Is it Focus or Tunnel Vision?

To achieve success you must narrow your vision on your plan. The question you should consider, is it focus or tunnel vision?

The former refers to bringing into focus, to adjust the focus of (as the eye or a lens), to concentrate attention or effort on the most urgent problems

Tunnel vision is constriction of the visual field resulting in loss of peripheral vision, like looking down a tunnel, unaware of what is going on around you. The expression "tunnel vision" may also be used as a metaphor for narrow-mindedness or to describe researchers or investigators (such as entrepreneurs) who pursue an investigation with their conclusion already decided and proceed by only accepting evidence that supports their conclusion and excluding any evidence that contradicts their assumptions.

Adjusting the focal length brings what you are viewing into a sharp focus. At the same time it makes everything else fuzzy. The mind is much like the eyes and adjustable lenses. If you go forth like a horse with side blinders on, ignoring your peripheral vision, you may miss danger signs or opportunities.

Sometimes we stare and unconsciously hold our eyes open without blinking. This causes strain and a feeling of dry and tired eyes. Keeping the eyes moving and changing the focus is the way to break this cycle. The mind can be put in a trance when we concentrate at one thing for a long period of time. This can produce a zombie like feeling and hamper production. Use your imagination to explore different ideas. This will keep you alert and you just might discover a gem.

It is necessary to focus on the area you are working in, but be aware of what is going on around you. One can get caught up in his creativity and think it is brilliant until it is compared with the competition. Concentrate on what you are doing, but don't let it hypnotize you.

Your mind will be sharper if you feed it with a variety of things. Think about your plan, but always consider how you might improve it. You need to rely on your strengths and beef up your weaknesses.

Are you concentrating on your method so intently that it makes everything else blurred? Focus on other methods occasionally and then go back to yours. You might see something that you could adapt into your system to make it work better. Don't ignore evidence that your plan is flawed. Inspect it closely and determine how to correct it.

Is your advertizing plan the best it can be? Do you track all areas to see which area is best and which is weakest? Have you compared your website with others to see how you measure up? What are they doing that you don't do? How could you make yours more appealing?

Being an entrepreneur is about using your mind in the right way. It is easy to get to thinking the wrong way and make wrong decisions. Look at it from several perspectives to analyze it correctly. There must be a balance between performing your routine and doing research into the best methods. Spend time reading, but don't be overwhelmed with an overload of information. There are many good articles and other sources available. Pick some of the best and learn from them.

Concentrate on your work but don't focus so sharply that it becomes tunnel vision. Spend time relaxing with family and friends. Sometimes you get so close to your work that your mind becomes frozen. Taking a break will help you reset it, so that the course of action becomes clear.

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