trudeau blackface images – video  The Guardian

Justin Trudeau has been branded 'hurtful' and 'hypocritical' by leaders of Canada's main opposition parties after images emerged of him wearing blackface.

Student loan crisis, not Mideast wars, helped Army leaders exceed recruiting goals this year  ArmyTimes.com

The *service's* leadership said it will exceed this year's desired active duty end-strength of 478000 troops.

Stephen Colbert Blows the Whistle on Trump After Foreign 'Promise'  The Daily Beast

Thank god Trump never keeps his promises,” the host joked.

Marijuana Business Leaders Meet With Beto O’Rourke On His Legalization Plan  HuffPost

OAKLAND, Calif. ― Hours after Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke unveiled a sweeping plan to legalize marijuana and repair the racist injustices ...

2 Senior Black Congressional Leaders Take the Safe Route and Back Biden for President  The Root

Reps. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) and G.K. Butterfield (D.-N.C.), both former chairs of the Congressional Black Caucus, are throwing their political weight behind ...

‘We blew it’: Forbes named 99 men and only one woman on its list of ‘most innovative leaders’  The Washington Post

A Twitterstorm erupted after the list, developed by business professors and published by Forbes, included only one woman. Forbes has created a task force in ...

First on CNN: Navy SEAL leaders fired after allegations of sexual assault and drinking among team  CNN

Washington (CNN) The three senior leaders of a US Navy SEAL Team have been fired from their positions by the admiral overseeing the Navy's elite special ...

Is Xi Mishandling Hong Kong Crisis? Hints of Unease in China’s Leadership  The Indian Express

Beijing's halting response to the protests in Hong Kong has raised questions about President Xi Jinping's imperious style and authoritarian policies.

Faulconer says concerns by economists, business leaders prompted his veto of housing legislation  The San Diego Union-Tribune

Mayor Kevin Faulconer said Thursday that concerns raised by economists and the building industry prompted his controversial veto this week of new city ...

Ian Schwarber, young Akron leader and tech entrepreneur, dies at age 38  Akron Beacon Journal

Ian Schwarber, one of Akron's young leaders and tech entrepreneurs, has died.Schwarber, 38, was the father of two young children. It could be weeks before the ...

Wout Poels leaves Team Ineos for leadership role at Bahrain-Merida  Cyclingnews.com

Bahrain Merida have confirmed the arrival of Wout Poels for 2020, with the Dutchman swapping his supporting role at Team Ineos for more of a leadership role ...

How a New Leader Broke Through a Culture of Accuse, Blame, and Criticize  Harvard Business Review

Children's Hospital & Clinics COO Julie Morath sets out to change the culture there by instituting a policy of blameless reporting, which encourages employees ...

Washington Post Called Criticism of Obama's Whispered Promise to a Foreign Leader 'Political Sniping'  CNSNews.com

When President Barack Obama was caught on a live microphone making a promise to a foreign leader in 2012, The Washington Post called Republican ...

Pelosi: McConnell abdicating leadership for Trump  Washington Examiner

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of relinquishing his leadership role by waiting for President Trump to dictate the ...

Rush Limbaugh on whistleblower complaint involving Trump's call with a foreign leader: "The president can say what he wants to anybody"  Media Matters for America

Rush Limbaugh on whistleblower complaint involving Trump's call with a foreign leader: "The president can say what he wants to anybody". September 19, 2019.

Iran's Supreme Leader Approved Saudi Attacks: Washington  OilPrice.com

A US official confirmed that Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, approved the attacks on Saudi oil infrastructure.

Zimbabwe union leader found alive after reported abduction  The Guardian

A doctor and labour activist in Zimbabwe whose reported abduction led to widespread protests by medical staff has been found, disorientated and in pain but ...

EU Leaders Ramp Up Pressure On Johnson To Present Brexit Plan In 12 Days Or ‘It’s Over’  Forbes

Topline: European Union leaders are ratcheting up the pressure on Boris Johnson to present his concrete plans for a Brexit deal, with Finnish Prime Minister ...

Sam Howell aims to become a vocal leader moving forward for UNC football  The Daily Tar Heel

After the UNC football team suffered its first loss of the season against Wake Forest, Sam Howell is looking to speak up as a leader to help his team rebound ...

Which Tech Leaders do Tech Professionals Admire? Elon Musk Heads the List  IEEE Spectrum

And women come on strong in Hired's top ten most inspiring tech leaders.

Trump denies report he made 'troubling' promise to foreign leader  MarketWatch

President Donald Trump on Thursday denied a Washington Post report that he made a promise to a foreign leader in a phone call this summer that was ...

Syria Hayat Tahrir al-Sham loses third leader in Syria this year  Al-Monitor

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, a coalition of Islamist groups fighting against regime forces in Idlib, Syria, is facing dissent within its ranks and accusations of corruption by ...

Donald Trump's 'Promise' to a Foreign Leader Is More Than Just Troubling  Esquire.com

And the acting Director of National Intelligence has fought to keep that information a way from the responsible congressional committees.

UAW leader reports 'some progress'; suppliers start to lay off workers  Detroit Free Press

A top UAW official told striking General Motors workers Thursday afternoon that "some progress has been made" in contract talks, but many issues remained ...

In one tweet, Harris showed more leadership than Trump ever has  CNN

Dean Obeidallah writes California Sen. Kamala Harris, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, gave a master class on Saturday in what real leadership looks ...

In Book, Former Defense Chief Mattis Sideswipes President Trump's Leadership Skills  NPR

In the general's upcoming leadership book, Call Sign Chaos, the Obama administration catches the most flak. Mattis barely mentions President Trump but ...

Former N.W.T. premier calls on Trudeau to resign, other leaders disagree  CBC.ca

Stephen Kakfwi calls PM's actions 'unforgivable,' while Tlicho Grand Chief George Mackenzie says, 'Everyone makes mistakes.'

Brevard faith leaders demand apology in open letter to Bill Mick  Florida Today

Some 23 faith leaders and interfaith organisations signed onto a letter demanding at minimum an apology from WMMB's Bill Mick.

Ukip leader accused of insulting party over conference no-show  The Guardian

Richard Braine has pulled out of the conference in Newport after fewer than 450 tickets were sold.

Leadership transition announced for MIT Media Lab  MIT News

An executive committee of MIT faculty and senior staff has been appointed to lead the MIT Media Lab through a transition period, effective immediately and until ...

Former MIT media lab staffer says leadership made it clear Epstein's donations were to be kept secret  CNN

Signe Swenson, a former development associate and alumni coordinator at the MIT media lab, told CNN on Saturday that she repeatedly expressed concern ...

San Jose Unions, Housing Activists Battle Business Leaders Over High-Rise Fee Reduction  CBS San Francisco

SAN JOSE (KPIX) — Labor unions in San Jose have joined together with affordable housing activists to battle once again with the city's business leaders, this ...

WaPo: Whistleblower Reported “Troubling” Promise from Trump to Foreign Leader  Democracy Now!

The Washington Post reports that a conversation between President Trump and a world leader disturbed a U.S. intelligence official so much that the person filed ...

Economic development leader leaves Greater Omaha Chamber after 16 months  Omaha World-Herald

The departure of a key business recruiter comes as regional and state groups are pressing to attract more workers to keep up with the Omaha area's business ...

House GOP leader not buying whistleblower claim about Trump  Washington Examiner

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy warned the media not to trust a news report that suggests President Trump made a troubling promise to a unnamed ...

Peter Thiel's Palantir set to delay IPO under bumbling leadership of CEO Alex Karp  The Next Web

Bloomberg today reported that Palantir Technologies, a Peter Thiel-founded company that builds mass-surveillance solutions for law enforcement agencies, will ...

Lucy Fry Says Forest Whitaker Was a 'Gentle, Wonderful Leader' on the Godfather of Harlem Set  PEOPLE.com

'Godfather of Harlem' premieres Sunday, September 29th at 10 p.m. ET on EPIX.

No loudhailers, umbrellas allowed at talks with Hong Kong leader  Reuters

The Hong Kong government on Thursday set the rules for an open dialogue between leader Carrie Lam and the public next week, telling those taking part to be ...

Dem leader says party can include abortion opponents | TheHill  The Hill

The Democrats' tent is big enough to include anti-abortion lawmakers, the No. 2 House Democrat said Wednesday.

‘Loro’ Review: A Corrupt Leader, and the People Who Love Him  The New York Times

Toni Servillo plays the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in Paolo Sorrentino's extravagant portrait.

The Latest: Australia leader calls protests a 'disruption'  CBS17.com

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — The Latest on the global climate protests being held in cities around the world (all times local):. 1:50 p.m.. Australia's acting prime ...

World leaders to present carbon reduction plans at UN summit  UPI News

World leaders are preparing to gather at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York City, where they are expected to discuss plans to drastically reduce carbon ...

Sharing the leadership load will benefit the Springboks at RWC 2019  SARugbymag

The Springboks will benefit from a strong leadership core at the World Cup, writes former Test captain JEAN DE VILLIERS in SA Rugby magazine.

Education leader notes goals for South Carolina public schools  Live 5 News WCSC

More than 100 teachers from the Tri-county participated in a forum led by the leader of the state's public education system.

Office Of The Political Ombudsman To Host Young Leaders Forum  Government of Jamaica, Jamaica Information Service

The Office of the Political Ombudsman (OPO) will be hosting a Forum for Young Leaders on September 20 to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the signing ...

Iran 'will never talk to America,' supreme leader says ahead of UN General Assembly meetings  CNBC

DUBAI — Iran will never hold talks with America, the country's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on state television Tuesday morning, effectively ...

Business leaders make the case for immigration reform  The Boston Globe

Representative Joe Kennedy is on the cusp of deciding whether to challenge Senator Ed Markey. But that's not why nearly 150 people packed a conference ...

Women’s March Votes In New Leader, Ousts Her Days Later After Extreme Comments Emerge  The Daily Wire

Just days after appointing her, the Women's March, which has come under fire for the anti-Semitism of its past leaders, was forced to remove its newest board ...

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