Personal Injury Settlement

Wensley McKenney

Personal Injury Settlement is an art, not a science like many personal injury attorneys may think. Understanding all of the moving parts and motivation of all parties interested in the settlement process may be the most important aspect of achieving the highest settlement amount for a client. Companies like Global Financial, which provide cash advances against personal injury and worker compensation cases in 48 states can help with the settlement process. There is nothing worse than a financially desperate plaintiff when trying to achieve the highest settlement offer.

Personal Injury Settlement is a very delicate process when you have a deep pocketed defendant trying to low ball offers to a financially desperate plaintiff. In many personal injury settlement situations an attorney will seek the financial support of a funding company to give his/her client the support to stand up to a low ball insurance offer and fight for a higher settlement offer.

The settlement process in itself is a cat and mouse type of game with the personal injury settlement attorney trying to convince the insurance adjuster that his/her client has a strong case and that the insurance carrier should offer money even before a lawsuit is filed. If the personal injury settlement process is not successful then the litigation process may take place. Although this may be an expensive and lengthy process it can often yield far more money for the plaintiff.

It is unfortunate that the playing field among personal injury victims and large insurance carriers is not level. It is actually a shame to think that a billion dollar company will low ball their offer to end a personal injury settlement when a severely injury victim is just looking for a fair shake! Unfortunately this happens everyday and if not for companies like Global Financial plaintiffs may be financially desperate enough to accept far too much for their injuries.

About The Author

Wensley McKenney is a graduate of Tulane Unversity and has 15 years experience in evaluating and consulting personal injury and worker compensation claims.

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