Are You The Most Powerful Leader You Can Be?

As someone who teaches, manages, parents or influences you'll probably already be aware that powerful leadership is not just about the boss, it's about the team, irrespective of whether that team is in the classroom, in the office or around your home.

In a driven world of instant access and fast everything the view of leadership being top down has become dated, and dare I say it, dangerous.

Every member of the team must now be engaged in a form of leadership. The most powerful teachers, managers, parents and influencers know that in order to function within the current pace of life they need to be the leader that all other leaders aspire to being.

Powerful leaders are flexible. They understand that in today's world knowledge is more vital than position. Powerful leaders understand that the child who offers an inspirational thought in the classroom is every bit as much the teacher as the person holding the board marker; powerful leaders know that adhering to the thoughts and feelings of staff is what makes them driven, as opposed to them having to be driven; and powerful parents know that a child's tantrum is sometimes about sharing the power in the household and letting them grow.

Strong leadership flows through the group, bottom to top, top to bottom with the people at the bottom often inspiring, teaching and influencing as much as the people at the top.

Strong leadership is about developing purpose and responsibility ? purpose being meaning and direction, responsibility being 'ownership' and taking charge.

And while good leaders will be in charge of their specialist area ? the classroom, the office or the home ? outstanding leaders will have defined their purpose in every area of their life, through home and career, right out into the community.

When powerful, outstanding leaders see something that needs changing they step up to the mark and force change wherever they see it. They pull up their socks, roll up their sleeves and ask others to pitch in and join them.

True leadership is about encouraging everyone to lead. True leadership is about meaning. True leadership is about direction. True leadership is about taking responsibility wherever responsibility needs taking.

Best Wishes

Jo Ball
Coach & Founder, Unstoppable Life

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