Pre-Settlement Funding

Afra AmirSanjari

ATTENTION ATTORNEYS: Your Clients Case Was Worth $500,000 But They Were Forced to Take $200,000 Because They Couldnt Pay Their Own Bills.

The Problem:

Your client is injured as a result of the negligence of others.

Did you know the plaintiff could get fast cash advances on:

Motor vehicles accidents
Ceiling Collapse
Other Premises Liability Cases
Medical Malpractice
Employment Discrimination
Police Misconduct
Toxic Mold
Seaman Claims
Attorney Funding
And Other Types of Injury Cases
Slip/Trip and Falls
Work Site Accidents
Faulty Products
Sexual Harassment
Wrongful Death
Wrongful Arrest/Imprisonment
Jones Act
Class Action Cases
Commercial Cases

It’s exasperating to see clients who have a good case but rush to settlement in order to relieve the terrible stress of personal debt. Insurance Companies continually take advantage of a plaintiff’s precarious financial position to obtain lower settlements. Also, it’s a constant drain on your time and the time of your staff, when your clients are continuously calling for money.

The Solution:

We advance capital toward pending litigation. Peacock Capital does not lend money. Usury laws do not apply because the advanced funds are contingent on the outcome of the case. The funding is non-recourse. If the case is successful, Peacock Capital gets its money plus pre-stated additional fees. If the case is not successful, Peacock Capital loses its entire advance plus any additional fees. If we deem the case acceptable, we will give your client a lump sum cash advance in less than 48 hours not monthly like many others. This helps cover case expenses, personal costs and/or medical payments. Again, if the case is lost, we receive nothing, with no further obligations.

The only thing you should be worried about is the case, not the financial problems of your client.

About The Author

Afra AmirSanjari is the Principal for Peacock Capital.
Peacock Capital specializes in solving the cash flow challenges of Small/Medium Businesses, Government Vendors and Individuals with innovative financial solutions by providing a network for securing operating capital.

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