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What We Can Learn From J. Paul Getty

J. Paul Getty planned to enter the U.S. Diplomatic Service, but, when he got out of college, the Oklahoma oil boom caught his attention. Since his father had already prospered in the oil business, he was irresistibly attracted to the prospects of wildcatting, and he decided to postpone his diplomatic ambitions for two more years.

Characteristics of a Good Leader

It?s interesting to hear the responses from executives when I ask them, ?What are the characteristics of a good Leader??

What is Leadership?

Leadership is what every organization needs and so few have in adequate supply. Part of leadership is what the first President Bush called ?the vision thing?. It?s the ability to see what does not exist and then gather, mold and shape the resources needed to make it happen.

Value Driver Leadership

CHAPTER 1 ************ VALUE

Premature Articulation

Ask anyone about what makes a good leader and they are sure to put the ability to communicate high on the list of necessary skills. Yet all to often communication is simply seen as the ability to speak.

Follow My Leader - To Effect Change, Leaders Must Walk the Talk!

A leader?s role

Elements of Timeless Leadership

Great leadership is timeless, always in vogue. The world has been hungry for great leaders from time immemorial. In times of chaos and war, environmental and social upheaval, great leaders often emerge pointing the way toward peace. In times of tranquility, calm and prosperity, great leaders have emerged to maintain the systems of order and to challenge apathy.

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