Resolutions? Try this!

Several articles and newsletters with the message that New Year's resolutions are a worthless exercise and a poorly disguised setup for failure have passed across my desk this last week, and the year before, and the year before that.

I do not believe in failure! There is always something good to be found in any learning experience. Besides, if we always succeeded at everything we did, we would not know we succeeded because there would be nothing to measure success against! Certainly, the normal statements along the lines of losing weight, quitting smoking, etc. are normally an invitation to be unsuccessful. The reason being that if you could not find the power before to achieve this, what would be different about now?

However, here are some ideas for you to consider that could possibly have a huge impact on your life this coming year.

1. Define your Self. Who are you? What do you stand for? What are the values that make you whole? Begin this task immediately and put it in writing. Refer to it often. Refine it continually as you discover things about your Self you did not know. Start with the following premise, which many of us have. You are not your work, your family or anything else external. You are internal. You are you.

2. What is your dream for the future? This is your intent. If it remains undefined and unrecognized, it will most likely never be created into reality. The reason for this is that you have to create your own reality. If you do not begin with this first step of intent to create, nothing can happen. Everything that ever is, was first a thought; then spoken, then acted upon. Of course this concept is much easier said than done. May I suggest that you not concern yourself with the HOW and only concern yourself with the intent? The HOW is not really in your power at this time. You need help with that.

3. Live your life as if each minute were your last. This has been said so many times that we normally brush the thought aside. Why do we do this? It is a crucial part of happiness and joy. We have a tremendous power within us to change our world. I believe strongly that we create our own world by making each choice that is offered to us every second of the day. That is the ONLY power we have; but it is an incredible power! When we decide to consciously choose to make each and every decision, then we are creating our world on a minute-by-minute basis. Making our choices becomes easier! Simply follow the guidelines as you defined who you are in step 1!

4. Let it go. We have no power over the future! You can worry, fret, get ulcers, scream, shout, and go down kicking, but you will not alter the future one bit and more importantly, while you are making that fuss about the future, you might miss making a couple of crucial, conscious choices in the here and now that allow you to create your future!

As always,

Your online Coach and Friend,

Miami Phillips
I help you find your path and stay on it.

Quotation of the Week

Life is just a mirror, and what you see out there, you must first see inside of you.

Wally 'Famous' Amos (1936 - )

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Miami Phillips is an ANSIR Certified Personal Coach and the founder of Creative MasterMinds who believes personal growth is an essential ingredient to being happy and contributing to this world. While his main focus is affordable personal and business coaching, he also offers motivational teleclasses, ebooks, reading recommendations and much more. To find out more visit his site at or send him an email at

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