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Natural Spring Plastic

What are you paying for when you buy bottled water The image of pristine glaciers and crystal clear springs comes to mind. But the truth is, bottled water is hardly ever purer, healthier, or safter than tap water. Ironically, bottled water is often just tap water in a bottle. One "spring water" brand with lake and mountains on the label in reality was taken from a well in an industrial parking lot. It was close to a hazardous waste dump and was sporadically tested with industrial chemical levels above Food and Drug Administration standards.

You Know Youre Craving Sweets Too Much...

You know that you’re craving sweets a bit too much when....

"Fruit Baskets" the most Unique Incredible Edible Gift Of All !

Fruity Fresh Fruit Baskets Or Fruit gift baskets is the oldest traditional gift which still today is considered unique and one of the most overwhelming edible gifts of all .

Flavored Coffee Syrup Adds A New Dimension To Beans

Flavored coffee syrup is a popular addition to any coffee beverage and a welcome change for any regular coffee drinker. Whether you are looking to satisfy a sweet tooth or just want something different, flavored coffee syrups put a great kick into any drink. If you own a coffee business, these syrups are another great way to attract customers, allowing them to customize their own drinks so they can enjoy exactly the flavors that their taste buds desire.

Wrapping Up the Cigar Boom

At age 98, the infamous cigar aficionado George Burns said, "If I had taken my doctors advice and quit smoking when he advised me to, I wouldnt have lived to go to his funeral." While its tempting for us to use Mr. Burns as the poster-child for the anti-anti-smoking movement which is gaining little ground against anti-smoking legislation in the United States, we would be hard-pressed to answer why the honor shouldnt go to Mark Twain, Peter Falk, Sigmund Freud "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" or Rudy Giuliani. As more and more restaurants find themselves under regulation to prohibit smoking and many of the cigar bars from the last decade close their doors, it seems that todays cigar smoker is a bit lonely.

Cut the Take Out

A long hard day at work. You get home and need dinner. Nothing in the fridge, nothing in the cupboard. Take-out again. The wallet just won’t comply much longer.

Tasty Rice Pudding

Tasty Rice Pudding by Kenia Morales

Cool Snacks for a Hot Summer

Beat the heat with these cool summer treats!

6 Delicious Coffee Recipes

Do you love coffee Most of us do. In this article we will provide you with 6 recipes to enjoy your coffee a different way. We hope you enjoy it.

Grilled Lamb Shashliki

NC—This is one of those easy recipes with a real Mediterranean feel. If extra guests arrive, stretch the meal with more pita bread, or rice cooked with fried

Grilled Tandoori-Style Chicken with Cool Cucumber Raita

NC—Using a tandoori paste from a jar makes this spicy chicken dish fast and easy. Marinate the meat at the cottage in the morning, or combine the chicken and marinade and marinate overnight in the refrigerator before leaving for the cottage the next day. This marinade is also lovely for grilled lamb chops. You can make the raita at home and bring it along in the cooler.

Seafood and Corn Beach Barbecue

NC—Seafood and seasonal vegetables steam to perfection on the grill in foil pouches lined with fresh corn husks. The husks prevent the contents from burning and add flavour to the steamy juices. This recipe makes one individual package that makes a full meal for one person. Make as many pouches as you have guests. Serve this dinner the first day out when sweet, local corn is in season. The seafood must be fresh.

Exploring World Flavours In The Comfort Of Your Own Backyard

NC—Summer is almost here, which means backyard entertaining and patio parties with family and friends. As cross-cultural cuisine continues to gain in popularity, guests will be craving foods with more intense, diverse flavours this season.

Curried Turkey Wraps

Prep Time: 15-20 minutes

Mexican Burgers

Prep Time: 15 minutes

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