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A Mini LOA T-ToolTM

The Law of Attraction T-ToolTM is the single most useful tool for gaining clarity. This week I discovered the power of a Mini LOA T-ToolTM.

Why These Berkeley Scientists Were Baffled!

Breakthrough Scientific Research on the Amoeba And Why You Must Know This!

Change Thorns into Flowers

If you had to write an annual appraisal on yourself how would you describe yourself?

The Power You Possess

What you need to understand is that there is no barrier to what is possible. It doesn't matter what it looks like. Everything that you desire is possible. Everything! The force of creation that you possess allows you to create anything you desire even though it doesn't exist as yet. You possess the power and no one can take it away from you. The force of creation is working within you at all times creating your life from your beliefs. Your beliefs affect your attitude, actions and your results.

Write Goals, Say Prayers, and See Your Successful Future

Would you like to have more success in your life? Yes, I?m sure that you do! That being the case, I have an invitation and a challenge for you. Are you up for it? Okay, here we go?

How to Interpret Your Dreams

As many different people there are on this planet, that is how many ways in which a dream can be interpreted.

Life Focus: What Does Your Life Say?

?Imagine a funeral. The preacher?s giving the eulogy. And suddenly, the ?guest of honor? pops up out of the coffin!

Great Things Cannot Happen Without Change

If you always do what you?ve always done, you?ll always get what you?ve always got.

Finding Your Passion

Where does our motivation come from? What makes us want to strive for more?

How to Develop the Genius within You

Inside each one of us there?s a seed of greatness, a seed of genius. You are a special and complete human being and so is everyone else. You have a seed of genius within you.

Creating Relationship Synergy through Rapport Building

One of the great things about rapport is that it doesn?t matter whether you have agreement or not with the other party. Remember some of the conversations you?ve had in the past with your best friend, partner or even children. Do you always agree with them? What happens when you disagree? Is it the end of the world or is there friendly banter? Sometimes we simply agree to disagree. I heard someone say once ?You can either be right, or you can be happy?. I know I?d rather be happy. You can also build relationships with others although you personally don?t get along. I?ve had jobs in the past where I personally didn?t get along with my bosses for whatever reason, however I still respected their position ? they were still my boss, they were running the show and for all intents and purposes knew what they were doing. With that, my professional integrity remained intact.

How to Create a Thriving Prosperous Life

You only have to look around you at your friends, family and colleagues to see that there is an abundance of people who have talents, yet many are held back by a mortgage, a family, lack of confidence or some other reason.

What Do You Want Out of Life?

What are you willing to give up in order to achieve that?

The Journey to a State Called Authentic

Sometimes when I refer to the Authentic Self, I receive confused looks. Can you imagine? Authentic is a word which is commonly used to describe an article or concept as genuine. When I talk about the Authentic Self, however, I am referring to who we really are at our core, a unique blend of four equal components: values; passions; talents; skills.

Emotional Alchemy

See if this scenario sounds familiar. You're under a lot of stress. You feel irritable, angry, or depressed, and you wish with all your heart that you could "snap out of it" but you just seem to be attracting more of the same. Every attempt to jolly yourself out of the blues just seems to frustrate you more. Nothing changes, your emotional state is like a snowball rolling downhill and everyone is walking on eggshells around you.

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