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What is Fair Trade Coffee and Why Should We Buy It

Todays society is very familiar with fair trade coffee, yet it is unclear whether the true meaning behind the economic, environmental and social impact of purchasing and drinking it is understood. In order to comprehend the full impact fair trade coffee has on our society, one must learn what it means.

Food Lovers Gift Secrets

Gifts for Food Lovers

Bertha, Vacuum Sealers & Frogs

I love kitchen gadgets. Over the years I have scoured the yard sales or scrimped and saved for various items like a curly potato maker, baked potato cooker, rice cooker, food processor, blender, ice cream maker, yogurt maker, snow code maker, well you name it and it has drawn dust in my cabinets. You know the story, get your gadget home and every night your family is eating curly fries and snow cones until finally you receive a petition signed by every neighbor and his dog supporting your familys decision to ban that contraption!

The Mystery of Decanting

Decanting is a strange word to many people. Some do not even know what it means exactly. Taking the sophistication out of it, decanting literally means pouring the wine from the bottle to a special glass container. This is done in order to expose the wine to oxygen and enrich it.

Chosing Organic for Health

We come from a society where growing organic and just growing produce and livestock for food was once one and the same. Small, family farms still grow their own food using traditional methods passed down through the generations. As commercial farming became big-business, however, growers and farmers started to investigate methods of increasing crops and building bigger livestock in order to increase their profits. This led to increased use of pesticides and drugs to enhance yield.

Learn To Deal With the Wine Steward in Restaurants

Ordering wine in restaurants is an essential step in enjoying your dining experience. You will find that there are two types of restaurants serving wine: simply, those that have a poor wine service and poor wine selections, and those that provide a knowledgeable and helpful wine staff, and stock favorable wines.

Chilean Wine History and Style

The Buddhists say that life is suffering. The capitalists say that life is a struggle. The communists say that life is a team-effort. But the Chileans say that life is beautiful. Why Because sometimes you are just born with a full deck of cards. Chile is perhaps the only wine making country on Earth that seems to have everything exactly where it wants it.

The Mystery of Decaffeinated Coffee

Caffeine has become Americas most popular drug by far. 90% of Americans consume caffeine in one form or another every single day. Most of it comes from drinking coffee.

One Bird the President Didn’t Pardon

Talking turkey

Making Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea

Blended and Varietal Wines

Novice wine lovers soon come across the concept of blended and varietal wines. The two questions that spring to mind are, “what does it mean” and “does it matter”

Coffee Club Membership is a Joy For Coffee Lovers

Coffee club membership is a joy for coffee lovers The coffee club concept is relatively new but is taking the world by storm. Reward yourself or your friends and relatives with coffee clubs by joining up and saving loads. Each month, you will get a shipment of coffee delivered direct to your door. This is a great way to taste new coffees, sample different varieties, find a brew that you really like and ultimately avoid a trip to the store to buy your favorite coffee. Automatic shipment is very convenient, especially if you like your coffee first thing in the morning because this means you will never run out when you need it the most.

Hong Kong Street Food

If you have visited Hong Kong in the past, you should have tried the typical HK street food stalls and had a taste of the famous curry fish balls there. If you havent, then you must make sure you will try it the next time you are there.

Chinese Dining Etiquette

At Chinese meal times, Chinese people use a round or square table. Person of the most importance would usually take the seat the farthest away from the door whilst the youngest or the person of the least importance would take the seat closest to the door.

Champagne and Appetizers: Let the Celebration Begin

Are you preparing a romantic dinner A party Want to feel great eating alone Whatever the reason, champagne is a definitely must. What to serve it with before the main meal, though

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