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Paul Hood

If you have been injured or become ill and are no longer able to work, you have certain Social Security Disability Benefits. Social Security Disability is a benefit received from the Social Security Administration by disabled workers and in some cases their dependents, similar to those received by retired workers. And you will have to file your case.

Sheri Abrams states the statutes for one to be qualified to file for Social Security Disability Benefits:

“To receive benefits under the Social Security Disability program, you must have a physical or mental health problem or a combination of problems severe enough to keep you from working in any regular paying job for at least one year or result in death. The test isnt whether or not you are able to go back to your old job, and the test isnt whether or not you have been able to find a job lately. Rather, the test is whether you are capable of doing any job available in the national economy even if this job involves different skills or pays less than your previous work. By using an extensive set of regulations, the Social Security Administration takes into account your medical condition, your age, your abilities, your training and your work experience in deciding your case.”

It is most regrettable that most of the claims for security disability and benefits are denied. In fact, 60-70% of the claims are denied while it booms to 80-85% at the Reconsideration level. In truth, a claim that is denied once will have to go to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge before it is approved.

Denial of claims can be attributed to stringent requirements set. Severity of the illness or injury is the key and a doctor’s report indicating that the claimant can still perform "light" or "sedentary" work may be cause for benefits to be declined. For this reason, a big 60% of initial Social Security disability claims are denied.

With this is mind, claimants are to make an appeal if their petitions are turned down. Make a quick consultation with the local social security office and make a request for a plea of your case within sixty days upon receipt of letter denying request.

Social Security disability payments are the right of a person who has paid into the system and who is experiencing a long-term illness or disabling injury. The process is not simple but the benefits can be substantial.

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