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Bad Luck ... Or Blessing In Disguise?

There was a woman who was in such a hurry to go to the airport.She told the cab driver to step on it. She was so engrossedwith her own thoughts that she was not aware they were going on a different route.

Become a Babe Magnet Without Surgery or Drugs!

"I'd like to find a partner who dances. Do you?" my profile on asked. My now-husband Drew emailed that he was willing to take lessons, and that was enough for me. Non-dancer Drew?s courage to put himself out on the dance floor and to show in lesson after lesson his amateur status was truly impressive. We took private dance instruction for a year before our wedding, and as a result, got around the dance floor quite gracefully at our reception.Women are dying to dance. Any man who can ask a woman to dance, then take charge of what happens on the floor and move relatively smoothly to music, has enormous appeal. Fat or skinny, short, tall, or not even close to attractive, even old, old, old, a man who is comfortable on the dance floor has his pick of the ladies.For whatever the reason, dancing intoxicates. Especially women.Few men can really dance, and those guys are on the floor constantly. Some men think they can dance and do get up, ask the ladies, and have fun. But at least half the men sit or stand uncomfortably on the sidelines with all the women who wish to be on the dance floor. We women don't get to dance nearly as much as we'd like to, even the ladies who are good dancers. There aren't enough dancing men to go around. You can almost feel the yearning, the sadness, and the disappointment in those women and between those non-dancing couples. And the non-dancing guys? Pathetic.I personally know three women close to my age who met their now - spouses on the dance floor, and those ladies were great catches! Gentlemen and ladies, there's a message here. Guys: 1. Take lessons and learn how to dance. Leading well takes skill, but if Drew could learn how, so can you.

Achieving Your Definite Major Purpose

(Excerpts From The Book) Successercising ?The Science Of Success Achievement Course? The Equivalent To A PhD In Success From The University Of Hard Knocks

To Be More Attractive? Zap The Tolerations!

Imagine there is an event that will take place in a town many miles from where you live.

Opportunity Will Knock, If It Can Find The Door

Is your home office a spare room full of whatever doesn't fit anywhere else? Does your daily commute end with winding your way through a corporate maze to your own crowded cubicle? Do you sit down at your desk and push piles of papers aside to create a little workspace?

Four Proven Techniques On How To Capture Positive Habits

Bad habits, we all have them. They keep us from accomplishing our dreams, make us say and do things that really aren't in our integrity.

Ten Ways to Add Abundance To Your Mind, Your Life & Your World

Abundance isn't something you find from the outside. Abundance begins within and radiates outward. Find the ways that increase your abundance inside. Add time to your day, simplify, or make a difference in the world. Gratitude multiplies. Find something in these ten ways to add abundance to your life and enjoy the positive results it will attract.

When You Attract Negative People, Be Thankful

Laws of Attraction are clearly defined. What comes back is a reflection of the energy you are radiating. If negative people are being attracted to you, then be self-assured that you are sending out energy that appeared on their radar screen.

Ten Tips For Setting (And Keeping) Life Changing Resolutions

It?s time for that annual ritual of making (and breaking) our New Year?s resolutions. There is something about the idea of being able to start over that motivates us to pause (at least briefly) and reflect on our lives as they are, as well as how we would like them to be. Yet how many times have you thought back to last year?s goals and found that many or most of them were abandoned or just forgotten after a few weeks or months into the year?

Women and Bad Boys: What Is The Attraction?

"Bad Boys".

The Friend Crush: Is This Love Or Friendship

He's your good friend. She's your best confidant. You have known each other for a few years and have shared meals, movies, hobbies and vacations. You have confided to each other about your latest love interest and turned to one another for support when the relationship(s) failed. You can't imagine life without your good friend.

The Law of Attraction in Action

Would you like to be able to experience more of what brings you joy in your life? Do you have unmet wants and desires that have left you feeling unfulfilled in some areas of your life? Were you taught that it is our desires that make us unhappy? Whoever taught us that desire is a bad thing was an unempowered person!

A Lesson in Letting Go

Do you hear yourself saying?

How To Make Your Dreams Come True

Editors Note: Family Circle Interview (2003) with Dr. Wayne Dyer:

How to Be Irresistible to Women

You don?t need a guitar, rock-hard abs, or even a full head of hair to make a great impression on a woman. Follow these tips, and she?ll want to hear from you again real soon:

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Disneyland has been empty of late — by Disney park standards — and the new 'Star Wars' attraction appears to be a factor  MarketWatch

Crowd-control measures put in place to coincide with the June opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, a new “land” that added 20% to the California park's...

This Oklahoma 'Gathering Place' is the No. 1 New Attraction in America  Wide Open Country

Tulsa's Gathering Place in Oklahoma has been open less than a year and, according to USA Today, it's snagged the spot for number one best new attraction in ...

Chernobyl to become official tourist attraction, Ukraine says  WPMT FOX 43

Chernobyl, the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster which resulted in thousands of deaths, is to become an official tourist attraction, Ukraine's president has ...

Flight-Themed Attraction to Open at Tokyo DisneySea Tues.

Urayasu, Chiba Pref., July 17 (Jiji Press)--The Tokyo DisneySea theme park unveiled to the media on Wednesday its new flight motion-simulator attraction, ...

'Chernobyl' snags 19 Emmy nominations, inspiring tourism wave. But is disaster site safe?  USA TODAY

Tourism to the disaster site has surged 30% since HBO's hit miniseries and the Ukrainian government plans to capitalize on it. But is it a good idea?

The Law of Attraction: Will the Universe Give You What You Want?  HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks looks at the Law of Attraction, how it's supposed to work and some of the criticisms about it.

Bali tourists shocked to find out popular attraction on Instagram is fake: 'Felt so catfished'  Fox News

Tourists visiting a popular attraction in Bali were left shocked after discovering that it was faked for Instagram.

Gruman, Johnson helped make Storybook Land city's prime attraction

For the latter half of his life, Bob Gruman has been an integral part of Storybook Land's creation and its continual growth.

OdySea is the 1st Arizona attraction to be Certified Autism Center  AZ Big Media

The International Board of Credentialing and Continued Education Standards (IBCCES) announced today that OdySea Aquarium is the first attraction – and ...

Maine’s tourist attractions include lobster, quaint towns, blueberries and now, for some, weed  The Philadelphia Inquirer

Maine, with some of the most highly-respected cannabis growers in the country, is now accepting medical marijuana patients from New Jersey at its ...

Disney’s Star Wars theme park is getting its next big attraction this December  The Verge

Disney's ambitious Star Wars land Galaxy's Edge opened to visitors at its California Disneyland park in May, but when it did so, it opened with one big ride: ...

Dairyland Farm World tourist attraction off the A30 has been sold for millions  Cornwall Live

One of Cornwall's oldest tourist attractions has been sold for millions of pounds. Opened in 1975, Dairyland Farm World Limited was the brainchild of the late ...

Site of Chernobyl nuclear disaster to become official tourist attraction, Ukrainian president says  Fox News

The site of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster is set to officially become a tourist attraction, Ukraine announced Wednesday.

Roadside tourist attractions around the US that are actually worth the detour  Business Insider

Roadside attractions can sometime get a bad rep as tourist traps. But some stops are actually worth the time and money, according to travelers.

Golf as a betting attraction on display at British Open  VSiN

Jeff Fogle. Golf is the fastest growing sport in legalized betting. Readily available odds from major media outlets will add important context to major ...

Amazing Paper Artist Constructs Replicas of Beloved Disney Attractions

Paper artist and Disney fan Robert Lisinsky has shared with followers on Facebook one of his earlier creations: a paper model of Disneyland's “it's a small world.

Amazon Bans Books About Same-Sex Attraction, Not Nazi Propaganda  The Federalist

Amazon is the anti-government, white supremacist's reliable, go-to bookseller. But they ban books that gay activists dislike, for some reason.

Ukraine Is Making Chernobyl an Official Tourist Attraction  Condé Nast Traveler

Following the success of HBO's miniseries, the country's president has declared the site will become a tourist attraction.

USA Today: Chornobyl is set to become an official tourist attraction, but is it safe?  Kyiv Post

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky no longer wants the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant to be a dark-tourism destination. Read more here. Tags:.

Ice attraction in Yorkville proposed at future Harley dealership site  Journal Times

YORKVILLE — An apparent delay in the planned construction of a new $5 million House of Harley-Davidson dealership, along North Sylvania Avenue just north ...

Beyoncé Shuts Down Popular Tourist Attraction  iHeartRadio Australia

The mega pop star Beyoncé - and her daughter, Blue Ivy - flew into the popular tourist attraction on a helicopter, and shut off access to ev.

New Play Disney Parks Attraction Achievement Pins Available at Walt Disney World and Disneyland  The DIS

Disney announced today that three new achievement pins for the Play Disney Parks app are now available for purchase in the parks.

Instagrammers flock to Bali tourist attraction only to find it's faked in social media photos  FOX 10 News Phoenix

Tourists are flocking to a popular attraction in Bali only to be left shocked that the serene pool at the photogenic site is completely faked for Instagram.

Travel Tacoma Launches New Discount Attraction Pass

Travel Tacoma now offers a 3-day pass that provides discounted access to 7 attractions spanning Pierce County's waterfront, cities and Mount Rainier area.

Tokyo man arrested for underwear theft after instant, raging attraction to another man  SoraNews24

On a recent Friday, Tomoya Ishii was walking through a train station in Tokyo's Katsushika Ward when he spotted an attractive stranger. Given how many people ...

Tourists shocked to find popular 'Gates of Heaven' attraction on Instagram is fake  New York Post

Thousands of visitors flock to Lempuyang Temple in Bali each year, hoping to recreate photographs of them posing at the ethereal "Gates of Heaven". But it turns ...

Chernobyl to be turned into 'official tourist attraction' in Ukraine  Mirror Online

Chernobyl could be transformed into a tourism hotspot thanks to a new decree aiming to open it to the public.

Wildlife attraction told it must come up with business plan or face eviction  BBC News

An aquarium facing eviction by a council has accused the authority of ignoring it. The Sea Trust said it sent plans to Pembrokeshire County Council last March in ...

Seismic selfies: Massive earthquake surface rupture becomes tourist attraction - Los Angeles Times  Los Angeles Times

Two massive quakes have created a tourist attraction, and a lab for scientists from across the country.

Best Attraction Sign at Each of the Walt Disney World Theme Parks  The DIS

The signage is an important piece of a Disney attraction that can sometimes be overlooked by many guests. In this article, the author focuses on his favorites.

Miley Cyrus opens up about her attraction to women in her 'hetero' marriage  Business Insider

The "She Is Coming" singer recently opened up about her "complex and modern" relationship with Liam Hemsworth in a cover story for Elle.

14 Tourist Attractions That Aren’t Worth the Cost  Yahoo Finance

Vacation time is precious — many people save money throughout the year to take a trip that will hopefully satisfy their wanderlust and tick some items off the ...

SeaWorld San Antonio teases new attraction for 2020  Attractions Magazine

SeaWorld San Antonio has shared a mysterious new video teasing a brand-new attraction for 2020. We've got a couple ideas about what this ride could be.

Southern California Earthquake Scars Are New Tourist Attraction  The Weather Channel

Two recent earthquakes ripped apart the ground in Southern California. Now, visitors are coming in droves to marvel at the power of Mother Nature. More Videos ...

Tourists shocked to find popular Bali tourist attraction on Instagram is fake  The Sun

TOURISTS visiting a popular attraction in Bali were left shocked after discovering that it was faked for Instagram. Thousands of visitors flock to Lempuyang ...

Sexual attraction - Women who aren't attracted to their partners

Our sex drives peak and trough throughout our lives because of so many reasons - our physical and mental health, medication we're taking, what's going on in ...

You can get wild at this Central Florida safari attraction  WKMG News 6 & ClickOrlando

A wild Central Florida attraction makes guests feel as if they're in the middle of Africa.

Plans announced for new attraction at Joe Wheeler State Park  WHNT News 19

ROGERSVILLE, Ala. – A major project started this week at the Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville. For most visitors to the park, they likely won't know it's ...

Lionsgate cancels plans for big John Wick/Mad Men/Hunger Games attraction in Times Square  The A.V. Club

According to Variety, movie studio Lionsgate has announced that it's dropping a plan to make a ridiculous “indoor entertainment center” in New York's Times ...

Senior volunteers help make Sunken Gardens a prime attraction  Lincoln Journal Star

Spanning a corner lot of 1.5 acres with three separate garden areas, Lincoln's Sunken Gardens is an iconic spot both for long-time Lincolnites as well as ...

OdySea becomes first Arizona attraction to be autism certified

PHOENIX — An Arizona aquarium on Tuesday became the state's first attraction to be autism certified. Scottsdale's OdySea Aquarium was recognized by the ...

Continuum expands Emmerdale attraction  Insider Media

Continuum Attractions has expanded its Emmerdale Studio Experience attraction in Leeds to include more behind the scenes elements and a number of new ...

Disneyland Is Bringing Back A Favorite Attraction For A Limited Time In 2019  Cinema Blend

Reporting on movies, television, video games, and pop culture CINEMABLEND is the go-to source for today's plugged-in generation.

MLB Home Run Derby Odds And 2019 All-Star Game Attraction  Forbes

The 2019 MLB All-Star Game is Tues., July 9. But the main attraction leading into the game is the Home Run Derby Monday night. Eight players compete for a ...

Blue Zoo prepares to dive in with Spokane aquarium attraction  Spokane Journal of Business

It's easy to imagine the gleeful laughter of children as they run from display to display, their faces awash in blue light, pressed up against cold glass as bright ...

Popular Lexington attraction closes to repair damage from flooding  WIS10

Oficials have closed 14 Mile Creek Trail, a popular attraction at the corner of Old Cherokee Road and North Lake Drive, due to flood damage.

Ask Amy: I’m happy with my husband, but I think I love this woman  The Mercury News

Ask Amy: Woman wrestles with tempting attraction. Plus: I'm not sure how to break the news to Mom that I want nothing to do with my sister.

Owners closing Daffodil Hill — it’s become way too popular  The Mercury News

For 80 years visitors have flocked to the Amador County town of Volcano to marvel at one of life's simple pleasures: Daffodils springing forth after a long winter to ...

Latest independent food business to open in waterfront tourism attraction  The Business Desk

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool is welcoming another family-run independent to its already impressive food and drink line up. The Pie Port will be opening its doors ...

Lionsgate Pauses Times Square Attraction Plans After Spanish Partner Withdraws  Deadline

Lionsgate has paused its plan to open an entertainment center in New York's Times Square after Spanish partner Parques Reunidos has withdrawn from the ...

Melbourne's Wonderland Junior attraction to close in Docklands and reopen in Federation Square  Australasian Leisure Management

Wonderland Entertainment and Leisure, owners of Wonderland Junior (previously Wonderland Fun Park), have announced that the inner city attraction which ...

PHOTOS: New Fantasyland, Pixar, Purple Wall, and Attractions...

With the summer months bringing in a slew of unpredictable weather, it's best to stay prepared. Luckily, with these cool new windbreakers, you can stay ...

Disneyland makes controversial change to classic attraction: 'I am livid!'  Fox News

One of the oldest attractions in Disneyland just received an upgrade, and fans are not happy about it. In fact, some of them are actually “livid.”

Chernobyl: Tourists kick up radioactive dust at Ukraine's difficult attraction  New Zealand Herald

Radioactive dust still coats Ukraine's fastest growing attraction.

Saratoga highlights: Week 2 stakes and attractions  Horse Racing Nation

Via the New York Racing Association Press Office, run down what to look forward to during Week 2 of racing at Saratoga... WEDNESDAY, JULY 17

7 Unexpected Signs Someone Is Attracted To You, According To Experts  Bustle

Even if they're trying to play it cool, you may be able to tell when someone's attracted to you simply by keeping an eye on their body language. Without realizing ...

California Coastal Commission approves SeaWorld San Diego's new attraction -  KUSI

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The California Coastal Commission on July 10th approved SeaWorld San Diego's dive coaster planned to open in 2020. This new roller ...

'Naruto' anime inspires ninja attraction  Honolulu Star-Advertiser

AWAJI, Hyogo >> A new amusement attraction inspired by the ninja anime “Naruto” opened in late April at the Nijigen no Mori facility at Hyogo Prefectural Awaji ...

Rise Of The Resistance Attraction To Open At Walt Disney World This December  LRM Online

While Disneyland was the park to debut the new Star Wars Land Galaxy's Edge, along with the attraction of Smuggler's Run, which allows parkgoers to pilot the ...

Fair accidentally plays R-rated sex-scene at children’s attraction  Vallejo Times Herald

PLEASANTON — In a big “oops” moment, people at the Alameda County Fair may have been surprised to see an R-rated sex scene playing at a funhouse ...

The best tourist secret attraction is the grocery store.  New York Magazine

The best tourist secret attraction is the grocery store. You can see how the residents of a city actually live—while eating plenty of delicious food you've never ...

Eyesore or part of the attraction? Old buildings in Fort Langley could be torn down

Several buildings are being considered for demolition in the historic site of Fort Langley and that has some local business owners riled up.

New Luxembourg Attraction: "Hop On Hop Off"- Bus in Oesling and Müllerthal  RTL Today

Starting this summer the Sales-Lentz "Hop On Hop Off"- Bus will be driving through Oesling and Müllerthal. is launching a new tourist attraction: the ...

Tall Ship Providence to become permanent waterfront attraction  Alexandria Times

By Missy Schrott | On Monday night at 11:15 p.m., a water taxi with about 125 city leaders, business owners and residents.

Wait times down at Disneyland as Star Wars attraction draws away crowds

Now may be a great time to visit Disneyland, as long as you don't plan on spending time at the park's new Star Wars attraction.

Walt Disney World Kills Rumor A Classic Attraction Is Being Replaced  Cinema Blend

Reporting on movies, television, video games, and pop culture CINEMABLEND is the go-to source for today's plugged-in generation.

Market provides theme as attraction  Greenville Daily Reflector

Donna Marie Williams. Sunday, July 7, 2019. WINTERVILLE — Farmers markets specialize in bringing *fresh*-from-the-fields produce directly to consumers.

New attraction at Country Thunder turns into a smash with festival goers  620

Some fans attending this year's Country Thunder music festival were able to participate in the show's newest attraction – a beach volleyball tournament.

'Seeing is Believing': 10-Story Ark Encounter Attraction Replicates Noah's Boat to the Last Detail  CBN News

Did you ever wonder if Noah's Ark could really have been big enough to keep all those animals safe from the biblical flood? When you stand next to an actual ...

A Walt Disney World Opening Day Attraction May Be About To Close  Cinema Blend

The one constant at Walt Disney World is change (and also prince increases), but while many attractions have been pulled out and replaced over the years, ...

Barn quilt mural quickly becomes a new attraction in Mount Ulla - Salisbury Post  Salisbury Post

MOUNT ULLA — Somewhere tucked within the 504-square-foot Community Barn Quilt Mural, a quarter-size “Little Kitty” is hidden away. Can you find it?

5 Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Attraction That Are Actually Worth Waiting In Line For (& 5 That Aren't)  TheTravel

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is without a doubt the most congested area in all of Universal. It doesn't matter if you're visiting Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley; ...

Yosemite to restore names to historic attractions under $12-million settlement  Los Angeles Times

The National Park *Service* reached a $12-million settlement in a legal battle over the names of Yosemite's historic attractions.

Dear Fr. James Martin, why it's right to call my same-sex attraction 'intrinsically disordered'  Lifesite

July 16, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – As a reformed same-sex-attracted Catholic male, I would like to comment on the persuasive influence of Fr. James Martin's ...

Disney World Shuts Down Rumors It Will Close a Classic Attraction That Has Been Open Since 1971  Yahoo Entertainment

Disney Shuts Down Rumors It's Closing Tiki Room.

Haunted Attraction opens for one weekend in July

"Our goal eight months ago when we started this project was to create a big city quality haunted house, the kind of haunted house nobody would expect to find in ...

'Star Wars' Fanatics Are Stealing from Disneyland's New Attraction  WBBM NewsRadio

Disneyland's highly-anticipated “Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge” attraction has gotten off to a bustling start with lines at the door just about every day when it opens.

One last hurrah: Bedrock City reopens this weekend in N. Arizona  ABC15 Arizona

Arizonans and tourists will have one last opportunity to walk around Bedrock City this summer.

Sheringham sinkhole becomes 'tourist attraction'  BBC News

Sheringham town councillor Liz Withington said said the sinkhole had "put the town on the map".

Corridor haunted attraction teaching you how to scare the right way  KGAN TV

While Halloween is still several months away, the Circle of Ash Haunted Attraction in Central city is already preparing for the busy fall ahead by calling on ...

Ark Encounter expands tourist attraction, boasts of increased attendance  The Christian Post

Answers in Genesis announced that they are expanding the Ark Encounter site to include new facilities, partly in response to a growth in annual attendance.

California earthquake crack becomes huge tourist attraction  The Weather Network

Experts, selfie-seekers and curious onlookers have been attracted to the site in the days following the earthquake.

Dubbo tourism operators launch multi attraction pass to boost local economy  Wellington Times

Instead of having to buy four different tickets, the pass is all people will need to get into Taronga Western Plains Zoo, the Wellington Caves, Old Dubbo Gaol and ...

Disney World slams rumor that a classic attraction is being replaced  Fox News

In a rare move, reps for Disney World have responded to – and shut down – a rumor that a classic attraction at the Orlando theme park was being replaced.

Thursford Collection – Thursford, England  Atlas Obscura

Discover Thursford Collection in Thursford, England: A large collection of steam engines, organs, and fairground attractions.

Surprise Your Eyes: 3-D photo attraction opens near Scottsdale  ABC15 Arizona

PHOENIX — Those looking to up the photos on their social media game -- ahem, Instagram -- have another spot in the Valley to take creative photos, ...

Taste and See SWFL Cape Coral attraction changes name under new ownership WFTX Digital Team 1  Fox 4

A long-time Cape Coral family amusement destination has changed names but says they're still offering the same amenities and more.

Here’s the first look at Glastonbury’s new pier attraction

Glastonbury has previewed its new pier attraction by sharing a photo of the structure online and detailing what's on offer.

Disgust and attraction are all in the timing for animals  Futurity: Research News

An animal's learning relies not only on what experiences it acquires, but also on when it acquires them, according to a new study in fruit flies. As animals explore ...

Coming Attractions: The Avett Brothers, Cristela Alonzo, A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Avett Brothers will play two nights at The Sylvee on Nov. 15 and Nov. 16.

10 Of The Most Overrated Tourist Attractions In Europe (& What to See Instead)  TheTravel

Europe is packed with amazing cultural cities and exciting attractions, but just because something is famous does not mean its worth the hassle.

Survive KC: Battle zombies at Union Station's latest attraction  Kansas City Star

Go behind the scenes of Survive KC, a live-action laser tag zombie maze, opening July 5, 2019, at Union Station.

SP Immersive Entertainment and Pixomondo join forces to create experiential media-based attractions in China  InPark Magazine

New York Entertainment developers SP Immersive Entertainment (SP-I) and international visual effects company Pixomondo have formed a partnership to ...

No. 1 New Attraction In America Is Tulsa's Gathering Place  News On 6

Tulsa's Gathering Place hasn't even been open for a year, and it snagged the number one new attraction in America according to USA Today.

Must-See Tourist Attractions In Barcelona  Forbes

These are the best things to see and do the next time you're in Barcelona.

Valencia fire: Smoke rises above Spanish city after blaze at tourist attraction  Mirror Online

EXCLUSIVE Fire crews were at L'Oceanogràfic in Valencia, the largest aquarium in Europe with around 45000 animals, after the blaze, Tom Parker, of Barry, ...

Disneyland undoes perceived change to classic attraction after fan outrage: 'The world gets a little better!'  Fox News

After fans reacted poorly to the change, Disney has seemingly decided to remove the merchandise from the Main Street Cinema in Disneyland.

UK's first Shaun the Sheep attraction opens in Lancashire  LancsLive

The UK's first permanent Shaun the Sheep farm attraction has opened in West Lancashire. The brand new attraction - which features activities including Bitzer's ...

Virgin Holidays stops selling tickets for captive whale and dolphin attractions  The Independent

Virgin Holidays has announced it will stop offering and promoting excursions to attractions and experiences featuring captive whales and dolphins. The tour ...

Notre Dame is more than a tourist attraction, says Paris archbishop  Religion News Service

PARIS (RNS) — Everyone, it seems, has an idea for how to rebuild Notre Dame. Proposals for its reconstruction include topping it with a modern glass cover, ...

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