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Give Me French Fries with that Shake

What goes better with a juicy hamburger and a delicious milkshake than a plate of crispy French fries

Making Hamburger Recipes is Easy and Fun

When I was a kid Wimpy from the old Popeye cartoon show was one of my favorite characters because he expressed a deep love and obsession with hamburgers on a bun. Wimpy was always looking for hamburgers and wasn’t happy unless his plate was piled high with steaming hot hamburgers.

Best Ever Apple Pie Recipes

What’s the best ever apple pie recipe

Chocolate Cake Recipes We Love

If you’re a chocolate cake lover like I am, then you’re already aware that it’s the best and most popular dessert ever created – at least for all of us chocolate lovers.

A Chicken Recipe for Every Occasion

It taste just like chicken.

Four Stages of Breaking an Addiction

Nowhere do the Four Stages of Addiction come into play more powerfully than they do when you resist changing a habit relating to the foods with which you self-medicate. For most of us those foods are the instant, and easily available – Bread, Beverage, Dessert, or Alcohol. For others they are the fatty foods, and plenty of them. You might choose huge portions of steak, hamburger, and French fries, enormous bowls of salad with globs of dressing. Perhaps chunks of cheese appear as a part of your daily food consumption.

How to Change Your Conditioned Responses to Certain Foods

When trying to lose weight, there are certain foods that each person is more attracted to than other foods. Some find the morning cup of coffee quite addictive. To others it is bread. Many cannot have dinner in a restaurant without having an alcoholic beverage. With me it was always something sweet.

George Foreman Grill Producer vs. George Foreman Foods Inc.

Salton, Inc., the producer of George Foreman Grill filed a complaint against George Foreman Foods Inc. regarding the use of the domain name . The complaint was denied.

Indoor Grills Featured in Steven Raichlens Newest Book

With a great number of city people living in condos, with no possibility to grill outside, Raichlens latest book, "Indoor! Grilling" covers a topic of large interest, especially that grilling is a tradition in America, some sort of a national custom. So, this theme surely relieves a lot of frustration for the part of audience that had been previously left out!

A Coffee Roaster For All Occasions

Coffee roasters and those who roast, brew and serve the ultimate cup of coffee are now esteemed professionals within the social fabric of our community at large. A good coffee roaster is a little like a celebrity chef these days, complete with loyal followings, highly descriptive reviews and the ability to command premium prices for their products and services. As coffee continues to grow in elevation from merely a mundane beverage to something of art form, a good coffee roaster has begun to take on a glamorous aura.

Gourmet Foods For Every Occasion

Enjoying fine food is definitely one of the pleasures of life. There is so much fast food and bland tasting dishes today because of the lack of time to really prepare food right, that when you do get to enjoy gourmet fine food, its a special treat.

Grilled Albacore Tuna Steak Recipes

Grilled albacore tuna steak recipes add flair to your dinner table. Asians have a way of spicing up any fish dish with their own wasabi powder. This is a Japanese horseradish and many chefs today use this spice to bring a very unique flavor to tuna steak.

Cube Steak Recipes

Are you searching for some new and exciting cube steak recipes Well, first let’s look at why cube steak is so popular. Cube steak or minute steak, as some people may call it, comes from the butcher tenderizing round steak before packaging. This is done by using a butcher’s tenderizer. It does not take long to cook this time of steak hence came the name minute steak.

Aga Cookers

The Aga cooker has emerged as an icon of the UK with its solid performance and cast-iron reputation built over 70 glorious years. It is the undisputed queen of British kitchens that has conquered many a heart across the Atlantic as well.

Finding the Best Recipes

Trying to find a dynamite recipe to wow guests or cook up a special supper for your special someone Finding the best recipes is simple. First, perform a careful analysis of the situation for which you are cooking to narrow down the search. Cookbooks are very specific, so whether you are a hometown soup cook, a college student, or a soon-to-be fine cuisine artist, there is a cookbook for you. Find your niche, and get cooking!

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