Getting Mama Out of the House

Valerie McDermott

Some mama’s I know are all over the mama get-together idea from the day they deliver their little bundle of joy. Scrapbooking, girls night out, dinner and drinks, shopping, even a movie are all perfect and deserving breaks. Other mothers, however, especially new mom’s find that the idea of a regular get together with her girlfriends can be just another added stress. How do I find the time or energy Can I leave the baby Do I deserve time away

Please don’t stress. It doesn’t take a late night out on the town to recharge your battery. Think baby steps! Can you get a one or two hour slot of time in the following month that can be just for you Of course you can! Just think, it could be a Saturday or Sunday morning or a Friday afternoon lunch. There are no right ways or wrong ways to have fun and reconnect with the special women in your life.

Some quick, easy, get your feet wet ideas -- coffee, paint pottery, lunch at a fancy restaurant, a walking date, a scrapbooking party, Barnes and Noble for coffee and swapping book ideas, brunch on Sunday...the list is endless. Just remember these simple rules:

You must make it a priority at least once a month

No kids! Plan ahead of time for stress free day care and plan for at least two hours of time.

I guarantee after three or four months of these mini get togethers you will see the benefits. You’ll then be ready for the late night out on the town! Remember Mama -- Baby Steps!!

About The Author

Valerie McDermott is a mother of 2 and co-founder of a website devoted to helping mother rediscover their favorite pasttimes and put themselves back on the top of the to-do list.

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