A Dangerous Environment

Richard Lowe, Jr.

The internet is a dangerous place for your children. Dont even begin to believe that your child is safe. There are more dangers than you can possibly imagine waiting to lure children to their doom. You had better be aware of whats happening and take steps to shield them from the danger ... if you dont, your childs sanity and safety are at serious risk.

Does this sound alarmist Actually, I cannot stress this fact enough ... you have to be just as careful with your five year old on the internet as you would in the worst red-light district back alley in the darkest part of town. If you would not allow your twelve year old wander around a drug den or visit the sex shops in San Francisco, then why on Earth are you letting him or her loose on the internet without supervision

Lets look at some of the dangers that exist on the internet. The most obvious issue is pornography. There are dirty pictures, video, sounds, movies and anything else you can imagine available

A Dangerous Environment
The internet is a dangerous place for your children. Dont even begin to believe that your child is safe. There are more dangers than you can possibly imagine waiting to lure children to their doom. You had better be aware of whats happening and take steps to shield them from the danger ... if you dont, your childs sanity and safety are at serious risk.
Are You Addicted to Your Children
Is it possible to be using our children addictively
Digital Natives and Immigrants
Perhaps the least understood and least appreciated notion among those who design and deliver education today is the fact that our students have changed radically.A really big discontinuity has taken place Ė the arrival and rapid dissemination of digital technology in the last decades of the 20th century.
Elephants and Teenagers
Something eerily familiar happened in KwaZulu-Natals Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park in Africa recently.
Authoritarian Parenting, Permissive Parenting, or Loving Parenting
Angie was brought up by rigid, authoritarian parents who kept her on a tight leash. They rarely considered her feelings about anything, showing a complete lack of empathy and compassion for her feelings and desires. If she came home five minutes late from school or from an activity, she was punished. Yelling and hitting were their favorite forms of punishment.
How Children Learn
Nurture and Teach
Family Life or How to Buy: Chair for a New Baby
Even if your baby is just weeks old now, youll soon see how amazingly quickly she develops. Most expected parents want to buy their new baby the world.But you dont need to spend a lot of money.Before you blow the budget check out online sources for reviews and recommendation and then selectively purchase new items with safety. Go Online.Youll be able to find almost everything you need. Browse the bargain hunters guides like "Baby Bargains" and "Bargain Buys For Babys First Year". Consult websites: ConsumerReports.org and DrSpock.com. So buy the best quality you can afford.
The Art of Criticism
If you do anything / different / beyond others expectations in your work on your own way or private life that impacts someone else, Criticism is always possible, and likely. When you get criticized, do you view it as failure or opportunity Itís not what you know that makes the difference in how you handle the criticism and confrontations, but how you apply & utilize what you know. Criticism is real worth comes form its ability to communicate to influence or to motivate others.
Grandparents! Help Your Grandkids Do Math!
This may come as a surprise.
101 Gift Ideas For All Occasions
People have forgotton about the meaning behind gifting, in a consumer driven society we are often pushed towards competing e.g. upstaing gifts and my gifts better than yours. Lets go back to basics, giving is far more rewarding then receiving its much better for your Karma. If someone gives you a list ignore it, the only time a list is applicable is for Weddings where this is a tradition. Gifting is all about imagination, and a little thinking time. For big events like Christmas buy people things they would never buy themselves.
The Ten Things That Successful Parents Do
1. They are leaders as well as parents. They donít rely on the schools, the government, television, the movies or music to teach their children values and the difference between right and wrong. They do it themselves.
Nurtured by Love or Matured by Nature
“There is nothing new under the sun,” states Ecclesiastes 1:9. This is certainly true of the nature-nurture debate, the modern name for the ageless argument about the importance of learning in the development of the child. While one side argues that the development of the child is mainly a process of maturation, with learning playing no more than a supportive role, the other side maintains that learning determines the entire course of a child’s future.
The Pregnancy Glow and Other Myths of Motherhood
It happened during the ninth month of my first pregnancy. I was going through a department store check-out lane where a teenage girl was ringing up my purchases. She looked shyly at my burgeoning belly with an expression that could only be described as reverent.
Just Say Know
Throw it away. Grab another one. Doesnít get much better than that. Quick, easy, cheap and convenient. At first anyway. Maybe you are wondering what I am rambling on about. Iím talking about a product thatís very high in demand by the general public, it is so popular,thataverage hard workingfolks spend gazillions of dollars a year just to use it.
7 Powerful Ways to Show Love to Children
Our children are our most important legacy to the world. However, our love is our most important legacy to our children. Here are seven ways to show love that will help children build sturdy foundations for the future.
Using Music To Calm Your Baby
Music is a wonderful way for you to calm and soothe your baby, especially during the first year.How many times have your heard parents say that there was nothing that they could do with their crying, fussing baby until they tried music.This is because music does indeed soothe the savage beast, or in this case, the baby.
Five Ways To Turbo-Boost Your Parenting Skills
The phone conversation had nothing at all to do with parenting - but it made me think . . .
Eight Out Of 10 Kids In Child Safety Seats Are At Risk Ė And Their Parents DonT Even Realize It
NCóEven the most informed parents make mistakes when installing child safety seats. According to a recent study by Transport Canada, eight out of 10 child safety seats are improperly installed. DaimlerChrysler Canada recognized the need to help parents properly install car seats and as a result has developed a free safety seat inspection service called Fit for a Kidģ, that is open to any make or model of vehicle.
Really Good News About Your Childrenís Video Games
Research published by University of Rochester neuroscientists C. Shawn Green and Daphne Bavelier has grabbed national attention for suggesting that playing ďactionĒ video and computer games has positive effects Ė enhancing studentís visual selective attention.But that finding is just one small part of a more important message that all parents and educators need to hear:video games are not the enemy, but the best opportunity we have to engage our kids in real learning.
The Courage to Be a Loving Parent
Most of us really donít like it when someone is angry at us. We donít like it when people go into resistance to helping us when we need help, instead of caring about us. We donít like it when people withdraw from us, disconnecting from us and shutting us out. We donít like it when people make demands on us and do not respect our right or need to say no. Many of us will do almost anything to avoid the soul loneliness and pain we feel when people treat us in angry, resistant, demanding and uncaring ways.

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