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3 Steps To Turning OK eBook Sales Into Unbelieveable Results!

Have you noticed that 90% of "How To" information about creatingand marketing your own information-based products online is basic beginner stuff?

Making Money With Information Products

I actually know a few people who are making millions a year through home-based operations (and a few others who have been able to subsidize their incomes from low risk business ideas). In most cases, all it took was some good market research and the get up and go to actually put the information product together.Believe it or not, the biggest obstacle to overcome when putting together an ebook or DVD product is actually having the motivation to get started - it?s not as hard as it sounds! The most common, and usually the most successful information products are e-books, audio cd / tapes and increasingly, DVD?s. We?ll take a look at each of these categories in more detail below: Writing a successful ebookYou really have 2 options here. You can develop the content of the e-book yourself, or you can get someone to do it for you. There?s a few other ways you can go about creating an e-book, for instance, obtaining the rights to an out of print book, but these methods and considerably more complex and don?t offer any guarantees. If you?re a semi-confident writer, my advice would be to try and write the book yourself. A good way to start is to write about something that you are interested in ? spend 15 minutes a day putting down your ideas, if you find you are struggling, do your best to outline your ideas and then investigate the possibility of hiring a writer to research and draft the remainder of your ebook. There are loads of good writers around who will put together polished and concise copy for around 10 cents per word. Take a look at http://www.profitpuppy.com/freelance-sites.htm for more information about finding a freelance writer. Some writers expect up to $175 US an hour for their services, although thanks to the internet, it?s not impossible to find a reasonably talented scribe for around 10 cents per word. It?s important that you are clear in what you want to achieve when advertising a project so that you attract someone who is well suited. If you don?t have any luck with Elance or Freelance Writers, you could also try posting to Yahoo Groups or approaching people at your local uni. It?s important to remember that your reader probably won?t be too concerned about your command of the English language - just make sure you clearly explain your concepts and ideas (especially if you are writing a ?how-to? style ebook). For more information about writing and marketing e-books, visit http://www.profitpuppy.com/writing-and-selling-ebooks.htm where you will find a number of valuable resources. Audio CD?s and Tapes If you don?t fancy yourself as a writer whatsoever, another option you have is to create and audio tape or CD. It?s not as expensive as you might think, and audio products still have great appeal for buyers. While DVD?s and Videos have become easier to create, tapes and CD?s are still the mainstay of the information product world. The reason of this is that media savvy buyers aren?t enticed by the often amateurish production qualities of video or DVD info products. Another advantage of tapes and CD?s is that you can listen to them anywhere, for example in your car on the way to work. To produce a CD or Tape of reasonable quality, you are going to need to purchase (or hire) the necessary equipment. If you can afford to buy some studio time, it?s worthwhile, but if you just starting out, it?s an undue expense that you can avoid. Your local electronics store should be able to arm you with a noise reducing microphone and some high quality audio tapes (another option is to record to your computer first). You can expect to pay around $50 - $80 all up. You don?t need expensive equipment to get started, although you may have to upgrade if as you go along? Assuming that you?ve researched your topic (and target market properly), you can begin working on your information product which should give some step-by-step advice on how to overcome a particular problem or achieve a particular goal (there?s more about picking your topic below). Just remember that when you start recording you deliver the essence of your experience (or research) in an entertaining and concise way. If you are producing an instructional CD or tape, a simplified and bare bones approach is often best. Come up with steps that will help your customers achieve their desired goal/s. When you?re ready to go, shut off the phones and start recording (it?s also a good idea to have a script in front of you). Record your tape in less than 60 minutes. Play it to your friends, make any changes you think might be worthwhile based on their advice. When you?re happy with the final product, create some duplicates (or get someone to do it for you) and then start selling your product on the Internet ? It?s that easy! Making your own DVD information product If you think your idea is an exceptional one, or something that could work better visually, then you might consider producing your own DVD of Special Interest Video (SIV?s). This type of information product (often referred to as Guerilla Video) is becoming more popular as the required production technology becomes more accessible. Anyone with a DVC, a computer and some editing software can now make fairly professional looking DVD?s. DVD?s like tapes and CD?s are also more valuable in terms of what your customer might pay for them; although they are more expensive to produce, people are more likely to pay extra money to watch a DVD (especially if it can show them how to do something instead of having to listen or read about it). For example, showing someone how to dance or swing a golf club would be much more valuable then telling them how to do it. Remember that the ?if you can?t do it, get someone else to? principle applies for DVD?s and audio information products as well. It will cost you a little extra, but will usually be worth it in the long run. Regardless of your current level of video expertise, if you have the basic equipment, you can produce your own SIV. The first time around, you should consult with a sound and lighting technician and hire a video editor who can help you assemble your masterpiece.Picking a topic and selling itI probably should have covered this at the beginning? Anyway, by now you?ve probably got 3-4 ideas for your own e-book? If not, you?d better get brainstorming! Have you ever trained an animal? There?s a product right there. Do you have a fantastic way to save money? There?s another product. Do you know how to build anything? That?s definitely a product. There?s potential for information products all around you. The most important thing is that you research you target market properly and find out what they are interested in. A great way to do this is to post a short online questionnaire which you can advertise through pay per click Google Adwords. You could offer to give away a free copy of your product to anyone who helps you out with your market research. Before marketing your product, decide how much it?s worth: as a rough guide, you can sell an audio tape for at least $10 - $30 or a series of tapes for a lot more (depending on the subject) and you should be able to double that price for a CD or DVD product. At the end of the day you really have to test your price -you need to understand how much the market values your information. If your product can help other people earn money, you should be able to sell it for $97 per unit or more. If you?re trying to market a dog grooming manual you may find it more difficult to generate good returns ? you must pick your topic carefully. Some killer website copy, targeted ads and packaging can all help add value to your product. You will also need a merchant account so you can accept payment for your information product. Visit http://www.profitpuppy.com/accepting-payment.htm to learn more about merchant accounts. E-books, tapes and SIV information Products can be the ideal business to start - they are easy to produce, simple to ship, and enjoy high returns because people aren?t paying for the physical form the product is delivered in. Remember, that after you?ve completed your product, you?ll be making nearly 100% profit (that?s if people are interested enough to buy it). For example, if you produced just 1 DVD and can sell 500 copies at $50 a piece, you stand to make $25,000? Regards, Rob Rawson

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Can you encounter the number of times where a Credit Card Sale was generated, only to receive a "Refund Notification" from your contracted e-commerce processor on behalf the "customer"?

Ask and Ye Shall Create

How do you decide to create a new speech? A new report? A net product? Most of us have an idea, then start to work on it. It's only when we are well into the creation phase that we determine whether or not it will sell.

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Digital books were once heralded as being a replacement for print and everyone in the bookselling and publishing industry were scared. It looks like our love.

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Harry Potter fans can soon go four books deeper into the world of wizarding.

Story Time Better with Print Books Than E-Books, Study Suggests  Michigan Medicine

New research finds that parents and children talk and interact less with electronic books compared to print books.

This is the big reason why we don't own ebooks  Goodereader

Digital books have been available to mainstream consumers for the past ten years. Prior to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other platforms, authors sold ...

When our ebooks stop working  Goodereader

One of the great pitfalls of buying ebooks is that there is no true sense of ownership. This is quite evident when Microsoft decided to close their digital.

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If you're a fan of checking out e-books from your local library — and you very much should be — you may have to wait longer for new releases from one major ...

Library E-Book Lending Poses Rising Problem for Publishing Industry  The Wall Street Journal

One of the country's largest book publishers is changing the way it sells e-books to libraries, whose increasingly popular digital-book borrowing apps are taking ...

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Works by J.D. Salinger, the late tech-adverse author behind The Catcher in the Rye and Franny and Zooey, will now be released digitally as e-books, his son ...

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Matt Salinger tells NPR's Morning Edition about what finally convinced him to allow his father's works to be digitized. J.D. Salinger died in 2010 and is most ...

10 ways to download and read books online for free  CNET

If you're like me, books are a refuge. I don't discriminate when it comes to a good story, whether on my Nook, my Pixel 3 ($813 at Walmart) or on the paper page.

More Harry Potter E-Books Are Coming  Forbes

Pottermore Publishing is releasing four history-focused wizard-world e-books this year.

Microsoft closes its e-book store (updated)  Engadget

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Simon & Schuster this week became the latest Big Five publisher to change its terms for licensing digital *content* to public libraries. In a statement sent to libraries ...

Libraries Must Draw the Line on E-books  Publishers Weekly

Recent developments suggest a grim future for digital *content* in libraries, writes Sari Feldman, unless library supporters find a way to respond.

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Publishers putting squeeze on libraries' popular e-book offerings  Waco Tribune-Herald

Thousands of Waco-area library patrons enjoy the convenience of e-books and e-audiobooks they can download on their tablets, computers and phones, but ...

Microsoft Erases E-Library And Digital Rights Management Server  NPR

The move comes as a result of Digital Rights Management, an approach that allows companies to prevent piracy. Every purchased book will disappear this ...

Ebooks Are Great — Just Not for Young Readers  EdSurge

When you talk to an adult reader about ebooks, they typically come down on one side of the fence or the other. They either love the convenience, access ...

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Libraries are pushing back against new e-book and e-audiobook policies by some of the biggest publishers. Companies like Macmillan and Simon & Schuster.

Books Better Than E-Books for Toddlers  Healthline

A new study found that toddlers engage with stories at a higher level when they're read from print books rather than e-books.

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